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This blog is about my life, my faith, my world and my animals.

In the world of Dogs-with-Blogs, I am known as

...and have been active as a blogger since 2008.

Please allow me to share some history about my blogging activities:

In December 2008, I started a blog about my special Golden Retriever, MAX.

Although this blog was primarily a 'dog-blog', I felt strongly that if I could create a blog that was inspiring to me, it would also help to encourage others in cyberspace.  My mission was aligned with the 'LeadSA' campaign:


This first blog was called:
"The Adventures of South Africa"
and you can visit it by clicking
Little did I know, at the time, that Max's blog would introduce me to an amazing world of cyber-friends - effectively a support group - who would help me through the difficult days ahead . His blog grew and grew...
But one day, Max was suddenly diagnosed with cancer which would eventually take his life. I decided to share this painful journey, as it unfolded, but with a firm resolve to do so 'positively'. This decision forged some very strong friendships around the world.
At the time of Max's death, his blog had over 250 registered followers world-wide. His story is one of grace, strength and inspiration and is shared, in great detail, in my book, which is available through and Kindle:

'MAXDOG' is dedicated to my amazing cyber-buddies. 

When Max passed on, I left his blog as a tribute and legacy to him, and decided to move my activities to this, new blog, entitled "Living life to the Max".  Max's story is an incredible one.

Visit "The Adventures of Maxdog ... in South Africa"

On the 24th July 2010, exactly 2 months after the death of Maxdog, a "Sprinkling of Max's spirit" arrived in this world...

  This little Golden Retriever pup - Toby - became the inspiration for this particular blog.  

He progressed fast...

He graduated from Puppy School...

 ... and subsequently received his Elementary Obedience Certificate. 

He then went on to receive his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.
In May 2010 Toby played the role of
 in the musical production of

You can read all about our
by clicking

The production was presented by "Randburg Hoerskool" at the University of Johannesburg's Theatre on the
25-28th May 2011.
Toby has slowly, but surely, filled the void which was created by the loss of my Maxdog.
He is a beautiful animal, eager to please and keen to learn. 
I call him "My Sweet Hooligan" - because he has a sweet temperament and enormous energy:
At the moment, we have two animals in our houseold:
TOBY (Below)

 LEXI (2 year's old)
(Below: Lexi as a 6mth old puppy)

All my blogs are written in a positive, inspirational manner.  I want my readers to feel uplifted and encouraged after visiting my blogs.  I write about my life, my faith, my animals and my beautiful country - South Africa.   

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I appreciate each and every one of my readers.

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May God bless you ... abundantly.

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