Sunday, April 22, 2012



  Dear friends,

I have prepared a youtube presentation of my interview on Radio Today (South Africa) yesterday for the benefit of those who may have missed it.  The interview forms part of their 'Animaltalk' programme which takes place every weekend on Radio Today (South Africa).  
This particular interview is presented in two parts.
 (The second part of the interview will be broadcast this coming Saturday - 28th April 2012 between 10h00-10h30, SA TIME, on 1485AM or DSTV Channel 169.)  You can listen to it live at the time by accessing the Internet link

 I have embellished this particular presentation with photographs from the MAXDOG era - for your listening pleasure.  Thank you again for your support in my journey.
I would also like to extend my grateful thanks to Animaltalk radio for their support of my endeavours and for helping to get the word out there about MAXDOG.

"Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good!"


I would like to extend my thanks to the journalist - Claire Braun - for the wonderful review of MAXDOG in Friday's edition of "The Star" newspaper.  Many thanks indeed.

I would also like to extend my grateful thanks to 'Mango's momma' for the honest and frank review she has written about my book.  "Mango" is one of the most prominent dog-bloggers in cyberspace and is a worthwhile blog to follow.  He always brings a smile to my face.  
If you haven't read the MAXDOG review yet, please do so HERE.  You can also access all the links to "Mango's African Adventure" on her post.  It is a wonderful read!  Thank you again.

Sending lotsaluv to all my friends across the world.  Many thanks again for all your encouragement and support.  I would not be on this journey had it not been for your faithful backing.  You are integral to my life.


Two French Bulldogs said...

How cool...great idea to post it on You Tube
Benny & Lily

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Maxmom, you're doing great.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I just took the time to listen to the interview.
As I listen- I can so relate to your past life.
You are so brave.

We send you love

KB said...

Hi MaxMom!

Thanks for the Youtube link. I'm going to check it out. Mango Mom's review was really nice. I keep hoping that your book will appear on Amazon in a kindle version. Is that going to happen?

Is the cover of your book the portrait that blogville gave you?

Take care,

Mrs. JP said...

Thank you for letting us here your radio interview...great job!

Mrs. JP said...

I love that the radio guy and you were making the "mummm" sound. Good interview and another one coming?

Unknown said...

Congratulations Max and to your beloved Mom! I learned a lot from your video, More power and keep up the good work :D

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