Friday, April 30, 2010


MAXMOM here...

Hello there everybody!
Today I'm including an extract from my diary.
This blog will be incomplete if I don't include ALL the things that I care about...



Max is lying here next to me on the bed - snoring away. This has become a early morning ritual.  There is something so peaceful about listening to the regular pattern of his and he is ensconced in my fluffy feather duvet.  He is totally relaxed and totally content. He looks angelic and I just adore the chance to stroke his soft fur whilst I drink my tea.

Generally the 'Boss' gets up before me.  He doesn't have an option because Tammy is the first one to want to go out.  Of the four dogs accommodated in our bedroom, she is the most energetic and restless.  She saunters up really close to the Boss's bedside, right next to his face, and then flaps her ears vigorously. It's a rude awakening!

Once this canine alarm clock has been set off there is no more rest for my poor Boss, so he reluctantly gets up , puts the house alarm off and goes off to open up the door for our companions.

Tammy is the first one down the passage, chomping at the bit, whilst the Boss fumbles with the security door key.  She's keen to find out if there are Hadedah Ibises about.  Max gets up too, shakes himself off and pads quietly behind the two of them, followed by King Toffee on his hind legs.

 Aging Tommy will only get up much later when he's emerged from dreamland.

Whilst the Boss makes tea in the kitchen for the two of us, the dogs sniff around the garden.  It's dewy at the moment and they don't really like their paws wet, so they come back into he house relatively quickly.  Let me qualify this...the MALES come back! Tammy-girl has her own agenda... like watching the sun rise and ensuring a feather-free garden.  She's quite a little character!

Now Max lies next to me, fast asleep and totally contented.  He's most definitely not ready to end his fight!  He embraces the world and everything it offers - even his sleep - soaking it up a moment at a time.My angelic dog is totally at peace...alive and pain free.

It's Friday and my heart lifts. My whole family will be home for the next two days and I am happy.


Have a wonderful weekend!
With love


Jacqueline said...

Caryl, you and Max are on my mind many times everyday and I have been worrying about you guys; so good to hear he is still fighting and you are finding happiness in your moments with him...I feel the love and heartache in your post and am just very glad for your upcoming family weekend...Wishing you all the best and many blessings of love and joy in your time together.

Scout and Freyja said...

I see that you are now watching Daisy Cottage. Isn't that house adorable?

Early morning is my favorite time of day. Not quite 7 I am here in the kitchen, laptop on the table and Rosemary on my lap. The dogs have been out - in - and gobbled up their breakfast. My home is at peace.

My Mind's Eye said...

Max Mom....what a lovely post.
You have such lovely way with words and I felt like I was right there with you as you wrote,
Enjoy your family and give Max a pet from us,
Madi and Mom

the magic sleigh said...

Max Mom- A lovely post as usual... I understand about the ear flapping thing, it is Scampi's favorite way of waking me, meanwhile the queen Kira does not usually get up before noon, the medications she is on slows her way down. I usually check her several times a morning to see of she is still breathing.
God bless and keep the love

-Kira The BeaWootiful's Mom

Sheila and Bob said...

Max Mom;

Your post has lifted our hearts also.
Peace to Max and to your entire family.

Sheila & Bob

MySpecialDoggies said...

Hi Caryl
Thank God that Max is still with you. I've been wondering how he was and praying that he still graced your life as Apples is mine.

Best wishes,
Nadine, Apples & Neeli

Golden Samantha said...

I love your new blog and am only sorry that I am not (can't) read or comment each day! A beautiful post about the morning routine. How nice of the Boss to get you tea in bed - lovely vision I have... with Max sleeping at your side.
Sounds like a lot of keys and security, but I recall that you've written about the necessity of it before.
Have a wonderful weekend and give Max and the whole pack pats and loves from us.
Sammie and family

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Glad to hear from you.. Glad you still have your beautiful Max.. Please give him and all your other lovelies a huge hug from friends here in the UK. LOve Carol and GJ xx

Imagery by Kimberly said...

Hi there!!!

Thank you SO much for your kind comment on my blog! It is a delight to meet you and may I say you have a poetic way with words... and your little furbabies are as cute as can be.


Ms. ~K said...

As always, I feel at peace after spending time in your world. Thank you.
Enjoy your special time with family!
Hugs and belly rubs,
Kit and Pups

Mrs. JP said...

That sounds like a good a.m. schedule and lots like ours only the dogs start staring at me. Like they can will me awake with their eyes. Actually, I guess they can because I always get up and let them out, turn on the coffee, and sometimes crawl back in bed for 10 more minutes.
Your Max is a darling. Enjoy your weekend.

The Life of Riley said...

Your morning ritual sounds wonderful, and I can see why Max is so contented - in a house surrounded by a family who loves him, AND then getting to spend time snoozing beside his Mom on the bed! I've only mangaged to get from sleeping in the laundry (when I was a puppy), to the family room, to the bedroom floor - so far my mum and dad haven't allowed me on the furniture so you are one very lucky dog Max.


houndstooth said...

I love those little routines they all have! Enjoy your weekend!

sprinkles said...

What a beautiful diary! And a beautiful excerpt from it too!

Sometimes I'll hold my chi Chico to my chest and he'll snore so loud! I don't know how something so small can make so much noise! I love to listen to it because I know he's happy and content.

If I don't get up early enough for Shiver, he'll chew on me and lick me. It's kind of annoying! It serves it's purpose though as it gets me up pretty quickly! LOL

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank you for sharing a little from your diary with us on how your morning is going.
It is so wonderful to have your whole family together to share some time.
And each of the furbabies has their own little routine. I see that Max totally enjoys snuggling in bed.
And Tammy is out enjoying what mother nature has offered.

ocmist said...

We, too, want to thank you for sharing a bit of your day and the feelings of your heart. It was "Peace-giving" in a special way.

I'm about to close for the night and go put OC's wheelchair on her so we can go out before going to bed. It has given US more time together.

Flapping ears is a much nicer "alarm clock" than BG (also called Chuncky Butt) doing CPR on the chest, which is how My Hubby is awakened for work each morning! LOL

Please know that prayers for you, Max and the rest of your family, are always floating heavenward from Corgi Country!