Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello there, dear friends

The latest count: 26 chapters out of 40! I am making progress!

I have had an incredibly productive past weekend. Although it's been domestically busy, the creative wave has truly hit me and I can't seem to switch my mind off. The setting and characters of my book have taken shape and are now well and truly occupying my entire being. It is with great difficulty that I write this blogpost.

Although this emotional submersion is a good mental place to be in terms of writing my book, the fatigue is setting in. I feel an urgency however to ride this wave of creativity as I am nervous that it will soon leave me.

It is however a truly exciting journey! Whether this work is ever published or not is irrelevant. I am working towards my own goal of completing it. I am passionate about the story, so it simply has to work for someone!

The early mornings continue to be my best time to write. It just feels right! My head is clear and the progress of the story has taken shape during my sleep. What better way than to reap it at first light!

I am including two photographs which are my inspiration for today. Perhaps they might inspire you too. Here is the first...

There is nothing more soul touching than standing on the summit of a mountain and looking out over the vast African landscape. It is a moment where I become acutely aware of exactly how small I am as a human being and I am awestruck by our magnificent and unbelievable heritage in this beautiful country of ours!

This particular picture was taken whilst standing on the edge of the escarpment, overlooking the Blyde river dam, in the north eastern part of South Africa. It offers a view into the vast expanse of the Kruger national park in the distance; a place where the animals of Africa are free to roam albeit with a few restrictions.

The drop below defies all understanding. It is simply breathtaking! As one peeps over the edge of the cliff you feel that you want to stretch out your wings and mimic the birds which hover in the thermals. Whilst the hot African sun drenches one in perspiration you are consoled by the knowledge that not many people get to see such beauty. How can I not love this country!

This next picture has particular sentimental value to me. It was painted by a family friend - Tony Schoeman - and graces the wall of my sitting room at home. It was given to me on my 16th birthday as a symbol of my love for the African Savanah and, in particular, the bush of the Lowveld. This was the place which I romped and roamed as a child. It's aura was carved deep into my soul and as I look at the painting I almost feel the heat of the day and the urgency of the land crying out for rain.

Why am I telling you these things? Well, none of us can work without inspiration! Since my story is set in Africa I need to be inspired by its setting... and the pictures help since I am holed up in a big, bustling city.

I am really excited about this story. Hold thumbs that my energy and inspiration stays with me.

Take care, 'till next time,


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Thanks for continuing to include us along your journey -

I'm sure it provides inspiration for our own!

houndstooth said...

With beautiful scenery like that, I can see why you'd be inspired! I think seeing the end in sight helps to kick motivation in, too. I was going to ask if you'd lived in Africa all your life, but the answer from reading today appears to be yes.

As far as getting published goes, there are so many more options now. With digital ebooks, it opens the playing field up to a lot of authors who otherwise wouldn't get a chance at being published or read. When the time comes that you want to share it, don't worry about being able to get it out there! I'm sure you can do it!

Deborah said...

The pictures are truly inspirational. I just think it is so awesome that your are writing a book. Just the motivation and dedication to do something that grand is wonderful. Africa is so beautiful and breathtaking, I know I would be thinking, WOW, there is something greater out there to have made this for all of us to see. I think my best time for writing would be in the morning hours too. It is 10PM now, my time and I am exhausted after a very long day. This next month, I am going to be running back and forth to Boston, so if you don't see me comment a lot,(although, I'm hoping I will still have time to comment) I am thinking of you and Max and hoping your book is going well. I do tell my friends about your blog and now your book! Very exciting :)