Monday, April 30, 2012


MAXMOM here...

It's a long-weekend here in South Africa.  On Friday we celebrated 'Freedom' day and tomorrow it's 'Workers' day.  Many South Africans have taken the five days leave and are making full use of the glorious Autumn weather.  If you want to see some wonderful pictures of the kaleidoscope of Autumn colours on our trees, click HERE

A visit to 'Lifestyle Garden Centre' on Friday revealed that there is still plenty of colour in the flowers at this time of the year too.  Particularly the Pansies - their little faces are so beautiful!

Toby and I went into our own garden this morning - to water the plants and clean up his artistic array of 'doggie-do's'. (Thanks Toby for all the land mines..Greatly appreciated)

 Toby supervised me and Tammy preferred to check things out from a distance. 

 If only I could teach the dogs to clean up after themselves. 

Who works for who here anyway?

Miss "R" is home with her two Guinea-pigs this weekend.  

"Scotch", the male, was her first acquisition and (for the purposes of sociability with other Guinea-pigs at her Veterinary institution) he was duly given the big-pig-snip some time ago. 

About a month ago, Miss "R" fell in love with a tiny bedhaired female in a local pet shop. The little thing was so small and we reckoned she must have been maybe 2 months old at the time of purchase.  We didn't think much further than her cute appearance and affable disposition.

 Little Miss Guinea pig was duly named "Soda" - to match her playmate "Scotch"   Well, Scotch was really taken with the new little addition and the two have become inseparable.

Every week Miss "R" brings the duo home and every Monday morning she transports them back to her residence in Pretoria.  They get pampered and fed special treats and have had no need for further contact with any other guinea pigs.  They are quite happy to amuse themselves in their cages.

Well, can you imagine my surprise as I held little Soda on Friday and discovered her new 'triangular' shape. 

 After checking her out, it was clear that she was NOT FAT, but rather that there was distinct movement below her fur?  Yes, you guessed it...

(and must have been pregnant at the time of purchase)
So now I am going to be a Grand-pig, am I?

On the one hand, this is exceptionally exciting news but there is also the concern that she is far too young to give birth. There is no telling just how old she is either.  We have been reading up every bit of information we can find about pregnancy and birth in Guinea pigs. These are nervous times.

This afternoon our special friend Darryl - a qualified vet and lover of guinea pigs, will be visiting us to make suggestions.   
Would you remember little SODA in your animal prayers, please?
I think she's gonna need some positive vibes.
We really hope that everything will turn out for the best.  

Enjoy your long weekend.
Sending lotsaluv

Saturday, April 28, 2012

RADIO INTERVIEW: Animaltalk radio


Dear friends,

Above is the youtube presentation of my interview with 'Animaltalk radio' today.
This is 'part 2' of "My Maxdog journey" and focusses mainly on blogging and how 'Dogs-with-Blogs' effectively became my cyber-support group during Maxdog's 'Days-of-Grace'.

'Part 1' can be accessed HERE

With love

Friday, April 27, 2012

IMPORTANT REMINDER: TUNE IN! PART 2 'Animaltalk radio interview' - Saturday 28th April, 08h00-08h30 GMT

MAXMOM here...

Dear friends,

This is just a quick reminder (for those who may be interested)  that ...
 Part 2 of "My MAXDOG journey" interview 
with Animaltalk radio will be broadcast tomorrow:

 28th April 2012,

 between 10-10h30am (SA time)
 (GMT 08h00-08h30).

You can listen to this broadcast on the following link:
Click HERE

South Africans can tune in to listen on AM 1485 or on DSTV Channel 169

If you would like to listen to part 1 which was broadcast last week, please click

Please join me tomorrow...

Sending lotsaluv

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Each time I hear of an imminent review of MAXDOG, I hold my breath.  
The butterflies begin to wage their war on my stomach.  It's a tense time.

"Will they like my book?" I worry. 

Quite frankly, one never gets used to it - the potential to be slaughtered in public.  
In this book, I have shared my heart; my very personal journey and have laid it out - open - for criticism by anyone. But it is a cause that I have fervently pursued ; the wish that my story to be available to everyone. This journey is certainly not for the feint-hearted. 

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am when I've reached the last word in a review and am able to breath again.  At that point, I can't hold back the tears. I know my prayer has been answered...

"Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!"

Sending lotsaluv and thanks to all my supporters.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012



Dear friends,
An extract from my book MAXDOG... to whet your appetite  :)

For more information about the book, please click HERE
If you would like to see what readers are saying about MAXDOG, please click HERE
If you would like to order a copy of this book, please email me at:

Sending lotsaluv

Sunday, April 22, 2012



  Dear friends,

I have prepared a youtube presentation of my interview on Radio Today (South Africa) yesterday for the benefit of those who may have missed it.  The interview forms part of their 'Animaltalk' programme which takes place every weekend on Radio Today (South Africa).  
This particular interview is presented in two parts.
 (The second part of the interview will be broadcast this coming Saturday - 28th April 2012 between 10h00-10h30, SA TIME, on 1485AM or DSTV Channel 169.)  You can listen to it live at the time by accessing the Internet link

 I have embellished this particular presentation with photographs from the MAXDOG era - for your listening pleasure.  Thank you again for your support in my journey.
I would also like to extend my grateful thanks to Animaltalk radio for their support of my endeavours and for helping to get the word out there about MAXDOG.

"Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!"


I would like to extend my thanks to the journalist - Claire Braun - for the wonderful review of MAXDOG in Friday's edition of "The Star" newspaper.  Many thanks indeed.

I would also like to extend my grateful thanks to 'Mango's momma' for the honest and frank review she has written about my book.  "Mango" is one of the most prominent dog-bloggers in cyberspace and is a worthwhile blog to follow.  He always brings a smile to my face.  
If you haven't read the MAXDOG review yet, please do so HERE.  You can also access all the links to "Mango's African Adventure" on her post.  It is a wonderful read!  Thank you again.

Sending lotsaluv to all my friends across the world.  Many thanks again for all your encouragement and support.  I would not be on this journey had it not been for your faithful backing.  You are integral to my life.

Friday, April 20, 2012

TUNE IN!!! RADIO BROADCAST: "My Maxdog journey"

MAXMOM here...

I was recently interviewed by Urs Honneger; presenter of SA Animaltalk Radio.  This 2x15 minute pre-recorded interview took place at the SAFM studios here in Johannesburg South Africa.  
"My MAXDOG journey" will be broadcast in a two-part series on Saturday 21st and 28th April 2012.  
Be sure to tune in either via the Internet, on 'mobi' or on the DSTV Audio channel 169...



Radio interview on SAFM: Animaltalk Radio:

Urs Honegger Interviews me (Caryl Moll: Author of MAXDOG)


Saturday 21st April 2012 and 28th April 2012

10h00-10h15!!! (SA TIME!)

Direct Internet feed, click:

Or also on...
DSTV (Audio Channel 169)

 The podcast of this interview will be available at a later stage.

Also, there is another wonderful REVIEW of MAXDOG in "The Star" newspaper (Tonight section) and online by Claire Braun.  Many thanks.
Click HERE to read the review

Looking forward to chatting to you all  :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


It's Autumn and the splendid colours of the season are decorating our many deciduous trees. 

 The sun rises a little later in the morning - an opportune time to try and sneak in those extra few minutes under the covers.  But I am soon guilt-tripped by the pretty sunbeams which begin to sneak through the curtains.

Another day, another gift...

It's rather an unusual time in my life ...  
I am torn between my work (surrounding the publicity of Maxdog) and a strong need to do something really different - something crafty, something practical. I've been interspersing my publicity commitments with gardening, croqueting, baking, knitting, walking dogs, etc.
  I just feel a need to get away from writing and the demands of spreading the word about MAXDOG.
So, in the past couple of weeks, my garden has been my prime calling. 

 I have spent hours there - reshaping beds, pruning and planning for Spring. 
(even though we haven't even hit winter yet)

 I have planted about 150 winter/spring bulbs and my back has ached from my efforts.  

But I have a dream - If all goes well, I should have a colourful wonderland in a couple of months time - just when winter starts to attach its morbid tentacles into my soul.  
Admittedly, I'm not the best of gardeners, but I do try.  So, I wait - in anticipation - to see what my enthusiastic efforts will produce.

The dogs have joined me during the hours of weeding, pruning and dreaming.  Toby and Tammy play constantly while the 'King' finds things to dig up... 
 Sometimes Toby joins me and sniffs at my scattered Namaqualand Daisy seeds and sometimes he makes himself comfortable in the lap of a willing household member.  

Often though, I sit under the white-stinkwood tree, sipping my tea, listening to the birds or  removing a fallen leaf from my beverage.  A garden sure is rejuvenating.


On the publicity side, I was invited to a pre-recording for an 'Animal Talk' radio slot on Wednesday this past week.  This is a great privilege - to be part of the Saturday radio program for Animaltalk magazine. The recording studios are located 'in' a nursery.  How appropriate. 

I spent about an hour at the studio with the presenter and shared my 'Maxdog journey'.  It was the first time that I've been in an actual recording studio.  It was fun, fascinating and a little daunting too.  "Ursh'', the presenter and CEO of Animaltalk, was extremely encouraging and I am very grateful for the opportunity of sharing my story with his readers and listeners.   Thanks to my friend, Liz, I was able to keep the butterflies at bay and keep my thoughts in order.  I am sure that the programme will provide an interesting listening opportunity to the thousands of Radio Today listeners on Saturday 21st AND 28th April.  (Yes, it is in a two-part series).

(Tune in at 10am on 21st and 28th April...details to follow)

My public-talk at the Northriding Support Group of SADAG also went very well.  I so enjoy speaking to the participants.  We share a similar mindset and I was made to feel very welcome. My short video clip and presentation was received with palpable enthusiasm. 

The support I have received since the publication of MAXDOG has been absolutely phenomenal and I am really grateful.  I was also recently invited to attend a 'Moonlight Market' and the support there too was wonderful.  

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement.

At this stage of my MAXDOG journey, however, I would welcome a bit of luck.  I really need sales - to recoup the outlay which I have spent in publishing this story.  
(To give you an idea...I need to sell another 250 books only to 'break even') 

"If only" someone prominent would embrace this tale, then it's message could serve a wider audience and my dream 'Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!' will become a reality.  
I am a firm believer in shaping my own destiny, but I do wish for a little 'luck' too. 
So, I wait for that to happen...and I am sure it will - at some stage in the future.  


Tonight is an exciting event too...

We are going to attend a concert of one of my absolute favourite artists!!!!!


- the musician who composed my all-time-favourite song 'GREAT HEART'.  This song is so dear to my heart - it  accompanied me throughout the 18 months of writing MAXDOG
The words: 

" I am searching for a great heart to stand me by...under the African sky..." 

...kept me going through those long hours of writing and editing.

Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful video of

"GREAT HEART" by Johnny Clegg and the band Savuka

 As you all know...Maxdog was my own 'Great Heart'... the ultimate "Heart-dog".  
So tonight we'll be going off to Gold Reef City to attend Johnny's concert. I can't wait!!!  

Perhaps, one-day, I'll have the opportunity of telling him how much his incredible song helped me in my own MAXDOG journey.

That's all for now.  Have a wonderful, happy weekend. And to all my friends who are ill, suffering or disillusioned remember...


Sending lotsaluv


Friday, April 6, 2012

MAXDOG finds another 'forever' home...


Hello there to all my friends,
I just HAD to put up this absolutely beautiful picture of 

Josie and her owner live in the USA and do an enormous amount of good as therapy workers.
It thrills me when I see pictures of MAXDOG finding yet another 'forever home'.

"Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!"

What a special picture....just had to share it.
Wishing all my family, friends, readers, supporters, followers and lurkers

Sending lotsaluv

Thursday, April 5, 2012


(Above: Duiwelskloof Baobab: 2001)

Many of you will know that I grew up on a farm in the Limpopo valley during the 1960's.  I've not been to the area for many years, but as they say, 'Home is where the heart is'.  
(Above: Sapekoe tea estates - when they were still functional: 2001)

There have often been times where I have hankered after my childhood playground: - the beautiful area of the Modjaji - the Lovedu tribe's 'Rain queen' - an environment of sub-tropical splendour contrasted with African bushveld.

Easter time, in particular, always leaves me with a pang of nostalgia.  For many years, we would travel north over the Easter weekend to spend time with family and old friends.  There was nothing more uplifting than the welcoming hospitality of the people in the Limpopo Province; an open log-fire with the aroma of meat on the braai, accompanied by a cool beverage and the remnants of a magnificent African sunset.  Paradise!
This weekend, however, we are home-bound.  So, perhaps you will understand my joy when I found an unusual envelope in my postbox this morning. The postmark was from 'Pietersburg' and had some really pretty postage stamps affixed - displaying some of our country's beautiful beaded artifacts. 

The sender of the mysterious envelope was none other than a very old school friend of mine - 
Wally Schultz. 

(Above: Extract from editorial: Soutpansberg Life launch issue)

 Thanks to modern technology and Facebook, Wally and I made contact again a few months ago.  It was somewhat ironical because, in the months that ensued, he watched me go through the process of launching my own book, MAXDOG, and I, in turn, watched him prepare for the culmination of his life-time dream of publishing a very different 'local' lifestyle newspaper:

The area of the 'Soutpansberg' (roughly translated as 'the mountains of the salt pan), is...
"a part of the world steeped in history, myth and legend and is peopled by so many interesting and fascinating personalities..." (editorial Soutpansberg Life; Wally Schultz). 

 It is also home to the World Heritage site of the ancient kingdom of Mapungubwe
All-in-all, the Soutpansberg and surrounds is a treasure-trove of adventure opportunities and Wally's newspaper is an apt reflection of this.

Although the Soutpansberg is some 100km from my original childhood farm, I still regard it as part of my own personal heritage. I was delighted to have the opportunity to grab a cup of tea, sit down in a comfortable chair in my own home to absorb and relish all the news from my 'home province'.

What a fantastic Easter gift!  

Wally and his team have done us all proud with their effort to get this 'Lifestyle' publication off the ground.  It is packed with relevant, current and pertinent articles, wonderful photography and it oozes the vitality of the community I remember. It also doesn't hesitate to tackle some serious issues either - issues which require particular personal courage.

Not only that, but Wally has given my book a wonderful 'shout-out' in the book review section. 
I feel honoured and privileged to have, in some small way, been part of this special 'launch' issue.

Thank you so much Wally for flying the flag of the Lowveld so proudly!
This Easter I am going to thoroughly enjoy devouring every word in this newspaper.
And NO, it WON'T be going on the newspaper pile, but rather in a special box - to be relished over and over again. My hankering for 'news' of my home province has been finally been fulfilled.


Wally Schultz runs the Facebook Group 
They are always welcoming new visitors, so please go and visit and introduce yourself.
I am sure you will receive a warm 'Lowveld' welcome.


Wishing all my friends, followers, readers, supporters and lurkers...
a wonderful, happy, safe and peaceful Easter!
Sending lotsaluv