Saturday, December 3, 2011


MAXMOM here...
Hello there to all my friends and supporters across the world!

Please can I take a moment to say a special "THANK YOU" to you all for standing by me during this hectic time?!
  Like a cloud, my life seems to be drifting past me at the moment. There aren't enough hours in the day and it feels like I'm watching myself from a distance.  

But today, I need to interact with my blogging buddies (I'm really missing you!), so I thought I'd simply WRITE! Hopefully one or two pictures will suffice, because there is a lot to tell. 


After a few days of intermittent rain-showers, the world looks sparkling again.  Even the birds are celebrating in the garden.  Our ever-present weaver bird is conscientiously  refurbishing his harem...again! 

And the "Christmas Beetles" (or Cicadas) are purposefully convincing me that I have a severe case of Tinnitus. Geesh, they are loud!  This is most definitely a sign that the festive season is upon us and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet.

Toby is a darling!.  He cuddles up on the bed next to me just as the dawn is breaking - to receive his early morning biscuit (or two, if he pleads long enough).  Aging 'Aunt Tam' and 'The King' diligently wait their turn too. I reach for the tin and select a few.  Their eyes are instantly alert. They know that sound well.

That biscuit didn't even touch sides, I think.  Toby jumps off the bed to prod Aunt Tam into an early morning game of 'Rough and Tumble'.  She's too old now for the serious stuff, so she gives him a cold shoulder.  Reluctantly, he settles on the floor to wait for me to consider that it's breakfast-time.  Every so often a frustrated "mmmhumpf!" escapes from his vocal chords. He stares at me.  It's time to get up.

This past week has been unreal.  My efficient publicist, HELEN HOLYOAKE from HELCO PROMOTIONS has secured an interview for me on 'ETV's Sunrise show' with Sindy Mabe, on Tuesday 13Dec at 07h30.   Me, on television? Unbelievable!  Six years ago, I could hardly enter a shopping centre, let alone consider appearing on television. Yet here I am today with one of the biggest buzzes happening around me  - a buzz that I could never have imagined.  I've even had to forfeit half of my family sea-side holiday for this appointment, but I have their full encouragement and will be flying down to join them on Tuesday afternoon after the interview.  I am looking forward to this whole experience. 

On Tuesday this coming week, a journalist from "Die Beeld" newspaper is coming to our house to have a chin-wag with me.  I will hopefully be able to answer all her questions, (whilst whispering to Toby to be on his best behaviour, lol.!)  This particular Afrikaans newspaper has a circulation of approx. 500 000 readers, so this is a real privilege.  I'm rightly apprehensive, but admittedly looking forward to the experience too.

Then on Wednesday evening, the 7th December,  it's time for celebration...
MAXDOG's official BOOK LAUNCH!!!
Crn 9th Street and Rustenburg Road
18h00 for 18h30
If you are in Johannesburg on that evening, please consider joining us. You'll get some interesting 'insider' information about MAXDOG and will be able to meet "RUDI", our guest of honour.  :) (Rudi is MAXDOG's Grandfather!)

(Please see the invitation at the top of this blog for more information about the launch)
I look forward to seeing you therel!

The sunbeams are lightening up the garden as I write this.  Everything is new and fresh. I think it's time to "put my money where my mouth is", take a page out of MAXDOG's book and to...

Sending lotsaluv and wishing you all a wonderful, happy and relaxing weekend.

If you would like to see some REALLY BEAUTIFUL pictures of my daughter's recent trip to the Pilanesburg Nature Reserve, please click:


Mrs. JP said...

Wow, you are right about "the buzz." I'm so glad that MAXDOG is getting this attention. That so great! I'm also concerned that you, my friend, are probably not resting with the busy schedule and Christmas coming. Take care and always know that we're praying and cheering you on from the Tennessee holler....

Bouncing Bertie said...

All this is wonderful news. We are desperate to know when MaxDog will be available via Amazon?

Have a great weekend!

Toodle pip!

PS Hey Toby, you show that 'Die Beeld' journalist what a spirited young chap you are! I want to read all about it.

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Maxmom, sounds like your world is humming along very well. We're very happy.

Amber DaWeenie said...

We would really love to get a copy of the book. Do you know if it'll be sold in the USA or on (which seems to carry lots of books)?

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Maxmom, I really can't wait to read your book. We are so glad you are having this success after all your hard work. Take care. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

Two French Bulldogs said...

This is so cool!
Benny & Lily

KT and Easton said...

Hi Caryl, it's been awhile, so I want to congratulate you on your upcoming book release. You know what reading about Max has meant to me these last couple of years, so I look forward to reading you book when it finally gets to rainy Seattle bookstores. Wonderful to hear news about the crew. Toby is growing up to be such a handsome boy. Belly rubs for all - Rooooooooos from Easton.


Suka said...

The first photo melts my heart! What a beauty!

What exciting times! I am glad to read your lovely pups are handling everything in stride and keeping a sense of normalcy in their morning routine. Very sweet!

Congratulations on the television interview! Good luck! And good luck with the newspaper interview as well. Very exciting, and I am sure you will do great on both!

Rudi is beautiful, and how wonderful that he can be with you during your Maxdog event. Wishing you much luck on the 7th! We will be sending you lots of positive thoughts!

K and Suka

p.s. Your daughter's photos are breathtaking!

sprinkles said...

Haven't checked your daughter's pix yet but I will.

I'm so happy all the buzz is happening for you. It must be so exciting but probably a little overwhelming too.

Anonymous said...

Oh MaxMom what a week and what a year it has been for you! You sure is a busy one! But we know that you are doin all of thins with Max right by your side!

Congrats on all the interviews too. I just knows that there will be lots more. You can do it!

Happy Interview week!

woos, Tessa

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We are with you- each step of the way.

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

OMD, how furry exciting! I know you must be so happy!

Scout and Freyja said...

I'm with you...