Friday, December 21, 2012

UPDATE: Our little Golden bundle grows and grows...

Hello there, dear friends...
I am sending you warm, Christmas wishes from Johannesburg, South Africa.

I just had to post up this picture today - re-posted from Facebook - of a dear little Golden retriever bundle that is growing as we speak.  Maybe you would like to share my excitement... 

At the moment she is only 3 weeks old, but is growing rapidly, and is due to have her first supplemented meal today.

If all goes well, this is the little one who will be joining us around the 25th January 2013 -  as a sister to my "Sweet hooligan" Toby and Aunt Tammy. 

Ageing Aunt Tam is still agile enough to help 'nurture' the little one, and our 'Sweet Hooligan' will have a new playmate who will be able to grow up with him.  I will no longer have the concern that he will be lonely in the years ahead.

Behavioural assessments are conducted on the seven pups in the litter at about 7 weeks of age.  After that, the puppies are matched to their prospective owners.  We are definitely going to be getting one of the little girls, and she will be flown up to Johannesburg, where she will join our eagerly awaiting family.

At this stage, it looks like its going be this particular little one.  Her litter name is 'Belle', but her real name will be chosen once she comes home.  We're already throwing around some cute names, but it will have to be a name that 'matches' her, so we'll wait until she gets here.

My request to the breeder has been to choose the quietest, smallest one in the litter for me.  I know this can never be guaranteed, but it's a start.  Our little bundle already has a place booked at McKaynine Training Centre, for her puppy socialisation classes.  (Sometime in February)

 Isn't she just the sweetest little Golden bundle ever!  
Thank you, Marycke Ackhurst from Quillquest Golden Retrievers for entrusting a puppy to us, and for posting up photographs on Facebook, so that I can share in her progress.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend.
Sending lotsaluv

...and 'Aunt Tammy' and the Guineapigs.


kks said...

nothing cuter than a golden puppy!!! so exciting!

Mrs. JP said...

absolutely the sweetest, cutest, most adorable thing ever.
love to you all from the holler...

Berts Blog said...

Oh how cute. And the anticipation. I can't wait to watch her grow in your family. What a lucky girl she is to get to come live with all of you.

We will check back in soon.

bert adn my vickie

Bouncing Bertie said...

I can see she already has plenty of toys. Toby, I hope your new sister is not going to be one of those high maintenance type girls...
Toodle pip!

Amber DaWeenie said...

She's adorable and somehow I just had the feeling it would be Belle after seeing the pictures on your last post. So sweet. Can't wait to hear more.

Merry Christmas

MySpecialDoggies said...

She's adorable Caryl - I'm sure Toby & Tammy are getting excited too.

Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

sprinkles said...

What a cutie! I'm looking forward to reading more about her.

I would love to follow your other blog.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Oh goodness! What a cutie!!!!! We look forward to watching her grow.

Two French Bulldogs said...

So precious
Benny & Lily

The Life of Riley said...

So cute!

Have a great weekend, and wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I just love to hear about the baby growing and growing and growing.
Soon she will be in your home,, and you will have puppy kissys all over your face.