Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hello there everyone
Many people have asked me about the latest news of 'OWL', so this is a short post to address this question.  Quick answer: Yes, she is still in our midst.

 It's been 15 days now and hopefully she is here to stay. We've had extensive rain in the past two weeks, but she's simply let the weather slide off her feathers.  Nonplussed. 
Every morning, just before the sun rises, she finds a place in the palm tree to roost for the day.  Some days its ON the telephone pole, other days her choice is on one of the palm fronds. She settles in, shuts her eyes, and ignores the ever-persistent voices of disdain from the garden birds.

At dusk, she opens her beautiful yellow eyes and begins her routine of preparation.  Night-time jaunts require feathers in pristine condition, so she preens and preens.  Then she stretches her wings and examines her talons.  A few good shakes and then she scans for flight options. Soon she's gone - to hunt in the green belt below our house.

I continue to feel so privileged by her presence although she's still not shown any interest in the owl box.  I've not seen her mate either. Hopefully, OWL is here to stay.

Some pictures...

 A 'lucky' glimpse of the nictitating membrane across OWL's eye

A short video clip of OWL being pestered by the garden birds:

Sending lots of love

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