Saturday, October 30, 2010



Hello there everyone...

I know this is VERY early, but there is no time like the present!

I have completed "Maxdog's" Christmas tribute video.  I was in two minds as to whether to wait until Christmas and then thought, oh well, why not now?

It is quite a long video (4:20) but for those who knew Maxdog, I am sure you will find it worthwhile.  Please may I ask that if you are going to watch it, that you allow it to download fully before viewing it and then also to allow yourself to view it in "full screen".
Please grab a cuppa, relax and reflect...

You may watch it either at the top of this page or...

Sending lotsaluv to you all...

Friday, October 29, 2010


TOBY PUP here...

I haven't blogged since Monday, so I thought I had better just tell my readers that all's well in the "Maxmom" household.  Maxmom has been really busy in her garden because the weather has been perfect for being outside.

I went to the Vet today for my 3rd set of vaccinations and now its official...I can visit everywhere!
(If I can get Maxmom out of her garden...?)

I don't have my Puppy class tomorrow...only next week again,
but it is weekend and we have wonderful weather,
so perhaps it's time just to "bark off"... and just be with my family...

So I just wanted to wish every furry body a wonderful weekend.
To all my buddies who are fighting the big ""C" fight...hang in there, we are thinking of you all.
I also believe it is Hallow....sumthing this weekend, so to those who are celebrating, I will howl at the moon for you all...listen out for me across the big lake.


Sending lotsalicks

Monday, October 25, 2010



Hello there everyone!

I hope you all had a really happy weekend! We did!
Our weather here in Johannesburg, SA is glorious at the moment. Today's maximum temperature for example, is 25 degrees centigrade = 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Wouldn't you agree, that is totally blissfull!

Good weather means time in the garden and this weekend I set about starting my goal of converting my garden into a truly 'dog-happy' one.  

Over the past three months of Toby's presence, I have noted 'where' the dogs like to explore and so I have created a number of organised pathways amongst all the foliage. 

  I'm by no means a landscape master, but I do enjoy my garden and do my best.  

All the dogs are delighted with the result, so hopefully, the plants "I" love will have some protection from canine exploits.

Toby's progress is slowly taking shape.  His weight gain is rapid and he now sends the scale reading up to 14.3Kgs ...he LOVES his food!

Sadly, he's no longer so easy to pick up.  Nevertheless, we both enjoy the endless cuddles.

The puppy class on Saturday was fun again.  I really love the setting - somewhat rural, lots of open space, numerous professional assistants and many, interesting things for our pups to be exposed to. 
The commands which Toby has mastered already are :
"Sit!", "Down", "Paw", "Come" 

Obviously one has to continuously reinforce these commands and introduce new ones as you progress. 

We are currently working on:

"Stay" and "Leave it" and "Stand".

Saturday's class again offered the three obstacle courses as well as 'crate accustomisation' and 'vet table accustomisation'. 

We received guidelines about 'chewing', 'digging' and numerous other topics and the pups were given an opportunity to freely socialise with other pups.  Toby is still a 'laid back, chilled-out' doggie who is more people focussed than dog focussed.

When we got home from the class, Toby went swimming!

Later "Aunt Tam" allowed him to enjoy her "chewie"...

In the evening, he helped 'rescue' a little bird by showing me where it had fallen.  The poor little thing had got trapped in the long foliage where Toby is sitting...

He still LOVES the cool floor tiles...

...and his walks...

All in all....I am delighted with my pup!!!



I would like to say a special thank you to all my readers who sent 'Nadine' special comments of support and love after the sad loss of her 'Apples'.  (Yesterday's post) The 'power of the paw' is truly amazing and I am very grateful to all who contributed!
'Nadine' has put up a special memorial website in honour of 'Apples'.  If you would like to light a candle for her, please click



*Our shops are also slowly filling up with Christmas offerings and I've heard the first smatterings of Christmas jingle. 

* We had another armed robbery in our neighbourhood on Thursday last week. Although the domestic worker was tied up, thanks to the alertness of neighbours, the suspects were apprehended. Both the domestic worker and the toddler are unhurt.  As a community, we remain very crime conscious.

* My girls were home for the weekend although most of their time was spent behind their books in preparation for their university exams etc. 

* I am back to piano practicing after a long absence, so I once again have music in my home.

* Afternoon thundershowers have left our city with beautiful green foliage.  There are splashes of purple everywhere displaying the annual wonderous spectacle of Jacaranda trees.

Wishing all our readers a wonderful week and may the 'power of the paw' surround all those who are struggling in one way or another.


Friday, October 22, 2010


MAXMOM and TOBY here...

Dear friends...

Today I am dedicating this blogpost to a special cyber-friend...

Please allow me to explain:...

As bloggers we might not realise,  that our community is much larger than what generally meets the eye.  Usually we interact with other bloggers who make themselves visible through the forum of the blogs, but there are others - often called 'lurkers'- who frequently visit our blogs, but who choose to not have a blog of their own.  They are our readers 'in the background' and are often deeply affected by the stories and anecdotes which we post.

It is for this reason, that my blogs have always been about
'sharing, caring and positivity'.
(one never know who you will touch with your words!)

 I have been acutely aware of the thousands of people out there who, like me, hesitated to start a blog of their own. Often my posts have been subtly directed at these 'anonymous' friends in the hope that one day they might become visible and be able to partake and contribute to the wonderful friendships within
'The Power of the Paw'. 
 Often however, they choose to remain anonymous and stay in the sidelines.

During Maxdog's 'Days of Grace', some of these folks were so affected by the plight of my beloved companion that they indeed made contact with me behind the scenes.  Many of them shared their own stories of pain with their canine/feline companions.  Their plights were real to me, despite them not having blogs of their own. I so wish that one day they will come on board and be part of this powerful cyber- phenomenon called blogging!!!

One of these 'anonymous' people on my blog is a reader called
She has been a faithful follower of my blogs for many months and will often comment under the name "MySpecialDoggies", but she doesn't have a blog of her own . 

Sadly, Nadine wrote to me this morning and I would like to share her note with you: 


"To everything there is a season...

I let my Apples go this evening - 8:40 p.m. at the University of Pennsylvania hospital. I gave her peace. My doggie was struggling - she couldn't stand up anymore - we had to help her with walking. She was crying in the car as we drove to the hospital - my doggie was a fighter. The pain and emptiness is intense. As her heart beat for the last time, it broke mine. My doggie is gone forever...

Run free sweet Apples - free from pain & suffering. My little rescue doggie - I love & miss you so very much..."


Since Nadine doesn't have a blog of her own, I have no idea how to enable her to experience the incredible love of...


For this reason, I have decided to enable Toby's blog today - for her benefit and in trust - so that she may experience some of this love and support. I have full faith in the blogging community that we will do this for her.

I have also lit a candle for her and "Apples"
If you like, you can view it there...I have initialed it "MM" .
I also want to dedicate the 'comments' section of this blog today
... to Nadine
so that she can experience the love which the cyber-world has to offer.
Please would you consider leaving a note, NOT FOR ME, but ...
FOR HER today...




My message is also to ALL those anonymous folk who read our blogs....


Sending lotsaluv to everyone

Thursday, October 21, 2010



TOBY PUP here...

Hello there to all my furry-buddies across our beautiful world!

Today is a special day, because I am exactly...

I have grown so much during this time and have settled down nicely in my new home!

I love my "Maxmom"!

I adore my "Aunt Tam"!

and "King Toffee" is okay!

Every afternoon I go for a walk with my
 "Aunt Tam"...

"Aunt Tam'" shows me all the ropes...
like how to wait for my food...

And how to be VERY patient....

But most of all, it is my "Maxmom" who is teaching me.

Since this is a very special day, I want to show you my first


of all the things I can already do.
I really hope you enjoy it!

(If you can't see the video nicely, please view in the 'header' above)

And if you don't wanna see my video, then I am giving you a pickie-chew of the beautiful
 in our neighbourhood - which I saw on my walk...
Sending lotsalicks to you all,