Thursday, January 21, 2010


If you are back again to check on my progress



The rain continues its relentless assault on the citizens of of our city. It's quite unbelievable just how much water has been stored in the clouds above. I'd love to pop down to our little stream in the park to take a look. I'm convinced that it's bursting its banks, but it's still raining at the moment, and I've lost my umbrella, so I will put that off for another time.

The good news is that this weather keeps me indoors and close to my laptop even though my routine has been somewhat disjointed today.

You see, an old friend came around for a 'cuppa' this morning. Our desire to catch up turned into 3 hours of chin-wagging - meaning 3 hours less writing. Our meeting was both invigorating and exhausting, but hey, the end result felt good! We have reinforced our bonds of contact...for the next couple of years. Time with my friends is limited, so when I see them, I make the most of it! They give me the chance to sidestep my own world and share their personal paradigm - a wonderful blessing!

As for my project...

The status quo of my book is that I have written 21 stories out of the 42 planned. This means that I'm possibly half-way into the venture.(I pat myself on the back!)

I am finding, however that the more I write the more changes I make to my work, so my progress becomes progressively slower. Some stories which I have already written, don't seem so appropriate any more...the essence of my book is changing. This journey is obviously a floating one!

Early this morning I put together the framework for yet another new short story. My most creatve time is the moment I wake up. Somehow my mind has been churning up ideas during the night, so that by morning, the words are literally dripping off me. This new story is waiting for me to sit down and write it out properly. That process is usually quick since the bulk of the work (the planning) has been completed. I'll tackle it tomorrow.

I also decided today that it would be wise to have an updated hard copy of my work, so I tackled the painstaking task of printing it all off from the computer. ("BANG" goes my paper budget!) Somehow everything looks entirely different once it is on paper. The computer screen is merely transitory. Paper is tangible and forces me to 'sit down' with the material as my readers will eventually do.

In between all this activity, I just had to have a coffee break...!

...this too is a source inspiration. I find that my attention to small details is "acute" at this point in time. Each small detail has a word to describe it and by playing with the descriptive words my ceativity is stimulated. Afterall, it's the 'words' in a book that paint the picture, so perhaps my mood is apt?

I find too that I am getting an enormous amount of inspiration from simple pictures. They centre my ideas and allow me to toy with the words. For example, if I were to take a picture of my writing progress up to this point in time, the picture would look like this...

(Meaning:...My writing is past the half-way point but the beauty of the story is only just emerging...)

Now, if I chose a picture of the final product of my work, perhaps it will look like this...

So, I now have pictures of certain landmarks in my progress. The bulk of the book however, is what happens in between.

That is the difficult part!

Till next time. Love you lots!



Deborah said...

Inspiration! That was a lovely post! Friends are a very a good thing and it is always a good idea to make time for them. I'm not sure when I'm the most creative at all. Maybe at night. Do you get up at night and write notes to yourself. I have done that for work or even if I think I have a good idea for my blog.
Have a good day!

houndstooth said...

I've found that you have to give yourself time for other things, or the writing just won't flow. Don't sweat "losing" three hours. You'll get them back somehow!

Glad you enjoyed the nondog blog!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Thanks for the next installment on THE PROJECT!

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

As a closet writer myself, I applaud your efforts. Writing takes such discipline, doesn't it?
I used to be able to touch type, but since cutting off the end of the wedding ring finger(obviously a sign that giving marriage another go after my marriage of 25 years that ended 11 years ago would be a less than stellar idea ;} I handwrite on legal pads. And I constantly am changing things, a word here, a thought that I wished to intergrate I leave at least 2 lines on the page blank to insert the changes!
I wish you the very best on the journey!