Monday, December 31, 2012

The pups are four weeks old...and growing!

 Last week I received the most beautiful, treasured picture, from Marycke.
This is one of the puppies (I think Pocahontas) with a copy of Maxdog. 
The big lump in my throat was hard to swallow. 
The photograph arrived unexpectedly - a real heart-warmer!
Thank you, Marycke of
(Every single photo is being carefully filed in my new pup's photo folder)
Which one will it be?


I believe the pups are doing well; growing daily. It's such a pity that I'm not closer to Cape Town to share in their early development.  The weekend of the 25th January cannot arrive quick enough!

On Christmas day, the pups had their own Christmas dinner:
"Mommy's milk"...


 ...supplemented by their solid meals...

 In the next couple of weeks, the puppies will undergo a behavioural assessment, whereafter my specific puppy will be chosen for me.

At the moment, it looks like it's going to be little 'BELLE'.

(Please note that this name is a litter-name and may well change when she arrives on our doorstep)

Above: Little "BELLE" being 'stacked' for the first time in her young life.

I asked Marycke about Belle's temperament (at this stage).
Her answer was this:

"Belle is a curious, yet soft puppy!
She's not scared or timid...just soft
She's very pretty too.
I think she will be very loveable.
But I also think that she has a little wilful streak - which means that she is not a pushover...
She hates being medicated and fights the most of all the pups."

Well, consider this sweet picture...and judge for yourself:

Everyone else is fast asleep. Belle says she wants to come out to play


Tinkle, tinkle, little star,
how I wonder what you are?
A precious little Belle I see,
all soft and cuddly you will be.

Tinkle, tinkle, little Belle -
thoughts of yonder - time will tell.
I wait, I wonder, I hope, I love
the little star from up above.
Caryl Moll
30th December 2012


With love, and wishing all my special friends...


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Beautiful beautiful puppy.. What fun and magic lies ahead.. Happy New Year and hope 2013 is good to you all.. Hugs GJ xx

WFT Nobby said...

What a lovely little ode to Belle. She is so sweet, but then so are the rest of the litter. It must be quite a responsibility conducting behavioural assessments. What if the pup turns out totally different from predicted? Do people ever sue?
Anyway, we are so looking forward to reading about the new pup over the coming months.
Happy New Year.
Gail and Bertie (whose middle name should be 'Wilful'!)

Two French Bulldogs said...

so adorable!
Happy New Year's Eve.
Benny & Lily

Molly the Airedale said...

What a cutie she is!
Happy New Year to all of you!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

KB said...

She is cute and wonderful beyond words. It's so exciting to watch her grow and get ready to come to you!

I've had a yearning for a tiny puppy but now is not the time (Shyla needs my full attention) so I'll get my puppy fix through you!

Happy New Year.

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Wow, are they ever cute. My dad's going to ask mom if we can have one too.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Glad the pup was found. And oh that baby!!
Benny & Lily