Monday, March 3, 2014



I am delighted to inform my readers that OWL does, indeed, have a mate. What fantastic news!
I was lucky enough to see them both in the early hours of this morning, so now my heart is at ease. Can't wait to see what he really looks like.  They tell me that he will be smaller than her.

We were woken to a chorus of haunting hooting at 5.30 this morning. I quickly rushed out of bed, to my window to watch OWL on the roof of my neighbour's house. Toby and Lexi didn't appear too shaken - I think they are becoming accustomed to me running around the house peering out of windows.  OWL's hooting continued until I saw a large dark shape fly over.  She quickly took off to join him. Isn't this wonderful news?

A few hours later OWL was back on her favoured perch - on the pole in the corner of our garden.
It's a drizzly day in Johannesburg, but ECOSOLUTIONS arrived promptly as arranged.
(Above: Mr Sam Louw and Mr Jackson Mageza from ECOSOLUTIONS...and the famous 'OWL BOX' installed in the tree in the background)

I was greeted with a friendly smile by two of the company's employees who joined me in taking a look at the trees in the garden as well as our special OWL - on her perch.  The tree I'd ear-marked for the OWL BOX met their approval and they set about the job.
 Jackson - "Ready for action"
 Precarious have to be agile to do this.  And brave!

So, which branch will it be? 
 Below: Sam gets the box ready to be raised.
 Almost there...
 Now the tricky bit starts - attach it to the tree and ensure that it is level.

 mmm...we need to cut off that sharp branch...
 No problem.
 If you are wondering what nesting materials OWLS need - well it is simply GRAVEL. What could be easier?
 Below: Jackson puts the gravel into the OWL HOUSE....
 Well, I thought I'd appease the barbets in our garden while we had the workers here. So ECOSOLUTIONS installed a nesting log for me too.
 (BTW they also do BAT HOTELS...check out their WEBSITE)
 This time it's Sam's turn to do the climbing.
 Done and dusted - OWL BOX INSTALLED!
Now we wait and see if our dear OWL pair like the box.
I really hope so.

Many thanks to ECOSOLUTIONS for the efficient installation of our OWL BOX.
Please contact them if you are thinking of doing the same.
Sending lotsaluv

ps.  I have put together a montage of pictures as well as a recording of the OWL HOOTING on this YOU TUBE ARRANGEMENT
I hope you enjoy it.

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