Thursday, September 27, 2012


Helloooos there to all da peeps around da world!

Me's jus writing to tells yous that me's doing very okay now....

Yes'day me gots me stitches out.  Now me's "as good-as-new", Maxmom says.
Maxmom turned my house into a palace and me's very, very happy now!  

Me has evrything me needs - hay, fresh veggies every day, yummy GP Pellets and a mansion to lives in.

Lets me show yous...

 ...But Me still has to have me meds...

Me gets very well soon. 
Me thinks me's better already.

Luvs and Guinea pig giggles to yous all.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fly Free Buddy Mango

MAXMOM here...

Mango Relentlessly Huge
May 4th 2005 - September 26, 2012

Our hearts are deeply saddened by the untimely passing of our sweet cyber-buddy - MANGO - the relentlessly huge; both in heart and physique. 
 Our paths have travelled far together over the past 3 years. 

Mango was one of MAXDOG's greatest cyber-buddies.  We are going to miss his great spirit deeply. Nancy, we are so sorry for your loss.  Mango was an incredible dog and his spirit will live forever.  May you be comforted by the love and understanding of your friends across the world.
Please visit Mango's Momma and leave some love:

Monday, September 24, 2012


MAXMOM here...
Happy Heritage Day everyone!
(My best photo yet - of TOBY jumping)

Just a quick post to share the 'heritage' that our dear, 'Sweet Hooligan', TOBY
has inherited from the great MAXDOG.

TOBY simply ADORES the pool!

It's a long weekend here in South Africa - the perfect time for getting your nose into a good book! 
 If you've not yet read MAXDOG, please remember that you can get it on Amazon as a soft cover book, as well as on Amazon Kindle.  Click HERE

Friday, September 21, 2012

"Shout out" Friday: RADIOKOP ANIMAL CLINIC...and TOBY celebrates Spring!

MAXMOM here...

Happy Spring to all our friends around the world!

The onset of warmer, summer days brings new life and a mood of rejuvenation to us all.  We are having simply wonderful weather here in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Toby's way of celebrating is to spend time romping and playing - particularly in our pool.  The new season has invigorated his joy for 'Dock diving'.  
Let the photos do the talking...

FRIDAY "Shout Out" !!!!

In celebration of 'rejuvenation', I have decided to feature a 'shout-out' in my Friday posts.  This will be a small snippet/feature of things/places/people/activities that I feel strongly about.  Today, my focus and tribute is on the amazing Vets and staff at 

(Please visit their Facebook page and PLEASE 'Like' them!)

(Above L to R: Dr "Colin", Dr  "Corli" and 'Tracy" - practice manager - examining 'Twix')


This particular veterinary practice offers an amazing service for our often 'sidelined' animals - namely the 'Exotics'.  'Exotics' include birds, rodents, amphibians, etc, etc.  In the past week, I have seen canaries, parrots, a tortoise, a ball python, bearded dragons and many cats and dogs in their waiting room. Luckily they also have extensive experience with Guinea Pigs and this is why I have had dealings with them recently.

 (Left: Dr Colin van Rensberg who conducted Twix's initial consultation and Xray)

(Right: Dr Corli Goosen) ------>

In the past week, they have taken special care of my little "Twix".  Dr Corli Goosen conducted her gruelling caesarian section last Wednesday.  Twix was delivered of a little pup that was far too big for the natural birth process.  Tiny 'Stardust' survived the operation, and so did  "Mommy" Twix.  Unfortunately, however, I was no match for substituting as a wet-nurse - feeding formula to the little one for 36 hours, every 2 hours.  Sadly, little 'Stardust' passed away.

(Right: Dr Corli Goosen - Twix's primary Veterinary caregiver)

Since the trauma began, these amazing animal caregivers have given little Twix the best care I could ever have dreamt about - compassionate consultations, daily injections, telephonic enquiries as to her well-being, lengthy discussions, etc.  
They have truly gone the extra mile for us. 

 I feel strongly that Veterinary practitioners like this need to receive extra public acclaim - and this is my intention today.

Thank you, in particular to Dr Corli Goosen and Dr Colin van Rensberg for your wonderful care of my sweet 'Twix'!
 Above: "Check my scar, Maxmom.  Please, not for long though."

This past week has brought me to a point of immense gratitude - for these tenacious people who endure 6-7 years of gruelling basic veterinary training.  Not only that, but also for their resolve to take on the pursuit of their particular areas of specialisation.  They work long, hard hours attending to our beloved animals.  Often they are underpaid for their expertise and efforts. Yet, they remain patient and focussed.  Sometimes, they are on the receipt of insensitivity & impatience from their human clients.  Despite their best efforts, they sometimes lose their small patients. This happens.  Life happens. They were never meant to play 'God'.  Sometimes nature knows best.  But, it is obvious that their commitment and empathy for our animals is unquestionable. 

This practice also promotes Rhino awareness (see their T-shirts) and they also do wonderful work for P.E.T.S (Pet empowerment in Townships)  - a registered, non-profit, proactive, pro-life animal rescue organisation.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Doctors and Staff!
You are one of my 'Friday diamonds'!
 We sincerely appreciate YOU!

In honour of the vets and staff at RADIOKOP ANIMAL CLINIC, I would like to paste up this 'prayer' written by the late humanitarian and theologen - Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965):

Please don't forget to go and visit their FACEBOOK PAGE

 It's a long weekend here in South Africa; "Heritage Day" on Monday and "Rhino Awareness Day" tomorrow. 
(Please click HERE to visit the FB Page for the African Conservation Foundation - where you can lend your support.)

 Spare a thought for our Rhinos - it is estimated that by the end of the year we would have lost over 500 of these amazing creatures to poachers.  

Have a wonderful weekend!
Sending lotsaluv

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost wordless...

 Above: One week after her caesarian section, Twix is well on the road to recovery.
Above: She meets me "at the door" for her meds.  Obviously tasty.  She's so sweet.
 Above: "Aunt Tam" "Aunt Tam"
 Above: Sales of my book have gone well at the local home industry
Above: have my cards - both standard size and mini sizes (left)
 Above: Toby continues to find solace in his crate.

... whilst Twix spends a lot of her time on our laps... contentedly.
Happy wednesday everybody!
Sending lotsaluv,

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Miracles everywhere? or Miracles nowhere?

MAXMOM here...
It is at the times I feel most vulnerable that I learn the greatest life lessons.

Think about it – Two days ago things could have turned out very differently.  If nature had its way, Twix and her unborn pup would have been dead.  The pup was far too big for the little Guinea pig to deliver – almost half her size.  In addition, her pubic bones hadn’t split to accommodate the birth – something which is supposed to happen in Guineapigs.  Both the baby and the pup were facing death.  We had moments to make a life changing decision.
Then a miracle took place.  Through the acquired skills and knowledge (which this world offers), a caesarean section was performed on the little animal.  The skilful surgeon applied her knowledge microscopically and delivered Twix of her little pup.  Guinea pigs don’t do well in surgery, or after. Both patients were under stress, but through the medication available, both were allowed another chance.
The little pup, “Stardust”, was granted another 36 hours of life.  During that time, I was given the unique privilege of watching this miracle.  There was a moment when everything worked and she scurried around her cage, buried herself under mom and displayed the energetic fervour of new life.  At other moments, she lay vulnerable in my awkward fingers while I tried to feed her.  In the end, I was no match for mother’s milk.

In those hours, ‘Mommy’ Twix struggled too.  Her cut was huge, but she had come through the operation.  She was weak, but she fought on.

Yesterday, after 36 hours, I watched as the little pup, “Stardust” left her struggle for life.  In my hand lay the most beautifully formed creature – soft velvet fur, tiny whiskers and a rainbow of Guineapig colours.  Yet, the essence of life had gone… We just don’t know it all.

I was really sad at the time.  Grief engulfed me.  My own fight to save the little one’s life was over – nothing more I could do.  At the time, I couldn’t focus on the miracle which I was privileged to be part of.  My thoughts rather turned to that which I had lost. I buried the little pup under the lemon tree in our garden.  Three simply plucked flowers marked my love.

Soon, my attention was back on Twix – who seemed to have gained a little more strength from another injection administered by the vet.  It was clear that this little ‘Mommy’ should not have made it either ... yet here she was, in all her created perfection, once again in my care. Still struggling, but alive.

This morning, Twix is doing well.  I have been granted more time with her – the miracle which came into my life 3 months ago continues.  Who knows how much time she has left, how much time WE ALL have left – it could be hours, days or years.  It is important, however, to recognise that the time I have been granted is exactly that…. A MIRACLE!

May I echo the wise words of my veterinary student daughter:

"There are two ways of looking at life: 
Miracles NOWHERE, or miracles EVERYWHERE!"

I can’t help but be enormously thankful for the miracles in my life.

Sending lotsaluv