Friday, July 24, 2015


Happy Barkday to one of the most awesome Golden Retrievers on the planet.

(Thank you, my special boy, for sharing my life.  You are an awesome dog!!!)

Sending lotsaluv

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I would like to give a very enthusiastic 'shout-out' and congratulations to the wonderful team which makes up...

Thank you to especially to Bronwyn and Steve for your personal care of my two Golden Retrievers.  Both Toby and Lexi have been transformed back to their golden glory, and look utterly cuddleable (my new word :) ). 
I write this post with absolute pleasure and thanks to a deserved team.

As most of my readers will know, I have always done my own dogs' grooming. It's been over 20 years since I last saw the inside of a dog-grooming salon.  Washing my two Golden retrievers, however, has recently become an increasingly more difficult task. I battle with the enormous task of bathing them. They are generally very easy dogs, but to groom them properly takes me a whole morning, after which I am left with a sore and tender back. As a result, Toby and Lexi have had their bath delayed, and it's been months since their last one.  We have all settled for a simple afternoon brush on the lawn.  But things were becoming desperate and I simply had to make a plan.

Well, I gave Bronwyn (from LA POOCH) a call. The friendly voice on the other side of the phone assured me immediately and a date was set - today! It is one of the best decisions I have made for my animals.
Bronwyn and her assistant, Steve, arrived promptly at the pre-arranged time.  Her mobile van is kitted out with the latest in dog-grooming equipment and she has personally spent time in the USA becoming fully trained. She introduced herself to me and explained her services. We hit it off immediately.  Steve set about connecting the water and the electricity, while Bronwyn went out of her way to greet Toby and Lexi.  It was a tail-wagging affair of note! Both pooches were enthralled with the strange vehicle parked in our driveway. Visitors are always enthusiastically welcomed into our home, and the pooches went about reading the news on the vehicle. This was their first (ever) professional grooming session. They were allowed to jump into the back of the van and inspect the interior.  I must admit, it is lovely - kitted out very professionally with the added benefit of HOT-WATER- facilities. We were all impressed.

The pooches were given a biscuit each while Bronwyn patiently and understandingly answered all my questions. Toby was first in the queue followed by Lexi about an hour later.  Bronwyn and Steve did a thorough job while I popped my head in occasionally. They took extra care with the comfort of both my dogs who emerged sparkling and happy. No cages! No stress! 
Total satisfaction!
Not only that, but Toby and Lexi both received individual towels for their patronage...thank you so much!

This is a new business but I am sure that they will make great inroads into a much-needed market.
Congratulations Bronwyn!  I really wish you all success in this venture.  Your calling to our animals deserves to flourish.

LA POOCH receives a whopping 10/10 from me! Well done!

If you are located in the Johannesburg area, please give them a call: 
082 709 0608

Sending lots of love