Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dear friends and readers – particularly my INTERNATIONAL readers and supporters of MAXDOG…

This is a quick update. I am on holiday at the seaside with my family as I write this update and unfortunately my internet access is extremely limited here. I felt however, that I should inform you about the latest developments surrounding MAXDOG as soon as possible – particularly for those readers who have been waiting, expectantly to hear about where they can purchase copies of the book.

Most of my readers will be aware that MAXDOG is currently available in South Africa. The book can be purchased through many of the larger book retailers here – including Exclusive Books (Clearwater Mall, Cresta, Hyde Park, Greenstone, Centurion, Sandton City, etc) and Estoril Books. MAXDOG can also be purchased online through and The book can also be procured by contacting me directly:

The arrangements for my INTERNATIONAL READERS (in terms of printing and distribution) however are presenting a number of hurdles. I am doing my best to try and iron out these problems, but as it stands at the moment, it appears that the book may only be available on AMAZON (and other distribution channels) in the New year. In addition, that particular book (The international version) may either exclude the photographic colour insert (which is in the South African version of the book) or the photographs may appear in black and white. (A decision about this is pending)

In the light of this news and the uncertainty surrounding exactly WHEN MAXDOG will be available for my international readers, I would like to suggest that you consider ordering your copy directly from me. This way there is certainty surrounding your book and you are assured of the inclusion of the photographic section. As I have explained previously, the international postage charge is rather pricey (R150), which will put the cost of the book (for International readers) up to R310. I apologize for this, but my hands are tied in this matter. Please be assured that I have tried to do my absolute best for the benefit of my readers, but it is proving more difficult than initially envisaged.

If you would like me to post you your book at this price, please contact me: and I will get your copy into the post as soon as I get back to Johannesburg (on Monday 19th December).

I apologize for any inconvenience caused with the delay in international distribution. I am doing my best to overcome the hurdles which have been presented to me and will update you as and when we have managed to find a solution.

Sending lotsaluv


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Maxmom, hmmm...I was wondering if there was a way of digitizing your book so that it could sold as an "e-book" for an e-reader?

Amber DaWeenie said...

Do you know what the total cost of the book and shipping would be to the USA in USA funds? My money conversion skills leave a lot to be desired.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Dexter said...

What the heck are R's?

Goodness, my brains!


Two French Bulldogs said...

whatsa R? Good question Mango. What ever an R is, the book is lots of R's
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Hi MaxMom!

I knows that you is workin on gettin the ebook to the US and I can hardly wait.

For those in the US that would like to send MaxMom money for the MaxDog book you need to send $36 US dollars. by the way the R before the 350 stands for
"RAND" and is the name for South African currency.

Wooos, Tessa

Bouncing Bertie said...

Thanks for the update. We know what Rand are can can do the sums, but still are not sure about how we would get the money to you without also paying an arm and a leg in bank charges. Any ideas anyone?
Cheers, Gail (and Bertie).

Maxmom said...

Hi everyone,
Just some answers to the questions raised:
Payments (international) can be made via our paypal account in order to avoid the exorbitant bank charges.(Pls email me -
'R' or 'ZAR' refers to South African Rands.(Ie ZAR130 includes postage)
USA price for MAXDOG INCLUSIVE of postage is USD39
UK price for MAXDOG INCLUSIVE of postage is GBP25
EURO price including postage EUR30
Other countries will be advised on request. Any queries please email me. Ltsaluv, Caryl.

Mrs. JP said...

Thank you for answering all our questions and for having a paypal account! Brilliant!!
I'll definitely get my book thru you.
Have a wonderful Christmas holiday at the beach side.

Keith Andrea said...

Hi Mamom, can't wait to have your

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