Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The privilege of observing the blossoming my special little Princess...

(Above: 10-month-old Lexi , with her handler "Estene")

This past Sunday I had that rare privilege of getting a glimpse of how far my little Lexi has come in her development as I went to join up with "Estene", a lovely lady who has agreed to take Lexi into the Breed Show ring for her first championship show this coming weekend.  It was wonderful to see how my patience and commitment with Lexi's training have paid off and I watched, with joy, as she happily and confidently worked for someone else, besides me. 

My special little Princess is 10 months old now and is turning into one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever had the privilege of owning. She is gentle, affectionate, obedient, healthy, happy and always willing to learn.  Every morning I rise with a smile after a few minutes of special cuddling.  She has the softest fur imaginable.

When Lexi is not cuddling she is always embued with energy - directed towards her naturally, beautifully bred instincts.  She loves retrieving objects from the swimming pool and will launch herself into the water with absolute abandon.

She is no longer hesitant, like those first few months, but has grown into a confident, compact and pretty little Golden Retriever.
(Above and below : Lexi at 9 weeks)

 (Above and below: Lexi at 12 weeks)

She loves her home and her canine-companions and has a particular affinity for our sweet hooligan - TOBY. During the day, the two of them are inseparable.

Currently, she has completed three obedience courses, including her Puppy programme, Elementary Beginner's obedience and her Canine Good Citizen (bronze) assessment. We have started yet another obedience course - this time her 'Beginners Obedience. I imagine that we will be in formal training for a long time yet - simply because we both enjoy it so much. She is a beautiful canine partner.

(Above: Lexi and me after completing her bronze CGC)

This coming Saturday Lexi will participate in her first breed show. As many of my readers know, I am personally very uncomfortable in the Breed Show ring, but Estene has kindly offered to take Lexi into the ring on my behalf.

I believe that one of the best gifts I can ever give my dog is to train it up so that if anything happens to me, it's training, obedience, behaviour and personality will endear it to another caring human who will love it in the same way as I do.  A dog who is comfortable in the presence of other human beings is a true asset to its owner.  Lexi proved this on Sunday.

In addition to practising some of the ring-craft, she sat patiently while Estene touched up the silky fur around her ears.
 She also had the opportunity to romp and play with a few other Golden Retrievers that she's not met before. The absence of her canine-compatriot Toby didn't make a dent in her confidence. Her self-assurance in the presence of other dogs was evident. 

(Lexi is on the far right, playing with "Misty" - another young pup)

 So much water has gone under the bridge since this photo of Toby and Lexi - at 8 weeks of age.

I am so proud of my pup... together we have built up her confidence over the months and refined her behaviour. We have formed a bond of great trust... so much so that she will happily perform for another handler.

Thank you so much, Estene for agreeing to show Lexi. Thank you for allowing her to bubble and shine. In a short time she bonded with you and it cannot bring me more joy to know this and be able to sit back and watch her display.

 It really doesn't matter how she eventually does in the ring - only that you and her HAVE FUN!!! 
But thank you, sincerely, for loving my Lex'!

Good luck to ALL the dogs who have entered in the show on Saturday.
If you are interested in seeing more Goldens, why not drop by the grounds of the 
 (Paulshof, Johannesburg, Gauteng) on Saturday morning?

The show is 

and it starts at 9am.

Apparently they have a record number of entries of beautiful Golden Retrievers - over 70 entries!
It is guaranteed to be a Golden spectacle!

Sending lotsaluv