Saturday, April 10, 2010



Hello there everybody!

My regular readers will immediately realise that there has been a change in this blog...
A transition from "THE JOURNEY TO MY FIRST BOOK"

This change will allow me more space to share my life with you. It will also open a bigger window to exercise my creativity in writing and allow me to express some of my more serious thoughts.

Many of you will know that MAXDOG is ill. Sadly the nature of his illness determines that his era will eventually come to an end!

I am not sure what I will eventually do with Max's blog, but my gut feel is to preserve it as his legacy...a testament to what his life and his blog has meant to his friends across the world.

 It is for this reason that I am shaping this particular blog into an arena which will ensure some continuity to my own personal blogging.

Many of you will also know that I endeavour to keep my blogs positive and that there are many folk who rely on this particular 'positivity'. ..
This committment to positivity however has (to some extent) clipped my creative wings.
You see, although life is incredibly enriching when you adopt a positive attitude, I do feel that the 'challenges' which face me are a reality of life in this country and need to be showcased.

Although we are blessed with an incredible heritage in South Africa, life is not always easy...

We battle with the ravages of a developing and complicated society. We come face to face with crime, poverty, unemployment, social breakdown, corruption, racial tension, lack of services, anger and despair on a daily basis. As middle-class citizens, in suburbia, we attempt to protect ourselves behind high walls, alarm systems and electric fences. We are forced to become street smart in preventing hijacking, mugging and general criminal awareness. Life is not always easy.

This morning I came face to face with yet another common, yet unacceptable occurrence...

My daughter and I were enroute to gym in early Saturday morning traffic.
She was driving and I was in the passenger seat next to her. She approached and enterred a busy intersection and waited to turn right and for the traffic light to change. When the light finally changed and it was her turn  she edged forward. At that point some maniac sped right through the clearly red traffic light at high speed. He swerved to avoid us but clipped our vehicle, bashing both the bumper and the front fender.

Although an accident always brings on a surge of adrenalin and shock, one doesn't expect a perpetrator of an accident to simply drive off. What added insult to injury was that indeed he did stop but only some way up the street.  '3' people emerged from the  vehicle to check their own damage.

I grabbed my camera and got out of our car and beckoned to them to come back and talk to us. The law requires that we check to see if anyone is injured and swop contact details. Well these hooligans, who had clearly displayed dangerous and reckless driving, simply stood halfway up the street and looked at me. I continued to beckon them and walked towards them but they quickly got back into their car and drove off.

As a regular blogger, I ALWAYS have my camera with me.

(Yes..that is them in the grey Toyota Taz...waiting for a gap in the traffic to drive off!!!)

Unfortunately their number plate is obscured
(since this is a long distance, fast shot and I was shaking)
 They didn't even blink an eye or reflect the humanity of checking on whether we were injured at all!

I am incredibly thankful that we weren't hurt  Had it been one millisecond later, my daughter's life and mine might have been abruptly terminated!


There are many similar examples in our beautiful country of lawlessness...

The point I am making really is that I am deeply disappointed in the actions of SOME folk in this country. Whilst the vast majority are peaceful, respectful and law-abiding citizens, a few give our beautiful country a bad name and merely serve to harm it.

We have some extreme political leaders who embarrass us common folk on the international stage. We have intollerant and infantile rhetoric spewed across the media by these extremists. This doesn't help to still the deep rooted anxieties amongst us common citizens of this country. As normal citizens we are desperately in need of strong leadership which will foster the building of our beautiful rainbow nation and preserve its legacy!

 Whilst I can't change the world, I can encourage the simple endorsement amongst us all of gestures of caring and basic humanity.  
This simple act of reachng out to another fellow human being would go a long way towards a better world!

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy weekend.


nancyturtle said...

I believe in the power of staying positive. In my country the media have become enamored with the negative, believing that it "sells". Thus we only hear of bad news and violence. If I had never discovered blogging, I would not know that there are wonderful, positive people like you in South Africa. I would have assumed that there were, but I am glad to have proof positive in blogland. I think we must keep up this kind of communication to get the word out about all the good that is in the world!

Pip said...

I am so glad you were not hurt!

I have a collegue that lives in Cape Town and he speaks with simular concern of issues with the political agenda of your country.

I'm glad you have open this venue for yourself, and for us. I do count on Maxdog to lift my spirits, and he does so every day in amazing ways. But I often wonder about you, the voice behind the magic.

I look forward reading of your observations and expressions of the world in which you live.

TK's mom

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With Khattledog said...

We are glad to see your are unhurt but it is sad some can't be held accountable for their actions -

We hope you don't feel any extra discomfort tomorrow and going forward beyond that -

houndstooth said...

I'm so glad you didn't get hurt!

Sometimes you have to examine the less than positive aspects of life to truly appreciate what you do have! I love the new look and direction of the blog!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

The main thing is that you were both unhurt. I can see just what you mean and it is sad that a minority can spoil things. We also have a bad contigent in our country.. If only.. That springs to mind. Carol x

Jake of Florida said...

Thanks to Khyra, we were alerted to the accident that shook you and your daughter so -- thank doG for that extra millisecond!

I know lots of not so positive things are happening in your world; but, sadly, hooligans who don't bother to stop afer hurting someone else in their vehicle are not the exclusive province of your country. We've had several instances here in our area just in the last few weeks.

On the other hand, there is the incredible story of a perfect stranger who jumped into the river in New York to save a small child...

We're glad you are your daughter are OK -- after the adrenalin has calmed down -- and are sending you wirey -- and human -- love.

Joan and the Barkalots

Tama-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Given what just happened to #1, we feel HUGE empathy about what happened to you! Very glad you weren't hurt.

sprinkles said...

What a relief that you and your daughter are unhurt!!! I truly do believe in karma so what those people did WILL come back to haunt them in some way or another!

I wonder if there is a way to enhance the photo somehow to look at the license plate.

Your comment on my blog said that I'm a wonderfully positive person. Apparently I put up a good front because it's all fake. I'm very negative by nature. I try to act positive in the hopes that it'll rub off and I'll actually feel that way. So far it hasn't happened but maybe one day...

Mimi said...

Caryl, send me the photo of the other car FULL SIZE. I think my son may be able to enhance it enough to read the license plate. If he can't, at least we gave it a try☺

Jans Funny Farm said...

So glad you are both okay! What a scare. Too bad you weren't able to get a clear shot of the license plate from where you were, but it's amazing you were able to think to get the camera out after such an occurrence.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh my, I am so glad you and your daughter were not hurt, but such poor behavior on the part of those hooligans. We hope you can track them down and make them right this wrong. As others have said, sadly such rudeness is not unique to your area. Not all humans are respectful of others.

KT and Easton said...

Greetings, didn't realize you had another blog. OK, now we know!!
Hit and run people are dangerous cowards and should be jailed (just my humble opinion). Very relieved you both were not injured.

Max's blog will always be a testament to his legacy. Keep it and update it after he is gone (hopefully not for a long time) when the spirit moves you. I kind of did the same for Devo, but only discovered blogging after he was gone. It was wonderful therapy to record my memories and intimate thoughts about my little boy.

BTW - Max looked wonderful on his off-leash adventure. I'm so happy you had such a great time.

KT and Lady

Unknown said...

Hi Maxmom.

I'm so glad you weren't hurt, those hooligans were dangerous.

About your future blog, we'll always come to visit you wherever you are. But you could always blog about Tammy and Toffee still.

Asta said...


I just saw this and was so scared for you and your daughter..Thank dog you're both all right.
How frightening and horrible for you.
Given how those people who hit you responded, it's probably better that they didn't come any closer..sounds like very nasty types. It's the same here, mowt people are wonderful and caring, but a few give the place a bad name. I'm afraid that's true anywhere.

Asta sends her soothing smoochies for the two of you, and I send my love


the booker man said...

i'm so relieved that you and your daughter are alright!
hopefully, there will be some way to magnify your photo so you can get that license plate.

the booker man's mama

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh my...we just shook when we read this...

Please know we've sent a virtual hug through our computer to you and your daughter...

As for those who hit you? We're saying a prayer that they learn right from wrong...and common decency and compassion.

We agree with Asta...we would have been frightened of them also...

And we didn't know YOU had a blog...or if we did we'd forgotten...

We're sending our love to you and special kisses to Max...

Scruffy, Lacie and Stan's Mumsie aka Marilyn

Lacy said...

w00fs, me is sure glad u and daughter is ok...and me agrees, u are prolly lucky u didnt catch up to those crazy peoples..this is the mama, just wanted to let u know, i kept angel lacylulu's blog going and now rocky is posting...i couldnt bring myself to dispose of it..we worked so hard on it and she was a loving part of our its now watched over "by an angel"...

b safe,

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my goodness, that could have ended much worse. Thank goodness you and your daughter were unhurt. I can only imagine how badly shaken you must have been.
It saddens me that people are so thoughless and think so little of others.

Take Care
Denise (Noah's mum)
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Paxton said...

Dear Caryl

Very happy to hear that you and your daughter came off without personal injury. Material things can always be repaired but it is the human parts that take longer, even if only on a psychological level. Paxton and I pray that you both recover mentally as well! I hear what you say about my home country and when somebody from here says something negative about it - no matter what - I will defend South Africa because not all the apples in the basket are bad! There are plenty good apples, like you, living there.

I also understand your philosophy behind your new blog and totally agree with where you come from. You know that you have many other people out in cyberspace that support you!

Take care and fondest love

The Mom (aka Shirley) and Paxton

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Caryl
We follow you where ever you go!
We are so thankful that you and your daughter were not hurt. And we hope that tomorrow you still feel ok.
Hooligans are just everywhere and it is so sad, that they have no respect for human life.
We all just needs peace. Why can't we love one another?

The Thundering Herd said...

So glad that you are not hurt (the most important thing), but disappointing that others do not take responsibility. My recent experience - a gentleman running into the back of my Jeep (and fortunately no human or pup hurt) - was exactly the opposite. He apologized. Offered (and did) to pay for my damages. Apologized again. That is a true human!

Golden Samantha said...

Your experience (and that of your daughter as well) is horrible, and it's incredible how beautifully (and even positively - you write about it - you will definitely get that book done.) I am so, so glad to hear that you are both okay, but the action of those maniacal idiots is highly illegal here - I hope your police find and deal with them forcefully. What a scary thing to happen. We are thinking of you both - and always of Max too. May you all rest up and recuperate from this nightmarish event.