Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TOBY's recovery and other stuff. Also "BERTIE" reviews 'Maxdog'.

MAXMOM here.

It's been one week today since Toby's initial 'operation'.  He's had two surgeries in the past seven days (as a result of complications and infection post his neutering), but he's very much on the mend now.  An extended course of antibiotics should do the trick for his home-run.  Hopefully by Saturday we'll be able to start removing the collar (under supervision).  His stitches should be out this time next week too.  Then I can finally relax.  I get very worked up when it comes to my animals.

Dear Toby has had rather a hard time with me constantly checking his 'boo-boo".  Nowadays, if I ask him to "down", coupled with looking at him sideways, he automatically rolls on his side and lifts his leg.  He's learned to simply oblige me.
"Here Maxmom... take a look... if you have to. (sigh)" 
But, my sweet Hooligan is now finally back to his boisterous self (almost) - romping down the passage and accosting poor Aunt Tam with his new contraption - his 'scoop' (aka collar).  King Toffee steers clear of him:

Toby's learned that he can do a number of things with this new novel attachment  (the 'dreaded' cone) :- retain some of his drinking bowl, shovel dirt and convert it into mud and paint the back of my legs when I walk in front of him.  He doesn't seem to mind the cone in the least and carries on as if it's a new novelty.  He's discovered other uses for his collar too: The 'loud hailer' really works to announce his news to the neighbourhood and then there's the wonder of pretending to be a 'rain-guage'. Talking of rain, we had a small shower earlier this afternoon... 

 Not the usual big, thundering and flashing type but rather a soft, soaking event.  Everything always looks so clean afterwards - especially the few roses in my garden. 

 The sight of silver, water-droplets on roses, is instantly rejuvenating..

Now on to some special news of the day:

(Hamish and Maxdog)

I made a delightful discovery:  'BOUNCING BERTIE' in Scotland has put up a special 'Maxdog' review blogpost today.  It really is wonderful to read what my blogging friends have to say about the book.  (Especially since 'Maxdog' is dedicated to you, dear friends!).  Thank you, so much Gail, for taking the trouble to do this....I so enjoyed reading it and REALLY appreciate your efforts!

Please go and read Bertie & Gail's discussion about the book.  Click HERE!!!!!

If you would also like to see other Readers' reviews, please scroll to the icon at the top of this blog, or CLICK HERE.  And if you want to submit your own review, please do so...good or bad, all reviews are welcome! :)

Finally, don't you just adore my collection of mugs?

Sending lotsaluv to you all

Saturday, February 25, 2012


MAXMOM here...

Dear friends,

I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your uplifting comments received on my blog off yesterday's post.  I really appreciate your warm thoughts for Toby's recovery.  It's good news today;  He had an excellent sleep last night (so did I) and the surgical site looks much better this morning.  Hopefully he's turned the corner - and I am very grateful.  The dreaded 'cone' will be with him for sometime, however, so that he can recover fully.  Thank you again for your love and support!

Today, I thought I'd lift things up a little...

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through all my old photos of Maxdog and unearthed something I'd totally forgotten about.  An "unexpected video" had found it's resting place amongst the many photographs of Max that I have in my files.  This particular video should have been in the video folder, but it wasn't and I thought that I'd lost it.  Indeed, I had totally forgotten about it.

Well, I can tell you, I was absolutely thrilled! To see and hear my Angel Maxdog again was pretty awesome.  I have put the material together and present it to you for your enjoyment

This is a video that my 'Maxdog' fans have NOT SEEN BEFORE!!!


Finally, for those who may not know; I do have another blog - it's a less public place where I put up posts on sporadic occasions when I find something nice to write about.  My latest posts shares my recent visit to 'THE SMALLEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD'.  If you like, you can read it by clicking

Sending lotsaluv to all my friends around the world, 

Friday, February 24, 2012


MAXMOM here...

Hello there everyone,

Some of you will be aware that my sweet hooligan has been had a serious post-op side-effect after his recent surgery.  I know that people are concerned and I thought I'd take a moment to explain it publically...  

After much research, talking and advice from various sources, I elected to have Toby neutered.  My decision has been conscientiously considered. He's recently become very difficult to handle in public places and I am scared that his behaviour may morphe into dominant/aggressive behaviour which I cannot control.  He has become very unfocussed when he is out in public and is seriously distracted by other dogs, whilst refusing to obey me (despite being very firm with him)

Whilst I know that neutering  is no guarantee of a change in behaviour, I feel that much of Toby's is indeed testosterone related.  My gut feel told me that in his case, it would be the best for both him (and me) to get the 'op' done.  I am petrified of dog-fights (as you will all know from my book MAXDOG) and wanted to ensure the best outcome for his maturation and for our long-term relationship.  I also wanted to feel comfortable about taking him to run freely in the dog park.  So the decision was made.

Toby was castrated on Tuesday morning but unfortunately has been one of those patients that has suffered all the dreaded side-effects.  Within 24 hours he developed a large scrotal odema.  (I could paste up pictures, but I am not going to - they aren't for sensitive viewers)  In addition,the incision became neucrotic (despite stringent efforts to protect him from infection - keeping him indoors, quiet, etc, etc) and he had to go into surgery again today for the surgeon to try and fix it up.

They cut quite a bit of 'dead' tissue away and the swelling is likely to remain hectic for a few days.  He's been on anti-inflammatories, anti-biotics and pain-killers for the past 4 days.  He's back home now, but very sleepy.  Hopefully he'll heel up soon. 

Trust Toby to be the one dog, in how many "hundreds", to have the side-effects to what should generally be a fairly simple procedure. My heart aches for him though.

I know that the jury is out there with regard to neutering and that the public is divided.  I hope that everyone is not too cross with me about my decision for Toby in particular - effectively withdrawing him from dog shows.  But, to me, it is was the most responsible decision I could make.

I am sure that he'll be back to his old self in a few days.
Get better my 'Sweet Hooligan'!

Sending lotsaluv to you all

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our awesome 'get-away'...

MAXMOM here...

Hello there to all my friends around the world.
Some of you will be aware of my recent absence from blogland. During this time, "The Boss" and I left our three pooches at home in the diligent care of the babysitter, and took a much needed break to the north coast of Kwazulu Natal.  Our destination was 'Breakers Resort' - a very comfortable and upmarket holiday venue situated adjacent to a pretty estuary. 

The name "Umhlanga" aptly represents the beautiful setting: 
"Umhlanga" means 'place of reeds'.

Our weather during our holiday was either excellent or really gloomy.  A persistent Vervet Monkey contributed to the daily entertainment when he raided our apartment whenever we weren't looking - gingerly tiptoeing behind me as I turned my back to answer the knock at the door.  

His loot included a large bunch of bananas and a big slab of Cashew-nut-brittle.   Ol' 'Blue balls' impressed me with his tenacity despite me chasing him regularly and waving a beach towel frantically.  Neither my shouting nor the towel deterred him.

On gloomy days I placed my nose firmly into a good book - one of which was John Kehoe's "Quantum Warrior" - an extremely interesting read and a highly thought-provoking concept.  The Boss and I were so intrigued that we organised to attend one of his three-hour talks, which just happened to be at the nearby South Coast Casino. 
(The Moses Mabhida stadium in the background)

Mr Kehoe is on tour in South Africa at the moment.

On better days, we either sat around the pool, sipping cool cocktails or participated in the daily 'BINGO'.  Beach walks too were regular.

One morning we took an early morning walk along the tranquil nature trail through the unspoilt forest of the estuary.  
The  reflections were breathtaking.
On another day, we took a trip to Ushaka Marine World - one of the acquatic attractions of Durban.  
 I must be the only person in the world who gets seasick in an aquarium, lol! 
But I absolutely adored the dolphins!  The oldest one in the pod - 'Gambit' - is now 42 years old.  He was just a tiny, baby dolphin when I first visited the aquarium in 1971.  He has grown into a beautiful, graceful creature and I must admit that I was rather choked up with the notion that he'd never be able to experience the environment for which he was originally created - namely the ocean.  
Anyway, I suppose that without dolphins like Gambit, we would never be able to witness the spectacle of these stunning dolphin shows, nor would their be the public 'education' of these incredible creatures.  They work for the benefit of their species.

Here are some other pictures from our holiday - with their captions.
(The Pool deck)

 (Resident woodpecker)
(This frightened crab was caught between two holes - he froze!)

(Durban seafront on a windy day)

(Making full use of the wind - kite surfers)

(The Boss and my favourite place)

So that was our holiday - a  really welcome and refreshing break from our hectic lives. Hopefully I'll soon be able to regain my old blogging voice and enthusiasm.
(Something I'm still struggling with)
Current news is that my dear Sweet Hooligan - Toby - is recovering from his recent 'Gentleman's surgery'.  He's okay, but he has had a little setback - the surgery site is very swollen indeed.  He decided to pull out one of his stitches when I wasn't looking, so now he's on antibiotics, pain-killers, anti-inflammatories and has been restrained with the dreaded 'cone'. He's receiving cold-packs every 2 hours.  I really hope that his healing speeds up now - its day 3 today and the haematoma is the size of a tennis ball. The vet says he should be okay, but he must relax....
mmmm...relax?  An insurmountable challenge for a 'Sweet Hooligan'.
Please note that I've added another 'page' to this blog, entitled:
Be sure to check it out - there are some wonderful contributions from my readers.  The page is dedicated to all those special readers who have written to me and given me feedback about their reading experience with the book.  If you would like to add your own contribution, please email me. (carylmoll at yahoo dot com)  I would love to post it up and include YOU!

Sending lotsaluv to you all,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


MAXMOM here...

Dear friends,

It has been brought to my attention that there are a number of internet sites which are offering MAXDOG's eBook for purchase, but which are doing so illegally and without my permission!  My publishers are looking into this matter and legal action will be taken where necessary.
 Please be careful about which internet sites you choose to use when you purchase your copy of MAXDOG - either in soft cover or as an eBook.  If you are in any doubt about where to purchase your copy, please contact my publishers:

alternatively you can refer to 
(at the top of this blog)

This page is constantly updated and monitored - despite the fact that I've been rather absent from regular blogging.  It is, however the most reliable source for MAXDOG information.
Alternatively, you are welcome to email me  directly at


Please may I also say that I feel totally affirmed that my constant prayer and intention for this book, i.e.

"Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!"

... continues to be honoured.  
I have no doubt that positivity will prevail despite the challenges we face.  Ultimately, this story will reach those for whom it is intended.

Thank you again, to all my supporters for your love and encouragement in this journey.
I am extremely grateful for your friendship, your advice and your backing.

Sending lotsaluv


Friday, February 10, 2012

Time to find equilibrium...

Dear friends,

There is a time for everything. 

 In my case, I'm in desperated need of a 'real' break - from blogging, from the publicity surrounding the publication of MAXDOG, from my writing, etc.  It's a time to seek my personal equilibrium, my direction and my passion for the things that matter to me.
Please be patient as I seek to find my feet and my blogging voice again.

Sending lotsaluv to you all; my very special cyber-support group!

ps.  If you wish to keep an eye out for the 'status quo' relating to MAXDOG, please keep returning to the icon at the top of my blog, entitiled: "MAXDOG, the book!!!"  I post all the latest, up-to-date news there.
If you would like to order the book, or enquire about something, please feel free to email me at:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something to look forward to...

MAXMOM here...

On Saturday, ‘The Boss’ and I are going off to the northern coast of KZN for a bit of a holiday together. Last Sunday, it was our 29th Wedding anniversary. This trip will be our first ‘holiday’ in many years without the girls and it’s probably time that we rekindled the old flames.

I am so looking forward to relaxing under a shady umbrella with my nose in a good book, whilst ordering cocktails and listening to the waves breaking on the nearby beach. I can almost feel the sea-breeze in my face and sunshine on my arms.
At sunset, we’ll stroll up the endless beach adjacent to the nearby estuary and listen to the birds chattering in the trees. We’ll side-step crabs and seek out little fish in the rock pools. I can’t wait to feel the sea-sand between my toes. South Africa has some of the best beaches in the world… Indian Ocean, here we come!

Some of my readers may remember that, due to the launch of MAXDOG and my publicity commitments over December I was only able to join my family, on what was supposed to be our family's annual holiday, for two very short days. It was a bit of disappointment too; the weather was horrible and it was hardly a ‘holiday’. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to “get away from it all”.
It’s probably the perfect timing too: MAXDOG has quietened down for the moment and I’m only expecting the next print-run of 1000x copies to arrive on the 20th February – when we return.
(At the moment there are only 25 books left from the first print-run of 500 copies, so get yours now if you haven't done so yet!)

Here in Johannesburg, the city has reverted to its mad daily rush. The roads are congested and the mood business-like. When people leave their offices in the afternoons, they usually face the dark, ominous clouds of building storms which have been battering our city lately. The lightning displays during these evening thunderstorms have been spectacular and could easily compete against any fireworks display. It’s enough to send any animal cowering. As a result of all the rain, our world is green and lush – unlike the snowy landscapes that I see on some of the blogs my northern hemisphere blogging buddies.
(African Rock Pigeon - in our garden)

King Toffee had a bath today. He looks beautiful again.

 I’ve recently put him onto the tinned version of the Hills KD diet and he’s suddenly come to life. He barks at intruders and still jumps onto couches and laps with ease.
One would never say that he’s turning FIFTEEN YEARS OLD this year!

Toby has taken to the swimming pool in a big way. Like his predecessor, he regularly takes a dip when I am out shopping and then converts himself into a muddy apparition before my return. It’s most frustrating – he’s meant to be a house-dog and he’s always at my feet, so I spend my life cleaning him up while Tammy looks on in canine amusement.

Sweet hooligan!

Wishing all my friends across the world a wonderful, happy week.
...and lotsaluv too...


PS.  I would really appreciate it if you would spread the word about the availability of MAXDOG.  The book can be ordered directly  from me:  or, if you like, you can purchase the eBook by clicking HERE. The 'Print-on-demand' version of the book will become available on in the next month or two. 
Please help me get the word out there... I really need your support!

Friday, February 3, 2012

"MIND POWER"...the book that helped MAXDOG

MAXMOM here...

In January 2011, I sat wondering if I was strong enough to take the next step in the journey I had embarked upon the previous year. In my hand I held the product of my vision – an unedited manuscript of ‘Maxdog’; a story of a Golden Retriever, who had touched my life and touched the lives of hundreds of people across the world through his blog, ‘The Adventures of Maxdog…in South Africa’.

From the moment I honoured my commitment, it took me 8 months to write the first draft.   It was a story that simply HAD to be told – there was no debate. The difficulty, at the time, was that "I" was the one who would have to do it. I didn’t see myself as a writer and I didn't really believe that I could do it.

Nevertheless, the compulsion persisted. What kept me going were the two crystal-clear visions in my mind:

1) I simply had to give voice to the powerful relationships which can develop between some companion animals and their owners and

2) I knew that by sharing my own, very personal story, I could provide some hope to the millions of people around the world who live daily with the affliction of depression and anxiety.

So, picture this:
There I was with a completed manuscript in my lap, but my mission was only half-accomplished.  I was stuck. Where to next? I had reached the rhetorical ‘brick wall’ and if I were to be honest.  The 'brick wall' was made up only by my fear.  I needed to conquer my fear if I was to move on.
Was I brave enough to finally contact the man who I knew had the knowledge to advise me on the ‘business’ front? Was I brave enought to expose my soul to the world?
Somehow,in my heart of hearts, I also still didn't believe that I could do this. Simply put; years of lack of self-esteem had become my biggest enemy and it was being made obvious to me every second I delayed acting.

Well, if MAXDOG’ was to get out there, I knew I had no choice but to confront my fear head on!  I would have to make the call - even if I had to get someone to come along and ‘hold my hand’.

‘Howard’, a high-powered and well-known successful businessman was the person I’d targeted. His family and mine had strong ties, but I’d always been rather intimidated by him. Much to my surprise,he immediately and graciously agreed to meet me at a small coffee shop, where I tentatively handed him the manuscript.

‘I need your advice and your guidance’ I said. ‘I need you to tell me if this is going to work. And if my story has merit, I need you to guide me, please,’ I begged

His answer was simple:

1. "It will work – but YOU need to believe it!

2. “You need to get yourself a good editor.”

3. “You need a good publicist – and I will help you.”

4. “You need to have conquered your depression.”

And finally….

5. “The minute you walk out of here, you need to go to a book store and buy ‘Mind Power...into the 21st century’ by John Kehoe. Read the book, from cover-to-cover, internalise it and then decide if you want this journey or not.”

It was the best advice I could ever have hoped for. I went straight to the bookstore and bought this book. In the days ahead I read it and made that 'all-important' call to the publicist. With the vision for ‘MAXDOG’ intact, I began to implement some of your principles whenever I could. The minute I felt my anxiety rise up, I applied the ‘Affirmations’. My meeting with Helen Holyoake (the publicist), for example, was preceded by some heavy visualisation and my nerves were steady when I finally got to her office. I started changing my thoughts to positive ones and put a firm image in my mind of ‘MAXDOG’ in print. Yes, as you would expect, the correct avenues started opening for me…the perfect editor, the cost-effective publisher, etc.

“MAXDOG” was launched on the 24th November 2011. There are already 500 copies ‘out there’ in South Africa and my constant prayer for the book, i.e
 ‘Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!'
... is being honoured as I write this blogpost. I know this by the emails that arrive from people who have read the book and have told me how it has resonated with them.

I have made the decision for a further print-run of 1000 copies (based on intuition and gut feel). I am certain that this book is going to follow the same pattern as that of my blog, i.e. slow, strong foundations of word-of-mouth. But above all, I know that, ‘no-matter-what’,
 MAXDOG WILL ‘do good!’

In the next few weeks, MAXDOG will become available on and therefore be accessible to my international blogging friends
(Please watch this space and PLEASE spread the word about this book.  I desperately need your help with this task...I really do!)

Mr John Kehoe,  is in South Africa at the moment and just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to him for his inspiration in my ‘Maxdog’ journey. Whenever, I have the smatterings of anxiety creep up, (yes, they still do) I reach for his book. Having written it in 1987, I am sure that it is was always destined to be a classic.

 I look forward to hearing Mr Kehoe speak in Durban on the 15th.

Do yourself a favour today...
It will change your life!
Sending lotsaluv to you all.