Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When 'The Boss' is away, Maxmom will play...WOOF!


TOBY ("The Sweet Hooligan") here...

Hey there furbuddies!

For the past few weeks, my peeps have been glued to that thing called 'The Box', and Aunt Tam and I have had to spend many happy doggie-hours amusing ourselves. 
"It's the Olympics, Toby, " Maxmom explained. 
Not that I really minded....
This morning, however, 'The Boss' grabbed his suitcase.

"Bye Hooligan, I'm off on a business trip..."

"What ya this mean, Boss? Who's gonna to feed me? Who's gonna walk me?"

But I noticed that Maxmom was still in bed.  (She always wants to go with the Boss on his trips, but never seems to get her act together....not that us dogs mind!). But I soon went about waking her up with my blanket, scrunching up eyes in my 'Sweet hooligan' manner and moaning softly.

  She had no option but to get up.

After our breakfast, Maxmom had her shower and then settled into her kitchen. 

So did I...

Since the end of the Olympics, Maxmom has turned into a real busy-bee. She has been baking, sewing, crocheting and gardening ... like crazy!  She's also been experimenting with all sorts of ideas for the little home-industry where she also sells personalised copies of her book   MAXDOG.
 (If you haven't yet heard, is NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE!)

Anyway, we were in the kitchen and Tammy and I looked on, with resignation, as Maxmom cooked up a storm.

This time, she wanted to try out a recipe for a  Summer-berry pie ...
Very soon, the crust was in the oven...

Yesterday, her baking activities yielded the old household favourite -                                          GIANT CHOC-CHIP COOKIES!!!            (The Boss had a good munch on some of them last night)

Our new little Guinea-pig sister - 'Twix" - has also benefited by Maxmom's sewing activities.  Twix has a brand new bedroom for her crate.  In the past month, and since her rescue,Twix has turned into a round, furry ball.  There are no longer any signs of her bad beginning.  Maxmom says she is beautiful and well-settled.  She often occupies Maxmom's lap - much to my disgust!  I simply turn my head in a different direction and pretend Twix doesn't exist. 

Our household is also quite flabbergasted because Maxmom took up another blogger's idea too - 
- and started a vegetable garden some time ago.  We have plants coming up all over our garden. 
 Maxmom tells me that this little garden is feeding quite a number of people at the moment  and she wants to say a big 'Thank you' to Mrs JP for inspiring her.  Even little 'Twix' benefits from the garden - her favourite leafy veggies include beetroot, parsley, spinach, carrots and pea-pods.
 I should have realised that Maxmom grew up on a farm and she has her own farmer's instincts. 
 (Sadly though ,I've been blocked out of the veggie-garden by a sturdy picket fence. But I did try my luck though.  Maxmom wasn't impressed. She gave me some very harsh words. She doesn't understand that I also wanted to celebrate in her veggie-garden - in my "Sweet Hooligan" way.)

 In her 'spare' time, Maxmom has also been busy with a little crocheted blanket - an idea she got from PININTEREST (Please come and visit her boards HERE).  It's going to be a gift for a friend.  It's almost finished.  I think I should be congratulated because it's one blanket that I haven't carried around in my mouth.  I know Maxmom wouldn't be impressed with that either.. 
It's going to be gorgeous when it's finished, don't you think?

 The best part of Maxmom's activities is the special glass jar on our dining-room table.  It's such a cool idea (which she picked up on Facebook).  This glass jar is called our 
It works like this...

Every time something good happens in our household, our peeps write a note and drop it into the 'Dream catcher'.  At the end of the year - on New Year's eve - we are all going to sit down and read all the notes.  It will be a time to celebrate all the good things that happened during the year that has past.  I know our 'Dream Catcher' looks very empty at the moment, but it is because we have only just started it.  
How about you join us and make your own 'Dream Catcher'?
We have so much to celebrate in life that I am sure that it is going to fill up fast.
So, are you going to make one?

In the meantime, Maxmom has finished making the berry-tart and our kitchen smells fantastic!
It looks really yummy...

Maxmom says that if there are any of her local friends who want to drop by for a 'cuppa' and a piece of this tart

She's serious - COME ALONG FOR TEA! 
I, too, will welcome you with my blanket.

Sending lotsalicks and lotsaluv, and a reminder to ...


(When the Boss eventually gets home, I am going to write my own doggie note:
"Welcome home, Boss" and place it in the 'Dream Catcher')


Please don't forget that...

 'MAXDOG' is also available on Amazon 'Kindle'. 
 You can download your copy now!!! 

Amazon (USA) click HERE
Amazon (UK) click HERE


Val said...

Wow, it's busy at your house!! I will be canning salsa tomorrow, plan to give it as my Christmas gifts this year. That tart looks so yummy, wish I lived in your neck of the world. Going to give that "dream catcher" some thought...good idea.
Well it's off to work, have a great day.

H and Flo said...

My goodness, what a whirlwind! I love Twix's little house; very sweet! And those veggies look fabulous. I threw a couple of sweet potatoes in a couple of years back. I was never sure when to harvest them though until I came home one day and Flo had done the job for me. :)

Scout and Freyja said...
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Scout and Freyja said...

Toby, I'm counting on your to share a blanket with me when I'm in SA and maybe, just maybe we can talk Maxmom into baking a tart for 'us'. Our strawberries are gone in northern MI now and we are waiting for apples! Sadly, we have experienced a horrible drought and our crop has been driven down by 90% - can you imagine such devastation? Same with our cherries - down by about 87%.

Momma is feeling a bit energized today. Business is picking up, the sun is out, the workers arrived to get busy on the new sidewalk, steps and patio. The gardener stopped by yesterday to discuss the fall plantings so there will be a riot of color throughout next spring and summer - happiness☺. In two weeks (hopefully as promised) the new garage roof will be on and momma will be readying our home and gardens for fall and winter...sigh.

Lots of photos are being taken of the work going on and momma said we should tell you that she will share when there's more progress. Right now all we have is a lot of dirt dug up. Scout says that he could have helped the workers dig and dig and dig but, much to his chagrin, he had to stay inside away from the fun digging machines☺.

Love to ALL of you!

Mrs. JP said...

I really like your garden spot--fresh spinach looks good. Where are all the weeds? Mine is taken over.
The house for Twix is adorable as is that super sweet baby blanket. I just love a gal that has so many projects going at a time. Like my mom always said and lived "busy hands are happy hands."
Now about that tart and those cookies....we'll be over for tea and samples (I WISH!!)

Beth said...

Hi Caryl, I'd love to come have a piece of pie and cup of tea with you. Sounds like you are busy being very creative! Enjoy!

Bouncing Bertie said...

Well Toby, I have to tell you that Gail and I are fantasising about coming to your place to visit, and being greeted by you, with your blanket, of course, and then we would go to the kitchen and sample that delicious summer-berry pie (although we are a little confused about that, believing it currently to be Winter in South Africa).
If only...
Toodle pip!
Ps There is NO WAY I would let some little guinea pig thing, take my place on Gail's lap, especially if it had a perfectly good home-made bed to go to.

Mary Lou said...

First off, I love your idea of "The Dream Catcher"!! Very neat!! I should consider starting one, myself!! ;-D
Secondly, you are messing with me!! I have a sweet tooth, and those Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies look delicious!! As does that tart!! Mmmmm!! ;op
Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your mom has been so busy- yes a busy bee!
I love the new blanket for Twix... its so beautiful. All that cooking is making us hungry! And now that the garden is growing- that means the earth is warming up,, and your spring is knocking on your door!
I know that dream catcher bottle will be soooo full! What a wonderous idea.

Two French Bulldogs said...

this one was glued to the box too, ridiculous. Look at all those tasty treats!!
Benny & Lily

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Maxmom, gee we wish that we were a bit closer. The tart looks fabulous. Is an apple pie far behind?

The Life of Riley said...

Hi Toby,

I wish we lived closer, as I'd bring my mum over to sit down and have a good chat with your Mum over some of those chocolate biscuits. You and I could run around your garden and play, and try to get into the vegetable patch. It is so unfair our humans keep us away from thier vegetables! My mum has put chicken wire around her small vegetable garden. Very confusing as I am not a chicken! She tells me it is because I like to sniff and walk where the neigbour's cat goes and stand on her vegetables! Of course, her garden has been very neglected over the last few months so there is hardly anything left there. I can sense she needs to have some creative time soon, catching up on things, before she goes completely mad!

Love and woofs,

PS We love the idea of a dream catcher.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Caryl, Toby, Aunt Tam and the rest of the pack. Wow is all I can say with how busy you are-seriously, your baking looks incredible. Your garden is perfect-are you still in winter? I think so. I have seen the dream catcher idea and will begin. Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.
Hugs and love, Noreen & Hunter

sprinkles said...

Wow, you really have been busy! Those cookies and pie look really good. Love that blanket! My mom crotchets a lot and her beagle likes to help her unravel it whenever she accidentally sets it down where he can reach it.

I also really love that dream catcher idea. It'll be fun to read all the good things from the past year.

Suka said...

hey Toby,

Wow your mom has been busy! But what great projects. The crocheted blanket is lovely, and I am furry impressed you have not munched on it since blankets are fun to chew and roll around on. ;-> The garden is pawsome! Too bad you can't get in to enjoy all the yummies growing, though. And the food - *drool...both the berry tart and the cookies look delish!

What a fun time at your house, Toby! I know you miss The Boss but he will be back soon. The Dream Catcher idea is fabulous and such a wonderful way to show gratitude at the end of the year. Thanks for sharing your mom's wonderful activities!


P.S. Nice Pinterest page!

Suka said...

P.P.S. (or is it P.S.S.??) I know Twix stole your seat on your mom's lap, and that is a HUGE no, but seriously, what an adorable little fluff ball! Suka

How Sam Sees It said...

I really wish we could come to visit! It looks like things are going very well for you.