Friday, August 30, 2013

THANK YOU 'LUCKY DOG' and 'PET HEALTH CARE'!!! ...and a tribute to an amazing person.

Today, I would like to say thank you to 
and also pay tribute to a very special friend of mine:

A couple of Friday's ago, I entered my name into the PET HEALTH CARELUCKY DOG GIFT SERVICES Friday give-away competition on FACEBOOK. Guess what?  I won!!! 

I was really thrilled to win this prize because I had made up my mind, before entering, to donate it to a very, very special friend of mine (if I won) - Darryl Humphris - and his beautiful Golden Retriever, Hoby.

Darryl is one of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of ever meeting. No matter what the time of the day, Darryl generates positivity beyond belief.  He is always willing to help or offer advice and exudes a calm, gentle spirit to everyone who meets him.  But the most amazing thing about Darryl is his willingness to help and add value to this world, despite his afflictions.

I met Darryl about 2 years ago after the publication of my book - Maxdog.  He was in the process of trying to write his own story during that time - a remarkable story of strength, perseverance and overcoming affliction.

A few years ago, Darryl suffered an Auditory neuroma.  The resulting surgery left him hearing- and sight-impaired.  He was in intensive care for many weeks, life-threatened and had to learn to swallow again.  He took up the challenge and is learning to live a new life that accommodates his physical impairments. 

One of the profound events in this story is that Darryl had to give up his Veterinary practice (Yes, he is a qualified vet!) and shape a new path for himself. He does this with strength, endurance and an attitude of acceptance and generosity. I am constantly amazed at Darryl's vast knowledge of Veterinary Science and his continuous willingness to advise and help any pup (without payment).  He is the most giving person I know and an example to all of us!  Quite frankly, I am in awe...

Despite all these difficulties, Darryl has a need to give back to the world.  To this end, he has become a committed Guide-dog puppy walker.  So far he has raised 2 pups.  
(Darryl and Abbey visiting a nursery school)

Abbey, Darryl's most recent pup, is now in formal training to become a guide-dog for some lucky person.  Hoby, his 3-year-old Golden Retriever, didn't quite meet the high standards of GDSA and Darryl elected to 'bring him home'.  

The first time, I met Hoby, I knew that this was probably Divine intervention and meant to happen. Darryl and he have one of the most special relationships I have witnessed between dog and human. Hoby has effectively become Darryl's personal therapy dog - a beautiful, energetic companion with a happy, willing spirit. You may remember me writing a blogpost some time ago where I dedicated this poem to Hoby:

So, you can imagine my delight when Darryl won the PET HEALTH CARELUCKY DOG GIFT SERVICES give-away competition.  I asked them to send the parcel directly to Darryl.  On Wednesday, I received a message that it had arrived, so I went along to have some tea with the family and to take some photos. 

What a joy it was to be part of this event. Darryl and Hoby were thrilled ...

 Hoby took delight in helping inspect the box of exciting goodies - many different packets of treats and a special toy too.
 There was even a personal note inscribed on the box...
 Hoby celebrated like only a golden retriever can do...
 ...and he graciously posed too...

 Thank you Darryl for allowing me to be part of this excitement...
and a 

Please take the time to visit their
Lucky Dog Gift services: WEBPAGE
Pet Health Care: WEBPAGE

They certainly deserve some recognition. 

Sending lotsaluv to all our friends around the world and wishing you a wonderful, happy weekend.


kks said...

amazing! thanks for sharing!
have a great weekend!

Mary Lou said...

You won!! Congrats, Friend!! Or, should I write this? Darryl won!! Congrats!! How very nice of you to pass "your" prize unto him!! What an inspiration, that Darryl!! ;op
--Raelyn and Rose

MySpecialDoggies said...

Congratulations Caryl - what an inspiring person Darryl is.

Nadine & goldens Neeli & ELle

Mrs. JP said...

great work!

Unknown said...

Hoby is so sweet looking! Golden retrievers are so beautiful! Enjoy your box!

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Maxmom, thank you :)