Sunday, November 3, 2013

For all my friends who suffer...

When life stands on a precipice and hope is dwindling fast;
When the broken pieces of your heart lie shattered, shocked, and you are left with only memories;
And when the bubble of solitude descends on you like a thick, heavy mantle,
And all light starts to fade,

My friend, know this…
That you are deeply, deeply loved!

That your loss, although huge and unfathomable, is part of the mist of life;
That it is fleeting and will eventually lift and rise.  It will leave you breathless in its glow of peace.  You will be comforted.  This is unfathomable too.

Dear firend, your soul will soar again…don’t loose hope.

Because you have a strength that you never imagined,
And a Master by your side too…
One that will lead you, guide you, love you, embrace you,
And call you His.

My friend, you are not alone in your sorrow but loved, valued and purposed.

(Dedicated to  ALL my friends in cyberspace who are battling at the moment - Mimi, Georgie, Benny's mom and MANY, MANY others.  We love you SO much!)