Thursday, May 31, 2012

Usurping heaters, beds and blankets...

TOBY here...
Greetings to all my fur-buddies around the world!

 It's kinda winter here in South Africa at the moment, although some of the trees still have leaves and funny prickly looking balls. 

Some of them are so pretty.

The sun goes down earlier too. The dust in our city makes it glow red.

 As soon as its dark, the heaters are turned on and King Toffee doesn't waste a moment...
Me?  I prefer the couch!

  In our house it's first-come, first-served. Forget the humans.  They can make their own plan.

Later in the evening, Tammy takes me to bed.
We have everything we need to get through the winter!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lessons for the 'Sweet Hooligan'...

It's the 'Sweet Hooligan' TOBY here...

Woof! Woof!  Hello there to all my fur-buddies across the world!
Maxmom said I should write the blogpost today.  Aint that wonderful?  I have so much news to share! Guess what?  I have a new neighbour…. meet 'Jeanie'!  This sweet doggie is going to be living next door to me her new 'forever home'.
Welcome Jeanie!

....but first I want to tell you my other news...

I am a happy doggie…a very happy doggie!  You see, I am getting more attention lately. Now that Maxdog’s book is “done”,  Maxmom has a lot more time for me. Woof! It’s seems to be becoming a regular thing – each day I am linked up on a leash.

“HEEL Toby!” Maxmom calls, 

...and then she marches me down the road WITHOUT my special ‘Aunt Tam’! 
Poor Aunt Tam is left whining at the gate, while King Toffee barks up a frenzy in grave solidarity.

“You need individualised training,Toby,  Maxmom insists.  
“ Aunt Tam' has become a bad influence!” A bad influence? My 'Aunt Tam'?

It’s been a while since Maxmom barked out orders to me.  My ears are whizzing somewhat.

 “Toby, HEEL! … Toby, SIT!... Toby DOWN!...STAY!...COME!  …and all that!” 

Maxmom thinks I’m rusty with all my commands.  She says that I’m becoming more of a “Sweet hooligan” by the minute.  To tell you the truth, I’ve not missed the training much. 

For the past six months, I have mostly been hanging around Maxmom’s feet, getting up to mischief and playing with Aunt Tam.  Sometimes we've been on walks, but not as often as I'd like.  Maxmom has just been too distracted.

I’ve learned lots of fun things from ‘Aunt Tam’ – like pulling up bits of grass, barking at the neighbour’s cat, creative landscaping and chasing birds in the garden.  I’ve also given her a roll for her dogfood (if you know what I mean) and sometimes I just sit on top of her. 

In the mornings, I sneak up onto Maxmom’s bed….  She doesn’t seem to mind that much because that’s the time I get an ear-rub and a reminder in my ears that she loves me.  Then I roll on my back again for the tummy rub.  Bliss!

There are times when I simply take over the couch...

Maxmom also reckons that I am usurping the visitors.  

Usually I try and wrap up the visitors in blankets (to welcome them, of course). 
My "visitor’s welcome routine" is quite complicated.  When they arrive, I fetch a blanket or a loose carpet and wrap them up, snorting softly at them with my tightly screwed up eyes.   My cuteness is a pushover – they always smile and laugh.  

Also, if I roll on my back, I am likely to get a tummy scratch.  Miraculously all their worries disappear.  I know how to deal with humans, so I can't understand why I need more training??? 

Eventually Maxmom shouts

 “Toby, go to BED!” 

Then I slink into my crate in the kitchen and watch them all from a distance, and then fall asleep.  There are often treats hidden in my crate, so I don't mind going in there.

Well, yesterday during the ‘free time’ of my personalised training routine, my pretty new neighbour – ‘Jeanine’ came out of her garden with her human to meet me.  

We got to romp and play in the grassy patch near the park.  She is a happy little thing – I think she has some Golden in her too.  Jeanie tells me that she has just found her own ‘Forever Home’ – next door to mine!  Apparently her previous humans abandoned her, but now she has been adopted from the SPCA.  Why would anyone have abandoned her in the first place?  What a cutie Jeanine is!  We romped like lunatics! 

 Welcome to the neighbourhood, Jeanie!  Woof-Woof!

Tell me…am I a ‘SWEET HOOLIGAN’ or what?

Oh BTW, Maxmom says that I must also tell you that the two personalised copies of ‘Maxdog’ 
(for the winners of the Maxdog –give-away competition)
 are now on their way to their “Forever Homes” too.  
Bark out loud!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

WINNER!!! 'MAXDOG' give-away!

MAXMOM here...

Yes, it's announcement time: 
"Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!"

Hello there to all my friends around the world!
As you know, the competition ran the whole of last week and I asked participants to pretend they were a 'Tour-guide' to their own beautiful countries for a moment - just like Maxdog was during his era. I must say that, although we didn't have many entries, those that did enter really did their countries proud.  Well done to everyone who took the time to enter this competition!  

Here is a brief summary of what participants said:

Wishing all my USA friends a happy Memorial weekend!

Here is a summary of what entrants wrote about the United States of America: - 

Suka's entry was particularly thorough and she shared some wonderful historical information about your wonderful country.  Thank you for flying the American flag so beautifully, Suka!'  Other entrants also mentioned: the beautiful beaches in the 'bizarre' state of "Flori-duh"; the mystery of "Paw-sylvania"; the patriotism of Michigan; the Blackcomb glacier; the picturesque State of Idaho; the 'Grand Canyon State' of Arizona; the 'superior' living standards of Wisconsin; golf; the 'chubby people;, charitability; selflessness; treating diseases and helping impoverished nations; the spirit of adventure; the beauty; the amazing entrepreneral spirit and the hope of new life for immigrants.
What an amazing country! 


 Here is a summary of what the entrant from the United Kingdom wrote:

Ginger Jasper was the only entrant from the UK, but he wrote about his deep patriotism for his country, the British tradition and the wonderful Royal family. Who would not want to visit your country, GJ?  Thank you for your entry.



Two South African entrants hinted of our country being that of 'Utopia' and wrote about the diversity of our cultures, landscape and cuisine, with a particular note of a promise of a rich future. (What about our awesome wildlife, guys?  :) Personally, the thing that I am in awe about my own country is our ability to stop and consider others' point-of-view.
 Thank you so much to the two entrants (and fellow citizens) from South Africa


 Please take some time to read all the entries to this competition


(drum roll......)

It was extremely difficult to choose a 'winner'.  Looking at the efforts of the participants, some heartfelt and deeply emotional sentiments were conveyed. My heart shares your patriotism and pride for your country - I feel like I want to give you all a copy of my book! 

In the end, it was impossible for "ME" to decide on one winner.  In frustration, I gave all the entries to a number of impartial judges (who don't know my blogging friends) and asked them to select the winner for me. The interesting thing was that their choices were unanimous!!!

 BUT...they had chosen TWO WINNERS, whose entries I have to share below!!!

I will be sending a copy of MAXDOG to each of these two special people during the next week.  
In your entry - you have conveyed the true spirit of of my vision, that is...


"Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!"

These books will be posted to the winners this week.
My heartfelt congratulations goes to:

 'AYESHA' (from Pakistan)


Here are the two entries from the winners:

TWEEDLES (from Oregon)


Through my paws and eyes- what do I see? 
I see my beautiful surroundings where I can walk in the mossy green forests surrounded by tall giant trees. Trees that have withstood so much turmoil in their life, yet they still stand. Trees of all different kinds- that stand beside each other and so not fight or judge each other- but instead- they support and love each other. 
I love to stand by a crystal clear stream and ponder the magic of how that little stream can trickle and bend through curves, and then splash over a waterfall before it plunges to the sea. I think about how the sea creatures can swim from your seas to mine, and it reminds me of how close we really are to you.
I love my country- which is Oregon- U.S.A.


And our other equally-worthy winner is.......
AYESHA (from Pakistan)


Hello MaxMom!
A Very Happy Birthday To You! May God Bless You A Very Long, Happy & Healthy Life! Amen.

I am Ayesha and I live in Karachi, Pakistan! I came to know of Maxdog through our friends and it's been more than a year I joined you on Facebook and it has been a wonderful journey! I consider myself very Lucky to know you! Yours and Maxdog's life is a lesson of strength, courage, faith & Being there for one another throughout the Highs & Lows of Life! Maxdog truly touches each and every heart and I am glad to be a part of Maxdog's life!

About my country, it's a wonderful place with kind hearted people and beautiful animals! The only thing which is not good is the weather! It's hot almost eleven months in a year and the animals and birds have to face a lot of difficulties in such extremely hot weather! So people keep water and food bowls outside their houses for all the stray dogs and cats and separate food and water bowls for the birds! It is a combined effort that brings a huge difference to the lives of all these beautiful souls!

I want to spread this message far and wide(where shelters are not so common and where there's a huge number of stray animals)that we all can help them in big ways by providing them food and water if we can't keep (rescue/adopt) them!

I would like to win The Maxdog's Giveaway Contest because I want to know more about Caryl & Maxdog's life-they are already an inspiration for me and for million others! I want to read the book so badly but I can't order it because I don't have a credit card and I don't even know if they'll print it for the friends in Pakistan! So winning this contest would be like my biggest dream coming true!

I am keeping my fingers crossed and my Dog, Pintu is keeping his paws crossed :)

Thank You So Much!

We Love Maxdog & MaxMom <3
Living Life To The Max!


I would like to say a special 'Thank you' to my friends who have already read 'Maxdog' and who have taken the time to write a review of the book on  I am extremely touched by your beautiful efforts.  If you would like to read their reviews (on please click HERE.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the MAXDOG give-away competition.  If you would like to read more about what my personal philosophy behind this competition was,

If you haven't yet read 'MAXDOG', and would like to order a 'Print-on-demand' copy, please click  HERE

or contact me personally (see side-bar)

Sending lotsaluv and thanks to all my friends and especially everyone who entered.

Friday, May 25, 2012


MAXMOM here...

Hi there every buddy,

It's Friday and what a week it's been! 
Not only has it been my birthday, but this week has also seen the timely listing of MAXDOG on Amazon.  In addition it's been the anniversary of Max's death, and also the anniversary of Toby's conception. 
 (Yes, did you know that Toby was conceived around the time of Max's passing - 2 years ago? 
To me, this adds uncanny meaning to his title 'The Sprinkling of Maxdog' ) 
 If you would like to light a candle on Max's memorial site, please click HERE

(Above: MAXDOG)

Also, if you want to discover the true value of your dog, then just become ill for a while..

The faithfulness of my canine companions was clearly evident this week.  I am in awe of their patient and loving attentiveness.  Whilst I wallowed miserably in my pillows - battling various influenza microbes - my canine companions were ever-present.  Even their afternoon walks were postponed...and they didn't moan too much about this either.  Instead, they caught up on some doggie-beauty-sleep, occasionally coming to my side of the bed and shoving their wet snouts onto my hot cheeks. 
Oh man, I love my animals!

Toby was particularly amusing as he made my bed his resting place too. 
Sometimes he'd collect blankets and bring them to me - snorting softly with his pinched up eyes.  It is so, so endearing to see.
 (Please excuse the fuzziness of the pictures - they were taken on my cellphone)

I don't know what I would do without these beautiful friends of mine.



If you haven't yet entered the MAXDOG GIVE-AWAY COMPETITION, you only have a few hours left!  This competition closes at midnight tonight. So, get there and stand a chance to win a beautiful, autographed copy of the book!

There have been some wonderful and insightful entries so far.  I know I am going to find it difficult to choose a winner so I have decided to divert the judging to a more impartial judge...more about that on Monday, when the winner is announced.

Please enter and join the fun.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all my friends for the wonderful birthday wishes, and wishes of empathy, which came my way this week.  I so appreciate your care and love. 
Thank you!


Finally, as many of you know, 'MAXDOG' is now on 

 If you have read the book, I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider taking the time to 
write up a review of the book.

Apparently, written reviews on the site add weight to the book.  I really need all the help I can get to encourage sales and ask that you help me in this quest.  
Please would you consider doing this for me?


Wishing you all a wonderful, happy weekend. 
And remember to (((hug))) your special pooches.

Sending lotsaluv

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Caryl here...

Today I share a birthday with a very special friend - Liz - and I'd like to take the opportunity of wishing her a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Liz is laid-up and recovering from a broken bone in her foot and is having to take it easy. So,  I hope this floral 'visual gift' will serve to cheer her up on this, her special day.


I too am battling the sickies, so am taking it easy today.  The dogs are wonderful companions - either sleeping, playing in the corner or keeping an eye on me. What would we do without these sweet and faithful gifts from the universe?

thank you for always being there for me!


Please, please don't forget that I am having a 
There haven't been very many entries so far.  If you would like to stand a chance to win a beautiful autographed copy of this book, please remember to leave a comment by..

Clicking HERE. 

 I would also appreciate it if you would PLEASE spread the word about this give-away.  
There are only 3 days left to enter!
The competition closes on Friday.


Wishing you a wonderful, happy day.  And don't forget to (((Hug))) your animals.
Sending lotsaluv