Thursday, February 28, 2013

That pivotal, incredible moment...

It's a unique turning point when your puppy suddenly realises that 
YOU are their life’s purpose! ...

I wonder how many people have experienced this as profoundly as I have. And Lexi gave it to me yesterday. My heart melted.

The moment is almost indescribable – I’ve been giving it serious thought since then because I need to share it on this blog. It’s as special as a baby taking its first steps.  But this time, it happens with a puppy. Your own puppy!  You’ll miss it if you are not watching.  It happens so fast, but it is a definite communication with you, and you are lucky if you witness it

Weeks have gone by with all the happenings of puppyhood.  I’ve dedicated time and energy towards this tiny, young, living creature.  I’ve harnessed my patience; my knowledge; my purpose; my love – all with the goal of nurturing our young Lexi.  Then suddenly it happens and it's profound!

My thoughts have been dancing around this particular notion.  I’ve tried hard to put it into words in order to be able to explain it to those who have not had the privilege of experiencing it…

This 'moment' is a culmination of the time you have spent with your young puppy.  It’s a coming together of two very different species and it seals the vulnerable bond in the early stages of this partnership.  It happens in the blink of an eye – literally - with merely a glance your way. But then it is followed by a few minutes of utter, static adoration from your young companion - her attention is directed totally at you in awe and wonder.

 “My prayer is to be as good a human being as my dog thinks I am.”

It’s a pivotal moment.  You’ll miss it if you’re not attentive. It happens suddenly and you see it in their eyes – like a light bulb experiencing the joy of illumination.  Their expression exudes adoration, admiration, trust, faith, love all mixed up with a measure of surprise.  It’s the  bridge of understanding laid down between a human being and his/her dog.

From this particular moment onwards, your relationship with your dog will soar.  She is ready – to focus on you, to learn from you, to work for you, to share your life with you. She will take whatever comes her way – her trust is unconditional.

I must have done something good…

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lexi's progress report : 12 weeks

MAXMOM here...

Can you believe it? Our little Sunbeam is already 12 weeks old! 
How time flies.  At this stage, she is "all long limbs and happy energy".  I've posted regular updates on Facebook over the past weeks, but I thought I'd update this blog too - for the benefit of my extended readership and friends

Lexi has settled well into our household routine and adores her two older house-mates.  Toby and her are particularly bonded and will spend hours playing together. Tammy, too, has accepted her although she prefers to keep her distance. It seems that young puppies don't auger well with arthritis but I've sometimes caught them simply lying together in the garden.

On Saturday, Lexi will be starting her puppy classes at McKAYNINE TRAINING CENTRE
 We can't wait...

Our puppy is a soft, sweet little puppy with an adorable little personality.  She is imbued with the energy typical to puppies, unearthing all sorts of 'unmentionables' and practising her 'zoomies', but when her energy is spent, she is more than happy to settle down next to me for a cuddle or two.
She is a fast and focussed learner and is quick to pick up on her basic obedience commands.  She loves her food and loves her new home.  
All-in-all Lexi is one happy puppy!!!
... and so are we.!

Lexi is learning fast from her big 'brother', Toby.  He loves showing off his pool jumps while Lexi looks on...

 Like Toby, Lexi also has a deep love for water.  She has claimed the water-feature as her personal spa, but I am sure she would be equally happy to share it with any other willing playmates.  She's still not worked out that the water spout is a permanent feature, so there is a lot of posturing and barking during her watery romp.  On a number of occasions, when I've not been watching, I've suddenly discovered a sopping pup rubbing herself around my ankles in a dance of triumph.
 "Check me out, Maxmom!"  

Here is a short video of her progression to the big pool:

Her vaccinations are up-to-date and she is now able to explore the bigger world. 
 On Sunday we introduced her to our local doggie-park.  

 Admittedly I was a little nervous - with many dogs around, with many untested personalities.  Lexi was a little overwhelmed at first, dropping onto her back and yelping in angst, but by the end of the park visit, she was romping happily and willing to meet more canine companions. 

Thankfully with puppy-socialisation she'll have dogs around who are the same age and stage as her.  I am sure her confidence will take off in that controlled environment.

Thank you, again, to Marycke Ackhurst of
for trusting me with this gorgeous Golden girl.

Sending lotsaluv

Thursday, February 14, 2013

LEXI & TOBY celebrate Valentine's Day

..and the not-so-furry-ones too.
"I luvs you, I luvs you, I luvs you, I do!..."

 "This is MY Valentine!  BOL!"
 "I luvs you! I luvs you! I luvs you, TOBY!"
 "I luvs the way you plays wif me! ..."
"Good Morning....SUITORS!" 
 "Do ya's all see?  Dis is MY Valentine!"
 "I luvs the way you lets me steal your toys! ..."
 "I luvs necking!"
"I luvs your floppy cheeks!..."
 "...and I luvs your sloppy kisses!"

LEXI (the sweet "Princess Aurora")

Wishing all our readers a very

Monday, February 11, 2013

I must have done something good...

The growing bond between our two-year-old, TOBY, and our 10-week-old pup LEXI is something to marvel at. I can sit for hours watching their sweet interactions.
They are well on their way to becoming life-time companions.  It really is beautiful!

I have been enthralled by the obvious gentleness displayed by our "Sweet Hooligan" as he's set about getting to know the little one and showing her the ways of our household.  

They spend hours lying together, playing quietly with Lexi's minefield of toys, interspersed with some energetic rough and tumbling.  7.2kgs of puppy weight is no match for our 39 Kg Toby.  Yet, Lexi pounces on Toby like he's one of her siblings, using him as a jungle gym, pulling his tail, grabbing his jowls, licking his lips and bringing him an endless variety of sticks and leaves to investigate with her. My heart lifts as I watch their growing bond.  This added dynamic is EXACTLY what I'd hoped for during the planning stage for getting this pup.

As many of you know, our dear Aunt Tam is ageing.  Although she is a generally healthy 12-year-old, arthritis has caught up with her.  

She struggles up stairs and has become noticeable slower.  Her wisdom, however, has allowed her to embrace her age and encouraged her to slow down and take things easy.  Lexi's arrival is a welcome reprieve.

However, she still controls the pack in her gentle, hands-off way.  One notices it in the way she observes Toby and Lexi and the subtle nod she gives to their interactions.  Both Toby and Lexi are always aware of her. Occasionally she'll saunter up to them and lie down next to them to be part of their game.  Although she doesn't actively initiate play with the young pup, I have watched Lexi and her stroll around the garden together (without Toby), investigating all the news.  Their own bond is respectful and educational but also sweet to watch.

 As for me, I just LOVE this young pup.  Lexi is an absolute treasure to me.  She is intelligent, adventurous and confident, but there is a prevailing softness in her nature, and a need to 'give'.  She loves cuddling up with me, on her back, to have her tummy rubbed, paw-pads massaged and ears fondled.  Trimming her nails is a breeze (usually dogs balk at this). And her little bark is music to all of our ears.

Yesterday, I took her out on her own for 45 minutes to our local shopping centre, to the entrance of 'Woolworths food store', where hordes of customers buzz around with their noisy shopping trolleys. (Sorry, no photos - I had to concentrate!) My goal is to socialise her into as many different scenarios as possible in her early puppy stages.  Armed with treats, a clicker and a doggie-water-bottle, we settled down next to one of the outside potplants to wait for people. Pretty puppies are always people-magnets and in no time we had 'visitors'.  Lexi needed no encouragement - she loves people!  Her gentleness was a hit.  Her happy personality is contagious and, as expected, we had a number of folks stay a while to ask questions and to share their own tales of their canine companions.

Back home, Toby and Lexi settled back into their companionable routine - playing happily on the soft, cool lawn outside our house, then venturing inside to join their humans.

That old tune from the "Sound of Music" is singing in my ears:
"...I must have done something good..."

Sending lotsaluv

Thursday, February 7, 2013

LEXI's guide to MISCHIEF...

Hello every furry-buddy
LEXI here...
I's been planning my guide to puppy-mischief.
(Maxmom said I could tell you...)

...that was the first chapter of my mischief notes...
Have a mischief-filled weekend.
"LEXI the Sunbeam"