Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lexi's progress report : 12 weeks

MAXMOM here...

Can you believe it? Our little Sunbeam is already 12 weeks old! 
How time flies.  At this stage, she is "all long limbs and happy energy".  I've posted regular updates on Facebook over the past weeks, but I thought I'd update this blog too - for the benefit of my extended readership and friends

Lexi has settled well into our household routine and adores her two older house-mates.  Toby and her are particularly bonded and will spend hours playing together. Tammy, too, has accepted her although she prefers to keep her distance. It seems that young puppies don't auger well with arthritis but I've sometimes caught them simply lying together in the garden.

On Saturday, Lexi will be starting her puppy classes at McKAYNINE TRAINING CENTRE
 We can't wait...

Our puppy is a soft, sweet little puppy with an adorable little personality.  She is imbued with the energy typical to puppies, unearthing all sorts of 'unmentionables' and practising her 'zoomies', but when her energy is spent, she is more than happy to settle down next to me for a cuddle or two.
She is a fast and focussed learner and is quick to pick up on her basic obedience commands.  She loves her food and loves her new home.  
All-in-all Lexi is one happy puppy!!!
... and so are we.!

Lexi is learning fast from her big 'brother', Toby.  He loves showing off his pool jumps while Lexi looks on...

 Like Toby, Lexi also has a deep love for water.  She has claimed the water-feature as her personal spa, but I am sure she would be equally happy to share it with any other willing playmates.  She's still not worked out that the water spout is a permanent feature, so there is a lot of posturing and barking during her watery romp.  On a number of occasions, when I've not been watching, I've suddenly discovered a sopping pup rubbing herself around my ankles in a dance of triumph.
 "Check me out, Maxmom!"  

Here is a short video of her progression to the big pool:

Her vaccinations are up-to-date and she is now able to explore the bigger world. 
 On Sunday we introduced her to our local doggie-park.  

 Admittedly I was a little nervous - with many dogs around, with many untested personalities.  Lexi was a little overwhelmed at first, dropping onto her back and yelping in angst, but by the end of the park visit, she was romping happily and willing to meet more canine companions. 

Thankfully with puppy-socialisation she'll have dogs around who are the same age and stage as her.  I am sure her confidence will take off in that controlled environment.

Thank you, again, to Marycke Ackhurst of
for trusting me with this gorgeous Golden girl.

Sending lotsaluv


H and Flo said...

Oh my goodness! She's growing so quickly. I love the video of them in the water - she's very good at swimming. Elsie wasn't a strong swimmer at all and I was terribly nervous whenever she went in for a swim. She won't go in the pool but loves the creek, ocean and dog park billabong. I'm not nervous any more! What a gorgeous little thing Lexi is. :)

Scout and Freyja said...

She is PURRecious. Your household must be a hub of energy with three dogs and two piggies!

Amber DaWeenie said...

OMD....She's growing so fast. And we just loved that video. Toby is teaching her well! Thanks for the update...


Furry Bottoms said...

I loved watching her in the pool! Toby really does guide her, if you know what to look for. He really takes care of that baby!

Bouncing Bertie said...

Thanks for the lovely update, I'd been wondering how things were going.
Can't wait for the report on Lexi's first puppy class. (Believe me, it could not possibly be as traumatic as Bertie's first visit to puppy class. I still tremble slightly when I think of it....)

Emily and Laura said...

Oh my goodness, that little puppy leap into the big pool she made is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! I'll bet you don't have a single moment when you're not entertained by Lexi and Tobi's antics, do you? What a great little video!

Val said...

Oh MaxMom, I am so glad to see this post today. I gave up Facebook for Lent so I've missed your updates on there. Lexi is growing like a weed. Love the relationship between her and Mr. Toby.
I was blessed to take some photos of my friends 10 day old lab puppies last week. check my blog if you have time. I hope to take some more shots of them in a couple weeks.
take care, val

Two French Bulldogs said...

A big baby! So adorable
Benny & Lily

Mrs. JP said...

I know I say this every time I see her but she is adorable!! Thanks for the video. Charlie and Violet came in her to see who was barking,,LOL. She is a love and so is Toby.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Caryl, I'm so very very happy for you all. Lexi is just beautiful and so sweet. I know she has already captured your heart. Hunter went to a kennel for the first time last weekend-boy was it hard for me to leave him. He did survive though.
You look like you are having splendid weather-enjoy it dear friend.
Hugs, Noreen

Molly the Airedale said...

You are just so adorable and quite the swimmer already, Lexi!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

rottrover said...

OH!! I giggled all the way through the video! I can't believe what a good teacher Toby is! What a joy. I'm so glad Lexi is finding her place. Ruby agrees with Tammy. A little snuggeling is fine, but no romping with an arthritic senior, please :-)

Ziggy Stardust said...

What a cutey face!! I love seeing how much she has changed.

Loveys Sasha

Tweedles -- that's me said...

She is growing so fast and is so beautiful! It's fun to see Toby show off in front of her.