Sunday, April 25, 2010


MAXMOM here...
Yes, you've got it!

What better way to cheer a frozen soul than to visit a favourite coffee shop?
The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and the happy sound of a busy kitchen will stop anyone in their tracks!

We all have favourite coffee shops and mine is the 
(There are numerous outlets here in our buzzing city.)
( you HAVE TO read EACH WORD of this blogpost!...)

Whether I partake in  mouth-watering muffins, plush pies or simply sip on a steaming cup of coffee, the effect is the same...

Since I am currently on a weight-loss programme, my choices are severely and sadly restricted!
I find myself in a battle with withering willpower!. 

Yesterday's jovial birthday celebration, required that I devise, in haste, an ingenious plan to overcome the hurdles of temptation.

Instead of demolishing their offerings, I took to photographing their decadent display of delicious delectables!

On reflection, I realise that I have lost out on nothing!?!
(Yes, I am trying to convince myself!)

But why am I constantly recalling the images and battling with over-active salivary glands?
Oh dear! Is there no remorse in the creativity of bakers!
(They're a nasty lot!)

So in true revenge, I am embarking on an opportunity to get someone else's tastebuds flowing.
(My focus is YOU! This way, I needn't suffer alone! :)

So, dear reader, what will your order be...?

Peppermint Tart, Rich Chocolate Cake or a delicious Carrot Cake?...?

Or will it be Smooth Strawberry Cheesecake that slips down your throat?...?

What about an added muffin - poppyseed, banana, carrot, bran?
Or a scone with strawberries and silky cream?...?

A Hot Apple and Banana pie is definitely worth a try...
...with added cream..?...?

Perhaps you'd prefer the Pecan Nut Pie instead...?...?

Lemon Meringue...will tantalise those taste buds! ...?

Chocolate meringue....?...?

How am I doing?
Are you drooling yet?

Cup of coffee, anyone?
Or perhaps a fruit juice?

Or if it's breakfast time, how about this...?...

Or this?

So there you have it!
Did I succeed in transferring my craving to you?

Either way, I have declared myself
Will-power has won!
...Amidst all the festivity, I silently sipped on a fast cooling cup of Rooibos Tea..!

So what do you think?
Is the Diet done? Has the temptation won?

Did I really win the day?
Or will I dream tonight of cake?...
...light soft cake?....
...on the tip of a cake fork that never reaches my mouth?!

Oh the destructiveness of diets!!!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You have totally transferred your cravings onto me--However, I wouldn't even know where to start or what to order, so I'll have to defer to you to be the taste tester and let us know what YOUR recommendation would be! :-))

Scout and Freyja said...

Give me some of that Lemon Meringue Pie RIGHT NOW! I was perfectly fine until I saw THAT pie and then I was scrambling over to my pantry to see if I have everything in the house to bake one - NOTHING! Good think because today I am in the mood to EAT A WHOLE PIE!

Jacqueline said...

Was it your birthday, Caryl?...Happy, Happy Birthday if it was indeed your special day!...Diets are no fun, although it is always nice to lose a few pounds; but, I have convinced myself over the years that birthday cake has no calories!! :)

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh you are being so cruel today, Caryl - LOL - how could you possibly photograph all those delicacies and not partake? Mom says she will take one of each, well, maybe not the apple and banana pie - she likes bananas as just plain bananas.

Happy Sunday.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Sheila and Bob said...

Our mouths are watering, what delicious photos, and such willpower.

Sheila & Bob

houndstooth said...

I've stopped going into my favorite little coffee shop because my willpower is just too weak, and now you show me this? You're an evil, evil woman! Not to mention that a new bakery and cafe is opening down the street from us in easy walking distance! Gads! I have to run away from this post now!

the magic sleigh said...

Oh my. My diet is going very poorly now, after a weekend of eating out and now seeing this, my will power must be strong.... although it is killing me, I think i need to go eat dinner now...

-Kira The BeaWootiful's Mom

Anya said...

It looks all delicious :)))))
Its a yummie..... post :))))
I received those cupcake pictures by mail from a friend ;)
I don't know that puppy is ??
(I want a piece pecan nut pie ...

Have a wonderful day
and bearhugs for Max :))))

Jake of Florida said...

Ah, this is a different side of Maxmom -- and perhaps a new cyber crime.

So sayeth the judge: We find Maxmom guilty of USING THE INTERNET TO TRANSFER CRAVINGS FOR LEMON PIE, CHOCOLATE CAKE, AND STRAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE and hereby sentence her to an indefinite period of watching all those infected with the viral cravings enjoy their chosen sweets, down to the last morsel.

Dear Maxmom, we too are trying to shed pounds and we relished every image!!


Mrs. JP said...

First of all - you aren't playing fair!!!
Second of all - I stay on my "diet" by giving myself a "day of grace." That way all week I can stay strong because I know Saturday's coming. That makes it so much better for me than "cold turkey!"
All things in moderation! Go ahead, have one smaller portion of something that you crave - under the condition and promise to yourself of another week of being a good girl!

Mrs. JP said...

By the way-that meringue that they make is off the chart!!
If I had to choose it would be between chocolate whatever or pecan pie.
YOu said read every word!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I agree- I was fine until i saw that bacon and the carrot cake.!
So now my mouth will drool and only until i do something drastic.
Hummm what do I have to take care of these immediate cravings- since I live 12 miles from any store.
And not one good thing in here to eat. I think I will go get a big spoon full of PEANUT BUTTER.

Unknown said...


We're all drooling here!

Sheryl said...

I didn't realize you had a people blog. I love it. Glad I read it after I had breakfast or who knows what kind of frenzy I would have gone it too. It looks so good. Now, for a cup of coffee.

Have a great day.

Piappies World said...

Oh wow!

Too many yummy treats! You've lost me somewhere between the strawberry pastries and the apple pie.
A little piece would be ok, I think, right?! Waaaaah

- Piappies World Mom

Jan Mader said...

I'm going to be thinking about lemon pie all day. Yes! I'm drooling!!!!

Golden Samantha said...

Scrumptious - your photos are delectible and I am drooling. I can smell coffee aromas and the warm smells of yummy things baking - oh for some of that delicious contraband (for me too!).
Sam and Mom

pibble said...

Oh, cheesecake...cheeeeeeesecake!