Tuesday, August 19, 2014


There are only 25 days to go before the great adventure begins!!! My long-standing blogging-buddy - "MIMI" - is about to make her SOUTH AFRICAN DREAM come true. I can hardly believe that it is finally happening.

I first "met" Mimi in 2008. Who would have thought that two people living worlds apart would strike up such a long-standing friendship? Yet it happened. Both of us were dog-bloggers and shared similar interests. Mimi was an icon of strength (from a distance) during the writing and publication of my book MAXDOG, and became part of my support group during my struggle with depression. Over the years, I have been sharing my country on this blog in the hope that perhaps ONE of my cyber-friends might make the long journey to our country.  Well, Mimi has finally decided to do this.  And now the big count-down starts.  


I admire my friend for taking this plunge.  If I was her, I'd be quite nervous - travelling to a strange country to stay with a family she's never met.  In addition, she's never travelled such a great distance in her life – even the aeroplane trip will be a novelty. She has worked hard, saved hard and trusted that I will look after her when she gets here. I feel truly blessed that she has chosen me and my family to help her achieve her dream. And I thank her family too for encouraging her to make her dream a reality.

Mimi will be spending 17 fun-filled days with us. We plan to spoil her rotten! … And to make every effort for her ‘SOUTH AFRICAN DREAM’ to come true.

Mimi arrives on the 12th September.  It’s a LONG flight from Atlanta (USA) and she will land at OR Tambo airport in the early evening. Being a Friday, with the typical pre-weekend traffic in a large city, I suspect that she will experience a ‘baptism of fire’.  Johannesburg traffic is not fun at the best of times, and we will be hitting it full on. It may take us well over an hour to get home. Nevertheless, our small welcoming party will be there to take her under our wings.

Our first destination will be HOME! 

Here, Mimi will meet my family, my furry-friends and eventually sleep off the cobwebs of the long flight.  By Saturday afternoon (hopefully) she’ll be ready for the adventure ahead…

Amongst many outings, our adventure will include three days in the glorious Kruger National park; one day in the scenic splendour of the mountains of Mpumalanga and three days in the beautiful mother-city of Cape Town.  In between we’ll be visiting a number of touristy sites in Johannesburg – the Lion Park, the Elephant Sanctuary, the Apartheid museum, the Cradle of Human-kind, etc   And I will also be showing her the life of an average South African. Not to mention SHOPPING!

Mimi… we are counting the days.  We are ready for you.  The world around us is priming itself for the glory of Spring – new buds and blossoms everywhere.  

The rain over the past weekend has helped urge the buds along too.  Hopefully everything will be in full celebratory mode by the time you arrive.
I thank God for the gift of friends and for the joy of finally meeting such a long-standing cyber-buddy.
It is thanks to the fun world of blogging that we are able to make beautiful friends around the world.  Soon, I’ll be saying:



Scout and Freyja said...

Caryl, thank YOU for making my South African Dream a reality. My heart literally swells when I think of the gifts God gave to me several years ago - a computer, the internet, my dogs and your friendship. I can't think of any way possible that my visit to SA would not be remarkable. Can't wait to get my feet on SA soil. Tick, tock, tick, tock - the time for my departure from MI is closing in on us...

Millie and Walter said...

I didn't go as far as SA but a few years ago I traveled 6 hours to stay with a blogging friend too. I was never nervous about meeting her and her family (husband and pets) but was just excited. My dream would be to buy an RV and travel the USA and Canada to meet as many blogging friends as I could. After that I would try to figure out how to visit some international ones too.

Your friend is so lucky to be able to visit. Your country has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and of course meeting you and your family in person will be the icing on the cake.

Have a great time.


rottrover said...

Oh Caryl! This is thrilling! And your travel agenda sounds perfect. I hope you all have good weather and a wonderful, wonderful time!


Molly the Airedale said...

We are just thrilled for you, MaxMom! It's so much fun meeting blogging buddies! Mom always dreamed of meeting Sunshade and Elaine in person and her dream did come true and she has wonderful memories that she will treasure forever!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

The Life of Riley said...

How wonderful that you are finally getting to meet up!!!

Sending you lots of love,
Riley and "F"

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Maxmom, my dad's been to Atlanta and it's nice but it's nothing like South Africa (at least judging from your photos). My dad's friend is from SA and travels back home every year and she tells us that it's a spectacular country. Again collaborating what you've already told and shown us. We're looking forward to your posts when Mimi is down your way.

How Sam Sees It said...

How exciting! One of the best things about blogging is meeting new friends all over the world. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time!

Monty and Harlow

H and Flo said...

Oh wow! How exciting! I hope you two are having a fabulous time. I couldn't help but smile at this post - I remember you telling me that your brother lived here in Darwin... well, guess what? My brother has now moved to.... Johannesburg! Parallel universe! Lovely to be back reading your blog again after a bloggie break. I look forward to catching up on it and all the exciting photos that I am sure will be posted after Mimi's visit.

H and Flo xxx