Monday, June 27, 2011


MAXMOM here...
(Above: A freezing Donovan, with Toby)

We woke up to a blisteringly cold day on Saturday. 
The temperature guage was firmly indicating -1 degree centigrade.

Toby's breeder, Zeena, asked that we enter him in the breed show ring for the
 which was held at Goldfields Kennel Club, in Johannesburg - about 45minutes drive from our house. 
(Above: Toby representing Golden Puppies in the Gundog Group judging)

We had to be there by early to secure a place for our gazebo.  Whew, it was cold! Not a nice day at all for a dog show. But Toby didn't mind in the least...
(Getting some zzzz...while waiting for the ring)

 The wind chill must have kept the temperature close to freezing for most of the day.

As many of you know, I am not really a show person, so Toby was taken into the ring by his faithful handler, Donovan
(Thank you Donovan!).
Toby was very excited by all the activities around him - making him uncontrollable at times (for me).  Thankfully Donovan is a handler who commands respect from the dogs.  The Goldens adore him and he gets their attention instantly. Toby was no different.  The two of them looked good in the ring...
("I like to run with Donovan")

 Toby and Donovan pulled off the 'best Golden puppy class' award and came fourth in the group of Gundog puppies.
Congratulation to both Donovan and Toby's breeder, Zena!


Back home, the King (Toffee) and Aunt Tam' were left in the capable care of my two adult daughters.  Miss "R" and Mr "R" even took the pooches for a nice long walk later in the afternoon. When we arrived home, they were still out, so Toby forfeited his usual canine welcoming committee.

However, it wasn't long after our arrival at home, that a good dose of anxiety erupted. 
With an expression of utter alarm, Miss "R", ran into the house announcing that she had accidentally locked dear Aunt Tam' in the car.  Unfortunately the keys were also in the car.  To add insult to injury, the only set of spare keys was miles away - at her university residence. 

What were we do do?

Well, a quick google search put me onto an extremely professional, 24hour locksmith -
(Highly recommended for similar emergencies!)

After hearing the urgency in my voice, 'Jay' was with us within 30 minutes.  A totally unphased Aunt Tam' was finally freed from her comfortable prison, and we were able to breathe a sigh of relief.
(Above: Aunt Tam)

I want to extend a special
for his timeous help in our dilemma.  He was quick and professional, and most understanding to our dear dog.
It was with some surprise, that we realised how quickly a Hyundai Getz can be prized open -without any damage to the car.

Tammy's response?

 "What's all the fuss about?"
 It was tail wags all around, but she quickly ran off to get some much needed water. 
In return, Tammy left her calling card in Miss "R'"s car ...

...a nice wiff of canine aroma, specially dispensed for the occasion...
...with love to Miss "R", LOL!

There's never a dull moment in our household.

(Above: Toby)

Sending lotsaluv to all my friends around the world.
Have a happy week!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Woof! Woof!
Hello everybuddy, it's me - the Sweet Hooligan, Goof-ball, Toby - here...
..and it's MY time to write on this blog.

How are you all doing?
Maxmom says she's sorry she hasn't been blogging much lately.
We are having very big 'puter problems.
But hey...we all have them, don't we?

Guess what?
Maxmom took me to my assessment on Tuesday this week, and I am now an official...
drum roll...


The nice trainers at
gave me a special rosette for my efforts and now it's all official:
Smart hey?
What does this all mean?
A Canine Good Citizen?
Maxmom says she's very proud of me, because it means that
I am acquiring more manners and I am becoming socially acceptable...
What? BOL!
I thought I was socially acceptable already.

Oh well...

One of the things, however, that has happened since then, is that Maxmom has found a beautiful new park for us to go and romp in.
Where are we going, Aunt Tam'?
Woof! Woof!
This park is special because...
I am allowed to run freeeeeeee!
Aunt Tam' showed me how it is done...properly!
She looks pretty good for a doggie who is 11years old!

During my 'Annie' Adventure and my CGC training, Maxmom kept me on a leash most of the time, but she says I am well behaved enough now and that she hopes she can trust me.
Of course you can, Maxmom!
Aunt Tam' showed me that there are interesting things UP a tree too.
Geesh, and I didn't know that Maxmom could run too.
What fun!
I got to meet some other lead, BOL!
Luckily this park is very dog-friendly.
I just love my new park!
The park is not very big, but at least it gives me a lovely walk and I am really able to exercise properly.
We get to collect canine friends along the way...:)
Maxmom says she loves watching me's apparently like...
Poetry in Motion!
mmm...please explain.
Yes, I love my new park!
Perhaps, it is indeed a good thing afterall for us doggies to train and pass our
Canine Good Citizen assessments.

I have another surprise tomorrow ...
Maxmom says I have to wake her up very early so that we can leave the house on another adventure...

I will be participating in another dog breed show -
a championship show this time. 
It should be really exciting, but Maxmom says she's not taking me into the ring herself.
She has asked my special buddy, Donovan, to help her with this.
I have to be on my best behaviour too and am really looking forward to seeing Donovan again.  Do you remember Donovan? 
This was him, with me, at my last show, in February this year...
I've grown a bit since then, BOL!

Are you ready for action, Donovan?
Lotsalicks to you all.


Friday, June 17, 2011


MAXMOM here...
Hello there, dear friends,

There is something so therapeutic about watching two Golden Retrievers at play in the early morning sunshine of our bedroom.

Having hoovered up their breakfast, they settle onto their mattress, in the corner, for some serious one-on-one time.  This entails five minutes of happy snorting and mouthing. Their frenzy of fun is occasionally interrupted with some cheeky barks and chiding snaps.   

Toby usually puts his paws in the air, in typical 'goof-ball' fashion, as he encourages Tammy to nibble at him.  Her jaw dilligently works up and down his snout, over his whiskers and then settles on his soft ears, for a thorough chew. 

In response, his eyes roll back in bliss and his paws push the air. 

Soon the roles are reversed: Toby's energy catches up with him and he grabs her around the bottom of her neck - a good chunk of fur and thick skin in his mouth.  Their faces are close together in contented embrace. 

After a short while, they progress into attentive licking and grooming.  Both of them want to be on their backs at the same time - at my feet, while I write.  Their warm fur and weighty bodies settle comfortingly over my toes.

King Toffee looks upon the scene, with distanced disinterest.  The warmth of his own throne is far too enticing to get involved.
Occasionally other members of our menagerie join us. 
Toby is always the first to greet little 'Schnapps'.

Yes, early morning is a Golden treasure for me.

On Wednesday night, we were treated to a spectacular, lunar eclipse, under clear South African skies. 

 We all gathered outside, shivering in the chill of the winter's evening and gazing up at the heavenly spectacle. 
Our universe is pretty awesome, isn't it?

The night air was chilly though, so we quickly retreated inside to the warmth of our lounge.
Toby somehow secured the best position on the couch.

Besides a week-long battle with our home computer, all's well in our world for the moment.

Sending lotsaluv and wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


MAXMOM here...
Hello there, dear friends...

It's 4 -18 degrees centigrade today with unseasonal thundershowers expected this afternoon.  My garden will be thankfull - it's parched at the moment.

We've settled back into our daily routine after our
(Above: The beautiful bouquet I received from the cast at the Gala performance)

(Above: The 90 'thank you' notes and attached candy bars, we prepared for the cast)

Life in our household is slowly getting back to normal.
(Above: The pretty, winter, 'butterfly-flowers', outside our bedroom window)

Toby is so sweet with the way he wakes me up in the mornings. 
It's always with a deep, desperate whimper of welcome and a
"blanket-offering" in his mouth
(which he's dragged from somewhere). 

"I'm here, Mom! I'm here! Are you awake?"

 With my eyes still shut, I'll stick my hand out, from under the duvet, and encourage him to lie down on the floor. If I'm lucky, he'll calm down for me to I stroke him.  Most often though, he'll be too desperate to get to our other household members, and to bestow the same welcome on them.  He'll trot off, with the blanket trailing him and his loud, whimpering accompaniment.

On really special occasions (which are becoming more frequent), I'll invite him onto my bed, next to me, and cover him up with the duvet.  Soon we'll both drift off into slumber.  But he becomes restless quickly, and then our quiet reverie is broken. No sleep for me!

 "The sunrise is too cool to miss, Mom!"

Toby jumps off the bed and cavorts down the passage - in search of 'Aunt Tam'. Later they'll return to our bedroom, totally contented, and lie together on their mattress in the corner. Their soft mouthing is indicative of their tender bond.

Inevitably, Toby will settle into his favoured position - on his back with legs splayed in all directions. 

Silly pooch!

Our days have been temperate and sunny. 

We're enjoying simply gorgeous winter weather!
(Above: "Aunt Tam" enjoying the sunshine)

"The King"
is still  on his figurative throne.
Last week, he turned 14 years old!!!
(Oops, I totally forgot his birthday.)
His age doesn't seem to bother him at all. 
Although he's slowing down a bit, he continues to prowl the garden.
"The King's" latest crusade...
 is to teach TOBY how to mark his territory...
(Above: "This is how it is done, Toby!")

Bad luck, Toffee!
Your efforts seem to be futile!

(...and I am very grateful!)

(Above: "I prefer this way, Your Majesty!")

Although Toby doesn't lift his leg, I've been actively training him not to.
This little accomplishment may be temporary, but it sure makes our daily walks easier.

That's all our news, for now.

Sending lotsaluv to you all,
 and lotsalicks from the pack.

MAXMOM, TOBY, TAMMY and  our 14-year-old,