Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dear Friends
I will be away for a while...
We are going on a short break to my favourite part of the country...
It's a time for relaxation, fresh air, waterfalls, open spaces, animals and beautiful scenery!
Whilst I am away...please remember that you are all exceptionally important to me.
Look after youselves and ...
Seek out the sunshine!
Sending lotsaluv to all my friends and family across our beautiful globe...

Monday, June 28, 2010


TAMMY-GIRL here...
Hello there to all our friends and family across the world!
I am so grateful to JACQUELINE and her sweet kitties for sending us doggies such a wonderful parcel of goodies to eat.  I am enjoying every morsel - as you can see - and want to say a big
 "Thank you Jacqueline!!!".
Jacqueline also sent Maxmom some truly wonderful gifts. We weren't going to blog about them because they are so precious and personal, but Maxmom said that I can give you all a glimpse...they truly are very beautiful!!!

Now I want to tell you about our

The weekend before last was "The Boss"s birthday. "The Boss" has a way with giving himself birthday presents and this time he decided to celebrate by taking all my human family on our city's new
Before I tell you about their trip let me explain...
The city of JOHANNESBURG is in the province of
GAUTENG in South Africa.
(Because our city was founded on Gold mining)

Anyway, the "Boss" decided thahe would like to go to the airport
and have breakfast there...
(A sidewalk Art Gallery at the airport)

So Maxmom drove the car there while the other 5 travellers caught the Gautrain from Sandton City to the airport.
After a lovely breakfast, "The Boss" and Maxmom caught the train back by themselves whilst the others drove the car. It was a "bit of a race" to see who would get to their destinatin first.

(By the way...the train won!)

Here are some pictures...

The "Boss" and Maxmom have their photo taken by a friendly attendant.
The access to the station at O.R .TAMBO AIRPORT.
As they arrived on the platform the train was just leaving, so they had to wait another 7 minutes for the next one.  Maxmom took the opportunity to walk to the end of the platform to take some photos...
The taxi rank in the streets below with all their attractively painted vehicles.
The network of roads with the overhead train track.
Our "Golden Train" arrives
All of a sudden the platform is full of people.
Maxmom says the seats are extremely comfortable and spacious.  Everything looked clean and new and she says that she felt very proud to be a South African.  You see, our nation has just recently completed this section of the track for Gautrain so that we have been able to accommodate our international visitors. The trip from the airport to Sandton City is only 12 minutes long and cuts out significant time which would have been spent in traffic. 
Well they were soon off...shooting past the highways of the airport at high speed.
(See the SA flags on the roads below)
They sped past the Kelvin Power Station...

And the houses of the wealthy.
Then past Alexander township (above) with their squatter shacks in the upper right hand corner.
After speeding (160km/hr) through the deep dark tunnel between Marlboro Station and Sandton, they finally arrived at Sandton Station...exactly 12 minutes later.
Sandton Station is the deepest station in Africa.
With many flights of escalators.
People seemed very cheerful and obviously enjoyed their journey.
Outside Sandton station (above)
There are world class hotels within walking distance of the station as well as
Sandton City - a large shopping centre.
The Soccer World cup is enterring its exciting final stages, so the street sellers are still in abundance.  Flags and scarves are well supplied.
Yesterday was the big game between England and Germany.
(Check out the new flag on offer below...A South African flag surrounded by all the participating teams)
Well, Maxmom says that it was a truly wonderful experience!
She is so excited about the development taking place in our country.
As they say...
As for me...
I think I'll finish off my delicious treat.
(Thank you again, Jacqueline!)
Sending lotsalicks to you all!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


MAXMOM here...
Dear friends!

There is one thing I have learned over the past month and that is...

We might become disappointed at the failures which we see around us, but our pride and patriotism remains. We always want the best for our own country! 
During this amazing SOCCER WORLD CUP period this sentiment is fast becoming our common link.

Although SOUTH AFRICA is host country we are embracing ALL our visitors and extending our hand of hospitality to everyone - either in our own country or across the media to those who are watching. We all have our humanity in common!
Today I am so proud of being part of my own beautiful rainbow nation and I invite you to become part of our rainbow people too!


I was so touched a couple of days ago when I received an email entitled:
"It doesn't matter that we didn't win"
The history behind this viral email can be read

The message behind this beautiful email is so strong that I decided to put it up on my blog.  If you haven't seen it yet, please scroll up to the top of this blog and take a look. It's message is far-reaching and within a couple of hours it was circulating widely around the internet. I feel so strongly that it matches perfectly to the ethos behind my own "UNITY IN DIVERSITY" campaign and I am sure it will touch you too. Please take a moment to look at it...it certainly is worth it!

So yes, I am proud to be a South African!
...And Yes...I am proud to have made friends with so many people from across our beautiful world.  We are all different - in culture, religion, race, language and thinking, but what a blessing at this time to be able to celebrate our common humanity...

(Wishing all the teams in the final 16 the best of luck!!!
We are watching you all and celebrating with you!!!)
Sending lotsaluv to all my friends across the globe as well as a big "Thank you" for allowing me insight into your own beautiful countries!
I am so blessed!

Friday, June 25, 2010


TAMMY-GIRL here...
Hey Toffee...come and check this out!
Don't you think I look good in red, blue and white!
I think it suits me pawfectly!

Hello there to all my friends across the world too!
As you know, Mom is preoccupied, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to ask my blogging friends if they would mind if I supported the USA this weekend? You see, there are a few reasons...
1.  I have lots of USA doggie-bloggie friends
2. I look good in red, blue and white
3. The USA is doing so well in the Soccer World Cup and I notice that many of their supporters here in South Africa have lots of good things to say about my country...and I really like that!
4. One of my new 'tennis' heroes, John Isner,  helped to make tennis history at Wimbledon yesterday by playing the longest game ever (11hours 5minutes) and setting the biggest score ever (as you can see below)...
5. There is no stopping the American Spirit!
...and there are many, many more reasons why I,
 want to bark for my American friends.

So would you consider my request?
...a Green Card for the Tammy-Girl?

We also have so many interesting soccer matches featuring this weekend including Brazil and Portugal this evening.  I realised that Maxmom hasn't yet given credit to Brazil, so here is their SWC recipe:

Maxmom says she really enjoys the Argentinian supporters, so she will be shouting for them, but I, the TAMMY-GIRL will carefully practice my cheer-leading skills for the USA!
(Hey "Scout"...take note!) 

...but just to remind you what I look like in red, white and blue, here is another photograph.
So blogging friends...is it okay that I support USA this time???
Go USA!!!
Sending lotsalicks

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


TAMMY-GIRL here...
Hello there to all our friends across the world!
It's my turn to blog today.
Maxmom says she is really tired as things have been rather hectic around here. So today it's my turn to blog....I hope that is okay with you all.

Our household is filled with Soccer World Cup fever. My family always seems to be huddled around the television, shouting and screaming for various teams which are playing. Yesterday they went particularly crazy as they held their breath to see if our BAFANA BAFANA (boys) would make it through to the next round. Although we beat France, we unfortunately didn't make it through (...sniff!...). Nevertheless our South African nation are showing such great spirit... and now it seems that this spirit will be transferred to those teams which have indeed made it through to the next round...
At this stage it is still uncertain who will finally be holding that SOCCER WORLD CUP TROPHY!
Some supporters have managed to find their own replicas of the trophy which they carry around with them. It seems that despite South Africa's exit from the tournament, the spirit of the nation and its visitors is here to stay...at least for a while.

Yesterday we said good-bye to our visitors - Adam and his brother, Chris, from Sweden.  It was so nice to have them stay with us.  I got lots of ear rubs while they were here. Thank you for coming to visit us Adam and Chris...we hope you enjoyed your stay as much as we loved having you!

Maxmom took them to the airport to catch their aeroplane.

She says that the flags on the roads outside the airport are really impressive...

The International arrivals' hall is a buzz of activity
Look at the big soccer ball in the air!
Zakumi is also there to show the visitors the shops where they can buy all their Soccer World Cup gear.
More flags!

As for my brother, KING TOFFEE...
He watches the soccer matches from Mom's shoulder...
Or from his throne...

I prefer to be outside...in the beautiful
Sending lotsaluv to you all...


Firstly, I would like to extend a special thank you to all those bloggers who have so generously participated in the
Your blogposts have been truly outstanding and have allowed us all to learn new things about the countries which have been highlighted. Thank you so much for your efforts towards this campaign. It is only through opening our hearts that we are able to learn from one other. 

The SOCCER WORLD CUP is only half way through its process. South Africa remains a buzz of activity and hospitality. It is an incredibly exciting time for everyone involved.  I wish all the teams which have made it through to the "last 16" all the best of luck in their endeavours towards winning this trophy.

Amidst all the excitement, I need to explain something to my friends...

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be increasingly more absent from blogging. It has not been an easy time for me following the death of my dear Maxdog. The excitement of the SWC has decended upon me at a time when I really should have taken a break from blogging and adapted to the absence of my special canine companion.

Our family have decided to go away for short, but much needed break, to one of my favourite parts of the country....


I am really looking forward to getting back to nature and to find some form of equilibrium. On my return to Johannesburg, I will be embarking on a new business venture. This also necessitates me attending a two week, full time course, in preparation for its vision .
Please bare with me during my absence as I adjustment to my new goals. I am not leaving blogging but will be curtailing my activities to some extent. I would appreciate your understanding. You remain my treasured blogging friends!

Sending lotsaluv to you all,