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MIMI's SOUTH AFRICAN ADVENTURE: (Part 3): Mpumalanga, South Africa

After spending three wonderful days at the beautiful IMBALI SAFARI LODGE in the famous KRUGER NATIONAL PARK , South Africa, we left with heavy hearts. Our time in the bush seemed God-ordained; almost as if the Maker Himself had laid out the animals specially for our guest. We'd had wonderful sightings, including all of the Big 5.  The Kruger Park is certainly one of the most beautiful places on earth and our stay there was wonderful, truly wonderful!

On our way out of the park we were treated to yet another display of Mimi's all-time favourites - the beautiful elephants.

This time, we were able to stop and marvel at their antics; including a baby playing leisurely in the sand of the river bank.

Finally it was time to leave and we made our way out of the Paul Kruger Gate.  We stopped outside the gate to take a photograph of the statue which pays tribute to the man who played such a large role in preserving this amazing heritage. Usually there are monkeys which romp all over this statue, but they were absent this day.
I couldn't resist taking a photo, however,  of one of my favourite birds which was searching for nibbles on the ground:

Our next goal was to show Mimi some of the views from various points along the Mpumalanga escarpment, and to stay over at the little town of Graskop.

After sleeping over at one of the comfortable "Bed & Breakfast" establishments in the town, we made our way to the 

"Water’s power to shape a landscape is spectacularly displayed at Bourke’s Luck Potholes in Mpumalanga, where centuries of river activity have carved out 
a dramatic and intricate series of natural rock formations and pools."

If you want to read up more about this amazing place please click

I managed to take a short video to show you the beauty of the place:

It was here that Mimi finally found her elusive 'Dung beetle' with its precious roll of poop:

Next, we took Mimi to see the view of the incredible:
Looking down towards the Blyde River far below...

Mimi and I appreciating the view
Here is a video I took some years ago of this incredible place:

After soaking up the sights, we made our way back to Johannesburg
(4 hours).
There is no place like 'home' and the opportunity to relax and recuperate - 
ready for our next adventure.

Sending lots of love
Please look out for the next blogpost: Part 4 in this series:. 
This time, we will be visiting the beautiful "Mother City" of CAPE TOWN, South Africa.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Hey there, dear friends

Now for something completely different - a little break in between the current series of posts,
 "Mimi's South African Adventure"
I realize that this has been done by others in cyberspace before, but we had so much fun with our dear Toby last night... I simply had to share our own recording of this event.  I hope it makes you smile...

Sending lotsaluv to all our friends around the world

Thursday, October 2, 2014

MIMI's SOUTH AFRICAN ADVENTURE (Part 2): A trip to IMBALI SAFARI LODGE, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Greetings from South Africa
This is the second bumper blogpost in this series: "Mimi's South African Adventure" 
The highlight of our 17-day-day holiday was a trip to the beautiful IMBALI SAFARI LODGE in the heart of the Kruger National Park. My husband and I both love the bush, so to take Mimi to this beautiful lodge was truly, truly special! 
We were treated like royalty!
Imbali's food was outstanding, our rooms were beautiful,comfortable and tastefully decorated; the setting was exquisite, the game drives breathtaking and the management and staff extremely friendly and helpful.  What a treat it was to simply sit on the deck of the reception area and watch the waterhole...
 There were always an array of colourful birds that came for a drink on the edge of the swimming pool:
Above: The colourful starlings.
Below: Crested Barbet

The view from our room: A dry river-bed: home to a large troop of baboons.
What more could we wish for on our deck?  A refreshing plunge pool and lounger chairs - for the peaceful afternoons prior to afternoon tea and evening game drives.

I can't give enough accolades to this lovely lodge. 
Thank you, IMBALI SAFARI LODGE for your incredible hospitality and good service! 
May you grow from strength to strength.


So, lets get on with the Bumper photographic post which will tell it's own story...
Sunrise over the smokey landscape
(after the recent fires)
Setting out on an early morning game-drive

 First sightings

 I must say that the terrain was extremely dry. Indeed, I have never seen Kruger so dry before. Yet, these conditions are ideal for game viewing.

 Mimi's favourite - the Baboon family
"MacDonalds" - fast-food of the Kruger Park ;)

 Fungus growing on a Buffalo skull
 Above: Buffalo skull
 Above: Rhino tracks

Above: The beautiful flowers of the 'Sausage' tree...outside our room
 Above: Yellow-billed hornbill

 Lilac-breasted roller 
 uh...oh! Who is drinking out of our plunge-pool?
Above: Quiet contemplation
  Above: Elephants at the waterhole
 Up REALLY close...the king of the jungle.

 Above: African Civet cat
 Sunrise over the dam 
 Above: Waterbuck
 Above: Breakfast time

Above: So nice to see them...
 A beautiful lionness

 Above: Vultures on a kill site
 Above:The fossil of the tree family: THE FAMOUS BAOBAB TREE
 Above: "You don't mine, do you, Mr Hippo?"

 Above: Buffalo
Above: Elephants testing their strength

 Thank you to the rangers at IMBALI SAFARI LODGE for the following awesome leopard sighting!!!

 Above: Warthog
 Above: Hippos on a sand bank
 Above: The beautiful pearl-spotted owl
 Above: One of my favourites: Green Pigeon nesting
 Above: Ever present Yellow-billed hornbill
 Above: Tree squirrel
 Above: A shy Sable antelope at Imbali's waterhole
 Above: A beautiful pair of Lionesses 
 Above: Oh yes, a vulture CAN be pretty!  ;)
 Above: Red-billed oxpecker on a giraffe
No game drive is complete without the anticipated stop for refreshments...
and IMBALI SAFARI LODGE delivered well.
Thank you so much to our Ranger, "Suit-boy" for the meticulous care of your guests.

Relaxing Spa treatments are also available to guests at Imbali. How wonderful to be treated to a "back and neck massage" on the deck outside our room, with the background accompaniment of twittering birds.

On a funny note though...
Above: Even the Baboons have learned to enjoy a Spa Treatment.

The bonus of our stay at IMBALI was that we were able to see all of the big five.

Many thanks, once again, to the management and staff of this beautiful lodge.  Your hospitality was outstanding and the game-sightings truly breathtaking.
Above: Sunset over Imbali

Readers, if you want to spoil yourself be sure to book your stay at
(Please note: I have NO commercial attachments or obligations to this lodge)

Sending lotsaluv

Be sure to look out for our next blogpost (soon): Part 3 in this series of