Monday, November 29, 2010


TOBY here...
Hello there every-furry buddy...

I hope you all have had a happy weekend.
Guess what?
I was "OR-DANED" yesterday!!!

Isn't that wonderful!?!

During last week, I was invited to take part in the annual
which is held to raise funds for Great Dane Rescue Association here in
Johannesburg, South Africa.

"Just Nuisance" is a very famous dog in our part of the world.  He is so famous that a special statue was erected in his honour. This statue is in Simon's Town (near Cape Town). "Just Nuisance's" story is an incredible one!
You can read all about him

Even though our local walk was to raise much needed funds for rescued doggies, it was also in honour of "Just Nuisance"!!!
(I feel honoured too...being invited to take part in this...yet I am only a Golden Retriever)

A really nice lady, made my 'Or-dane-ment' official...
(She gave me my certificate and also a yummy treat!...thank you, nice lady!)

There were so many HOOGE doggies there! Whew, some of them are almost as big as horses!
But I must say, they were very friendly and I got to meet them all.
It's always a good idea to do some smelling around first...
Gillooly's farm is a popular dog venue where some important shows and competitions are held. Yesterday when I was there, there was some agility training in progress too...

...But we were there for the walk! ...around a beautiful lake...

Anyway, it was a lovely day and there were many participants, including our good friends Obi and Saxy...
Their mom was one of the main organisers for the day (what a sterling job she did, BOL!) so the duo had to wait a while in their cage before the start.

 We set about our walk around the pretty lake at Gillooly's farm.

It was a really hot day and the thunder clouds were building, but we had lotsafun!
I met a special little buddy...who is only 8 weeks old and is destined to become a really BIG doggie. Whew, he was cute!...
His long legs weren't ready to take him all the way, BOL!...

I must admit, I also stopped along the way...

When we finally got back to base, I did what I needed to do...

Then something special happened:
The big doggies all got dressed up for a "Best dressed Doggie" competition. 
The theme was "The Soccer World cup"...
 which was held in South Africa this year

 I'm mad at "Maxmom"! Can you believe it, she FORGOT to dress me up!!!
Yikes, that was a bad mistake!

Afterwards everybody sat around, relaxed and the humans got to eat special sandwhiches.
Some of the big dudes just relaxed in their humans' vehicles...

 Others, like my buddy "Bones" just stood around and growled at the proceedings...
Here is the big dude who won the competition...
he represented 'Switzerland'...

We really had a fabulous morning and would like to thank
"Maxmom's" friend, Margie, for inviting us and for making us feel so special.
It was a wonderful day and I hope they made "lotsamoneys" for the

Now I am home and able to relax again.  I wonder what next "Maxmom" has in stall for me?

Lotsalicks to you all and wishing you a happy week,

Hi everyone:
One of my readers commented that Toby looks 'unhappy' in the photographs. 
I would like to reassure you that Toby is one of the happiest, most spoilt puppies around!  As he gets older and his obedience progresses, he is REALLY trying to help me by posing for some of the special 'close-up' photos.  He becomes quite 'serious' during these times as he tries to please me.  Perhaps that is what you are seeing...he is NOT sick, nor is he UNHAPPY! Indeed he is quite the opposite!
He is also quite happy to respond to my requests for photographs.  In the "Tour Guide" photo, for example, he is in the 'stay' command (which he takes quite seriously)and perhaps that is what you are noticing. Thank you for your comment and for the opportunity to respond.
Sending lotsaluv
"Maxmom" and a HAPPY TOBY!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


TOBY here...

Hello there every-furry-buddy...

It's Friday and "Maxmom" has decided to give me an ultimatum..

"Toby" she said, "You are getting older now! You must remember, that you have been given a special opportunity! Remember how 'Maxdog' used to play 'Tour Guide' to his cyber-buddies? Well, it's your turn now! You have the opportunity to follow in the great 'Maxdog's footsteps!  I think it is about time that you try and do some 'Tour Guide' stuff!"

Whew! it possible?
Am I capable?
I'm still young!
These are big shoes to fill!

"Well Toby...just give it a try!  What about Fridays? Perhaps you can dedicate one day a week to showing your guests the beauty of your country? 
What do you think, Toby? Do you want to tell your readers about


Okay, I am going to try, Maxmom! But I must see what my readers think first?


What do you think?
Will it work?
Let me give it a try today...please...?



 This morning "Maxmom" got a big smile on her face when she visited Becky's blog:

As you know, my own blog is called
"Living life to the Max"
and Maxmom is always enthralled about the way Becky lives her own life to the 'max'.
Becky is blind, yet she still oozes positivity and wonder at all the blessings she has been given..."Maxmom" is a great admirer!

"Maxmom" left this LONG COMMENT on Becky's blog and I want to share it with you as part of my own



"Hey there Becky...
Thank you for a wonderful video and allowing me to reflect on my senses.

Imagine this:...

You are standing on top of a cliff face in the deep forest of Mphumalanga (North Eastern South Africa) at a place called "God's Window". It has taken you more than 45 minutes to climb up the well trodden pathway and your body is drenched in perspiration. But now you have been rewarded and are standing at the precipice taking in the wonder of God's creation...
The sheer drop at your feet disappears hundreds of meters below you, into a deep valley which is dense with ancient trees and foliage.

As you impulsively stretch out your arms into the tangible breeze, you feel its strength as it courses up along the cliff face towards you. The hair on your head also rises to meet it and you can feel its icy tingle as it makes contact with the sweat droplets on your arms.

The temperature of the breeze is in direct contrast to the sweltering heat which pours down on you as you stand overlooking the vast African landscape below you.
This is just 'one' of the experiences of the awe of creation and the magnificence of that particular corner of the world. It is complemented by the cries of eagles above your head as they too play in the thermals.
The soft 'thud' of footsteps of many tourists behind you reminds you how high you have climbed because they too are busy attempting the climb up to the top of the cliff face to enjoy its wonder.

The earthy smell of decaying roots of trees which are thousands of years old permeates your nostrils.

There are sunbirds all around you - busy foraging for the sweet nectar of aloe plants which have survived between the rocks.
...and of course...the view! You can see for miles into the distance! Ahead of you lies the great Kruger National Park - a home to thousands of wild animals and the "BIG FIVE"!'s sheer size is bigger than Switzerland.
Oh the beauty around us should be applauded! You are right, we just have to stop and grant ourselves the opportunity to experience it!
Happy Thanksgiving, Becky!

I hope I've uplifted you too of "Maxmom's" childhood dreams was to be able to share the wonders of my country (verbally) with someone who cannot see.
Perhaps I, TOBY THE TOUR GUIDE can help her fulfill this dream... 

What do you think?

Wishing all my readers a wonderful, thankful weekend. Perhaps we can all take a moment to reflect on the little things in life which bring us such joy...

Sending lotsalicks

Thursday, November 25, 2010


TOBY here...
 Hello there to all my friends across the world...

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone ...


"Maxmom" says that there are many people around the world who are celebrating this occasion today and we share your joy in remembering all the things we are thankful for.
I am so thankful for my family and my forever home!

Here in South Africa, we don't have much in terms of these celebrations, but I have something to be thankful for...

 Us doggies were very happy to see "Miss R", who has returned home from university yesterday.  All her exams are over and besides a number of 'farm practicals' she is on holiday!!!
"Miss R" says that I must say a big
 to you all for all the wonderful wishes for her exams and her possible selection for Veterinary School. She really appreciated your thoughts and wishes yesterday...thank you again!

She brought out her 'long' glove to show us all what she has been up to in her studies.  Apparently she uses these gloves on the cows,

I stayed far away. 

The King was none the wiser about the dangers of these gloves...
sheesh, he's stupid!

Luckily "Miss R" didn't practice on the King, because she was soon distracted...

Whew, thank DOG for that!...

Maxmom whispered into my big, floppy ears that it was time for our family's annual


She told me that she does this every year for any boyfriends in our house...
(to see if they are up to scratch for her two daughters)

"Mr R" was up for the challenge...

The first thing to achieve in order to survive the Christmas cake test is to display
 a sense of humour...
You can decide if he passes this one...?

"Miss R" took the opportunity to 'check' if he was comfortable...

Then they got on with the serious business of stiring the cake mixture.
This is the test of 'strength, endurance and finesse'.
Mr R's task was to please Maxmom:
Good stirring, not dropping any of the mixture on the floor, and 'folding' in the egg whites carefully.  Maxmom says that the 'folding' task demonstrates tenderness, BOL!

 "Mr R" also had to endure all the 'instructions' from Miss R.
(Another aspect of the test)
"Miss R" helped to make the photos more attractive...
 Then in the spirit of goodwill, they were required to
send a wish of goodwill to all our blogging friends...

Did they pass?
Do you approve?

Sometimes, this test results in even more criteria to 'pass'...
with the participants setting the additional criteria.
In this case, it was a fight to see who would lick the spoon...?

 I'm not sure what I felt about that part of the test...

Maxmom says that "Mr R" passed the test with flying colours
(whatever that means?!)
So I suppose that I'd better say,

I must say that playing with my Aunt Tam' is far better than any
Christmas cake test!
Perhaps next year, I will ask "Maxmom" to add a
'playing with Aunt Tam' test'
What do you think?

Anyway, is this Christmas or Thanksgiving?
Happy Holidays everyone!