Tuesday, September 6, 2011


MAXMOM here...
Three sets of hopeful eyes peer at me from over the edge of my mattress.
As I open my own eyes and emerge from my sleep, their energy is ignited.
Toby barks at me with youthful vigour – it’s a rude awakening indeed.

“BOL! BOL! …Good morning, Maxmom!”

Soon, Tammy’s wet, cold nose finds her target - in my neck.

“Uurg,” I cringe.

The “King” spurs her on with his little happy dance at my bedside.
 I grab a pillow and pull it over my head

“Go away, dogs.” I mumble.
 My attempt to garner more sleep is futile.

The trio are determined. They become progressively more impatient and noisy as they sense my reluctance. They’ve been up for a while now and have already made their early-morning garden calls. They’ve become masters at mobilising the ‘Boss’ at the crack of dawn.

“No sleep for the wicked,” the "Boss" constantly complains.

Now the pooches have returned to accost me – and extract me from my dreams – to demand personal attention.

I know what they are after :

 It’s a pretty container which houses their early morning doggie-treats.
 I keep it on my bedside table – bad idea!
 The tin is within arm’s reach. I planned it that way, so that I don’t even have to open my eyes in my sleepy stupor.

As the dogs continue their campaign, I turn my weary head towards the alarm clock.
 It’s a gadget which is becoming more redundant by the day - replaced by my faithful canines.
Geesh, it’s hardly 5.30am!

“Go to sleep, Dogs!” I flop back into my pillows.

My command is futile. Their wake-up calls are getting earlier every morning – a bit like the seasonal sunrise.

I don’t blame them – it’s gorgeous outside.
The dawn is sprinkling dusted sunlight over the pale green leaves on the trees in my garden.

Birds twitter their joy and the water-feature reminds me that it will soon be time for early morning swims again. For now though, I want my sleep, so I curl up tighter, trying hard to ignore them.

The pack is not deterred.
Toby and Tammy begin a noisy play-session a few feet from me.

The “King”, too, becomes more and more persistent – his tiny paws whip up a little patter of African rhythm on the edge of my mattress. I sign and resignedly reach for the tin.

The dogs are instantly alert as my hand grabs the tin. I now have their full attention.

“Down,” I say, and our Goldens instantly drop to the floor.
Somehow, I manage to manoeuvre myself into a seated position and position some pillows comfortably behind my back. Toffee refuses to respond to my command. He’s proceeds with the task of raking doggie-tracks onto the side of my bed.

“You guys are impossible!” I sign, exasperated.

I lift the lid of the small container and make a noisy rattle as I fiddle for one of the biscuits. All three tongues lick their noises in unison. They’re ready.

“What’s taking you so long, Maxmom?”

“First Toffee,” I say and hand the little Maltese one of the morsels.
 He takes it carefully and retreats, to his throne in the corner of the room – away from the bigger dogs – to savour every crumb.

“Now Tammy…”
 Eleven-year-old-Tammy doesn’t waste any time. The biscuit disappears in one easy gulp and she stares at me blankly – pretending that I didn’t give her one in the first place.

“Here’s yours, Toby,” I offer the biscuit to my Sweet Hooligan.
But I see that he’s about to give me a puppy-snap.
 “NO! Take it nicely!” I command.
His expression changes to one of total calm and devotion.
“That’s better,” I say and I hand him his treat.
He then moves slightly backwards to allow Tammy the last say.

My fingers do a quick twirl at the bottom of the container. There’s one last biscuit left there.

“Okay, my girl… you can have the last one.” I hand it to her and she takes it gently this time.

As if by magic, all the dogs move off immediately.
 I slump back under the duvet and begin to ponder the perplexing question...

“How, on earth did they know that there were ONLY four biscuits at the bottom of the tin?”

Cupboard love!

Sending lotsaluv to all our friends across the world,



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Clive said...

The biscuit 'tin' gets great attention in our house too! Not just the 'tin' for Clive but also Murray's special 'treat tin' too!

take care
Clive and Murray

WFT Nobby said...

Oh I do love it when I read a blog which helps Gail understand how a dog should really be treated. A special tin of treats kept by the bedside. Oh Wow! You are so lucky, I have to wait every morning until Gail comes down to the kitchen where, cruelly, she makes me sleep....
Toodle pip!

Angus said...

Toffee clearly thrives on the attention ! Well done with the pre-launch activity .

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We think all 3 woofies have their mom well organised ~ especially for treats.

We are supporting LiveStrong again this year ~ and wondered if you might like to take part by going yellow on your blog again on October 2nd 2011 ~ in honour of beloved Max? There's information on our blog today.

Love Milo and Alfie xx
LiveStrong Together.

Two French Bulldogs said...

That is the best way to wake up mom, stare stare stare. See it worked
Benny & Lily

sprinkles said...

Oh yes, I'm familiar with being woken up early by the chi's. As soon as Shiver realizes I'm awake, or if he thinks I've slept in long enough, he'll lick, chew and tug on me until I get up. When I try to push him away, he thinks it's a game and does it some more. Yelling at him does nothing to deter him.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to put a nice cold nose in my Moms ear. That seems to wake her quite well!

woos, Tessa

PS, Mom says she can hardly wait for the e-book version to come out!

♥I am Holly♥ said...

That is a beautiful post!! Love the pictures very much!! Isn't it interesting how they know not only where the tin is but how many you have! They always know how many you still need to give them also!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Not only do they know there are cookies in the tin and how many,,,
but they also know that you will
"give in" and they will get the cookies,,, just as it should be ,, if you were a dog!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Everybuddy, wow oh wow. My mum has to get one of those tins with biscuits next to her bed. Only thing is, I don't let her stay in bed long enough hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Yeah team - that's what you have to do to get your mom out of bed. Doesn't your mom know that dogs can count?

Curt Rogers said...

I've been lucky with Duncan. He hardly ever wakes me up in the morning anymore, even when the seasons change and Daylight Savings Time rolls around here in the US. He stays quietly in his bed but occasionally ambles over to my side of the bed where he'll lay under my outstretched hand that has fallen from beneath the covers.

It's the cats who need work. Olive begins her morning serenade around 5:30, even on the weekends. Pip curls up nicely in the crook between my shoulder and my chin and commences battering his cold, wet nose against my lips. Winnie just dances back and forth, running down the hallway, back into the bedroom and back down the hall.

I rarely get to sleep in, but they are precious to me so I don't mind.

You've definitely stumbled upon an idea with that tin of goodies. I may have to try that with the cats.