Saturday, March 1, 2014


Dear friends,
As the evening settled in yesterday, OWL started becoming more active. 

Every so often, she opened her beautiful yellow eyes, blinked and surveyed her surroundings.  She stretched, yawned, ruffled her feathers and set about preening. She'd had a long, peaceful sleep during the day and the time to hunt was fast approaching. We'd soon have to say good-bye to her and I felt somewhat saddened.

What a treasure it was to observe her throughout the day.  I don't think I did much else except to relish the privilege of being in close proximity to one of God's magnificent creations....and take hundreds of photos.

During the day, I scouted the internet and finally managed to call a very helpful lady at the 'OWL BOX PROJECT' who answered all my questions.  I really want to do my bit to try and protect this beautiful, threatened creature.  So, I've ordered an owl box (a pricey item) which will be installed in one of the trees in the garden on Monday morning.  It remains to be seen if 'OWL' will indeed like the box and whether he/she has a mate.  It's obvious that I have a lot to learn.  I am praying that 'OWL' feels comfortable in this environment and that perhaps she will see it opportune to set up residence here... the outcome remains to be seen. Either way, it's all so exciting.

I battled to fall asleep last night - wondering where our feathered friend might be. At midnight, just before drifting off, there was a distinct, muffled hoot from outside our bedroom window. 'OWL was perched at the top of our neighbour's high roof. Toby and Lexi went mad - barking and running up and down owr passage.  It's going to take some coaxing to get the dogs to be comfortable with 'OWL's' unusual call.  It really is an amazing, different sound to what we are accustomed to.  My daughter and I stood at the opened window for ages, watching her and taking it all in.

As I woke this morning, I wondered what had happened to 'OWL' during the night.  Had she found food? Had she met up with a mate?  So many questions, so few answers.

I opened the curtains early this morning to see if, by some stroke of luck, 'OWL' had returned to yesterday's roosting position.  There was no sign of her.  But then I heard the black-eyed-bull-bulls with their distinct alarm call and went into the garden in serious search.  OWL is back again and I'm smiling.  Today, however, she is really camouflaged - sitting in the same palm tree, but shielded a lot more than yesterday.  I struggled to get the photos.  Luckily there is a tiny vantage point from where I can observe her today.

Please stay, pretty 'OWL' are most welcome!  
Sending lotsaluv

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