Friday, September 27, 2013

Goldens having pool-fun...

 Hello there, dear friends.
Summer has arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa!

As temperatures hover in the 30's during the day, the dogs take to the refreshing water of our swimming pool. Both Toby and Lexi  are mad about swimming. In the nine months of her young life, Lexi has fallen into copy-cat mode. Toby and her are inseparable and she has learned many of her habits from him.  One of the things they both LOVE is our swimming pool!

 If you've not seen this video of Toby before, take a look.  It will give you an idea of his enthusiasm...

Lexi's confidence about swimming has grown in leaps and bounds.  Thanks to Toby's exuberance for "pool jumping", she has stepped up to the platform and now competes with him to be the first in the pool. There is not an inkling of hesitation in her attitude: she simply launches herself into the water with all the enthusiasm in the world.  She's equally eager to retrieve ANYTHING - leaves, balls, phantoms, you name it...  
Yesterday, I managed to get quite a few photos of her antics...
Usually, Lexi allows Toby to be the first to retrieve any ball of his choosing, but this doesn't stop her from going in after him. 

The next photo was taken as Lexi hit the water. 
(No, she is NOT standing on a step here!)
One more jump, Lexi...this time, make a big splash!
A 'Lexical' splash...
Airborne dog!

Wishing all my readers a wonderful, happy weekend.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dogs need more than one public holiday!

Good morning, dear friends!
Tomorrow is a public holiday in South Africa - Heritage Day!
Some folks have to work today. Others however....? 
 I think Lexi has the right idea, don't you?
 Lexi's obedience assessment for her 
Canine Good Citizen grading (Bronze) on Saturday took its toll on our young pup.
We decided, however, to treat her and Toby to a mega-walk in the park yesterday.
(Phew! They ran their socks off!)

Last night, the house radiated with a quiet rumbling of dog snoring.
Life is good if you are a pooch in our house!
I presume that today will also be a day of rest for my furry companions.

But, since it is a public holiday tomorrow, why not teach your dog a new trick?
Toby demonstrates how it's done:

Wishing everyone a happy heritage day (tomorrow) and sending lots of love to you all.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

LEXI is a canine good citizen...

It was a challenge for any dog handler to put their pup through their paces in the prevailing weather conditions yesterday.

As the sun tried to peep through the clouds, the wind piped up and gusted continuously.  We buttoned up against the chilly breeze and watched dust twirls emerge and dance about the fields.

From a dog's point of view, I would imagine this to be very exciting.  What interesting news in the breeze that blew across their snouts. Perhaps it wasn't the ideal day for dog obedience assessments.  But hey, we were there and ready.

 We set off for McKaynine's training grounds with lots of time to spare - hoping to settle Lexi before the formal grading began. She was in good spirits - quite hyped in the windy conditions. It took extra effort to try and keep her attention - not to mention the irritating ear-infection which she's got at the moment.

  Despite all of this, I am proud to say that she managed to achieve her 
Well done, Lexi!
I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
 "So Lexi, are you going to behave today?"
 "But Mom, there are squeaky toys and dust twirls everywhere!"
 "That's right, be a good girl and stay there while the other doggies walk around you."
"Come on Lexi, heel!  No, not prance...heel!"
 Excellent 'Down Stay! Well done, Lexi!
"Okay Lexi, it's time for your 'supervised isolation exercise."
 "Where are you going, Mom?"
 "Hey Mrs examiner, look she's back! BOL!"
 Lexi finds her preferred seating arrangement.
 Time for a well deserved snooze.
Beautiful Canine Good Citizen!

But to us, simply "Lexi"!

Many thanks to all the crew at McKaynine Training Centre.  You guys are simply awesome.  We really appreciate your dedication and commitment towards making our dogs good canine citizens.  Thank you too for making the classes fun and for your endless patience in imparting your knowledge.

Sending lotsaluv

Friday, September 13, 2013

This and that...

The warm weather has arrived, but still no rain in the air. I've even changed our duvet to the summer one and packed away some of my winter clothes. My garden is alive with new shoots and pretty faces. 

 It calls me to work in it too, so I've planted a few things, keep watering and wait for the rain. I've also collected all the seeds from the display of Namaqualand daisies along the wall. (for next year's display)

Lexi, as usual, follows me everywhere - especially when there is a hosepipe in her sights. She is such a sweet little companion - constantly on the move and searching for fun. 

Toby and her relish chasing balls and playing in the pool. If they're really wet and there are people around, I send them to 'chill out' on the lounger chairs:

Saturday mornings are dedicated to our young pup, Lexi.  She is coming along so nicely - nine months old now - and is a dream training partner.  

Tomorrow she has a 'mock' run for her CGC 'Bonze' assessment, which will take place next Saturday.  I'm sure she'll be absolutely fine and I'm sure that we'll sign up for the next level too. Lexi is much smaller than Toby in stature and has a much gentler temperament, so it also makes my life a lot easier. We both love our time together at dog-training.

Toby relishes the fact that Miss R is home on her study break because she always gives him special attention.  She adores him and he puts up with her constant prodding as she goes through her anatomy studies. He's a great study prop.  In the evenings, he's on her lap while they watch TV (All 38kgs of him!). He's such a big baby!

Our dear, sweet Tammy is getting markedly older and a lot frailer now.  

She battles to walk and sleeps most of the time.  She's not able to accompany us on far walks either any more, but we take her down to the park at least once a week - to sniff around and renew her spirit. Usually I do this without the other two energetic dogs.  It's hard when our dogs get older, and its hard to watch them draw closer to the inevitable.  Tammy has had a good life and is still comfortable.  I am at peace with the future because I know that she's had a full life "lived to the max".  I watch her for signs of stress and hope that she'll simply slip away in her sleep one day...but who knows what lies ahead.  I've learned not to pre-empt these things.  'Live in the moment' is the way to go.

My thoughts are with all my friends who have pups who are battling with their health too.  'Scout', 'Tweedles', 'Sam' , 'Benny' and I am sure many others. My heart and prayers go out to them and their owners as they battle this path with their companions. If you have the time, please click on the links and show them some love.

On a brighter note, my two 'grand-guineapigs' - 'Scotch and Soda' are also home on study leave with Miss 'R'.  

They are such cuties! They have a separate cage to my own 'Bonnie and Twix' and it's such a pleasure to listen to their 'Wheek' conversations during the day.  Whenever I'm in the kitchen their voices become a chorus of urging - for me to open the fridge and bless them with cucumber.  I love those little creatures!

During the day, the dogs make themselves comfortable by my side - at my desk, in my den. 

 I do a few hours of admin work for a company each day, but also have time for my own endeavours.  At the moment I'm trying to make sense of the direction I should take with my quilting project.

 It's confusing me immensely. 
Anyway, that's all for now.  It's 'biscuit time' for my pooches. :) 

Wishing all my friends a very happy weekend.  
If you're in the Southern Hemisphere - Enjoy our wonderful Spring!!!

Sending lotsaluv

Monday, September 9, 2013


The icy nights of winter have vanished - replaced with warmer temperatures and lazy days in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, there's no rain yet, so every afternoon I venture outside with my hosepipe to quench the thirst of my desperate flowers.  But it's not only the plants who enjoy the water...

Watch our dear little Lexi celebrate the new season. 
The great equation presents itself:


Sending lotsaluv

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Hello there to all our friends around the world!

Some time ago I was asked to review one of the boxes from the new, fun, on-line doggie-gift service in South Africa -

Well, I've been following their FACEBOOK page for a while now and, by chance, entered one of their Friday give-away competitions.  Regular readers will remember my joy when my dear friend DARRYL won that particular competition.  This week, my own doggies received their parcel. We couldn't wait to open it!
"Wait Lexi!  I have a few things to say first..."

The beauty of LUCKY DOG GIFT SERVICES, in my opinion, lies in a number of things:

*1. There is an awesome 'SURPRISE' in the post every month for you and your pooches to enjoy

*2. The opportunity to try out some FANTASTIC products.

*3. The touching PERSONALISED MESSAGE that goes with each parcel.

*4. The idea of a parcel arriving for your pooches prompts such EXCITEMENT.

Our "August' parcel was filled with treasures!  

"OK dogs! Let's unpack the box..."
 ABOVE: Our personalised message
"Mmmm...Tammy, something tasty from MAXHEALTH perhaps?

an alternative to meat-based dog foods in South Africa ! With ocean fish as the sole animal protein, MAXHEALTH is an ideal solution for dogs suffering from allergies, sensitive skin, dull coats and endless itches. Described as “a vet in a bag”,.


"Or would you dogs perhaps like to try out one of these YUMMY TREATS from ISLE OF DOGS?"...

are comprised of ingredients sourced from whole foods and boosted with the likes of blueberries, peanut butter, toffee extract and organic apples.

may be tiny but the look sooo yummy!  The doggies were quick to sniff them out.  Apparently Walkies come in fish, lamb or chicken flavour and are loaded with vitamins and minerals including omega oils, parsley and kelp. 


"Look what else was in the box..." 
POOP BAGS!!! (Yay!)
 I don't know about you, but in this house we can't have enough Poop-bags.  
This gift is VERY welcome!

 I have heard so much about the amazing range of  Bio-Groom products, but somehow haven't got around to trying them. Well the opportunity is here now.   I can't wait to get Toby in the bath with this gentle shampoo.  It smells wonderful and doesn’t strip a dog’s skin and coat of natural, protective oils.  This shampoo is soap-free and contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile. It can be used for sensitive puppies and adults alike.


 You LUCKY PET!!!"

Eco Pet toys are made from natural materials including leather, jute, coconut and cotton. They are free of artificial colours and flavours, as well as toxic chemicals that are often found in other toys. 

Let the games begin...

What fun!

BELOW: The brochure illustrating SHINGA's extensive range of fun toys, etc

(order a once-off gift box or sign up for a 3 month or 6 month subscription to receive a box every month. From R179 per month, which includes postage. Courier is available for an additional fee.)

Sending lotsaluv to all our friends around the world.
We hope that you are having as exciting a time as us.