Friday, December 13, 2013


We have recently returned from a 10-day holiday to the Drakensberg mountains and the beach.

At this time of the year, the weather in South Africa is unpredictable.  The country has been experiencing extensive rain - particularly in Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal. We were gifted with exactly ONE day of sunshine during the entire trip.  Never-the-less, we rested well, had some super family time and I have some pretty photographs to share with you.
 I'll let the photos tell the story:

Below: The magnificent view from the Drakensberg Sun Resort

Above: Our room.
Above: The "Sunset" cruise on the lake.
Our welcoming committee.
Below: the view from our room.

Above: A storm is building.
Above: Dining room
When the weather eased, we set out on a 6km hike into the picturesque mountains. 
The 'Blue Grotto' cave and waterfall.
Above: I marvelled at the moss growing on the entire surface of a tree.
Above: fern tendril.


The second leg of our journey took us to 'Cabana Beach' - a seaside resort in Umhlanga, KZN.
 Our unit was on the 7th floor - with a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean.  On most days we counted 24 boats on the horizon - waiting to come into the harbour.
 Below: The pretty maroon flower of the succulents growing on the sand dunes.

 Below: The walkway along the beach front at Umhlanga.
 Below: The board walk at the lighthouse.

 Below: Sunrise on our 'one-and-only' sunny day.
 Below: A pigeon shelters from the rain on our balcony.

 Above: Beautiful duck in the hotel grounds.
 Above: Sunrise again (Sunny day)
Below: Charter-boat launching.
 Below: Who would think that the sun would ever shine?  :)
People emerged to frolic in the waves.
 Below: Sunrise on the day that we heard about the death of our beloved
Nelson Mandela, the father of our democracy and rainbow nation.
On this morning, the sun broke through the clouds to highlight the ships.
I couldn't help the thought:

"Our great ship has sailed. Hamba kahle, Tata Madiba."

 Below: Leaving for home in appalling weather.
 Below: The clouds lift along Van Reenen's pass.

 Below: Toby and Lexi celebrate our return.
 Below: The trio are determined not to let me out of their sight...EVER AGAIN!
Above: "I missed you too, my babies!"

As they say, "There is nothing like home!"

Sending lotsaluv to all my friends around the world.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Farewell Nelson Mandela.

Our nation mourns the passing of a great man.
May God bless our country and its people who were touched by his life.
May his great legacy live on.
Rest in peace,  Tata.