Sunday, May 2, 2010


MAXMOM here...

What a beautiful Autumn Day we are having here in
I simply can't get over the amazing display of yellows, oranges, reds and greens which are decorating our city at the moment. The Autumn season always reminds me of the concept of 

It always serves to remind me how different we all are and UNIQUE each of us is.
Today, I celebrate Autumn in it's insistence of demonstrating uniqueness in each transforming leaf.

 I know my header celebrates the Autumn colours in itself, but I can't resist showing you some more. This is the view from our own garden at the moment...

...and a closer look at that red tree...

Some trees have the full range of Autumn colours...

A closer look...

The next photo is my all time favourite....
A single, misplaced branch on the side of a tree trunk trumpeting the season in total celebration...

Everything in creation is unique to itself!
Each leaf is different...
as is the uniqueness of each person on our planet!

We all have something special to contribute in our own unique way!
I just love how the Autumn season highlights this fact.


Our days are also getting chillier as we move towards winter.

Yesterday we took a leisurely stroll around a shopping complex nearby called
"Brightwater Commons"
Our purpose was to simply spend time together - the "Boss" and I - and see what the shops have to offer.

Brightwater Commons has a small 'lake' and numerous restaurants and coffee shops which surround it.  The setting is very tranquil. We sat down at an outside table to have a cup of coffee and relax.  We were joined by a feather friend..
I'm sure that we all recognise these birds, but although pigeons are 'common' and prolific around the world, have we actually stopped to take in their unique glory?
I love his shiny purple feathers on his neck!
He was there to pick up the crumbs that are arbitarily tossed to the fish...

Each water lily on the various ponds was different.
Some white, some pink -
all UNIQUE!...

Since our city is a host to some of the Fifa Soccer World cup games, in only 40 days time, all the shops are trying to sell something
"Uniquely South African" or "Uniquely Soccer World cup"...

We had lots of fun looking at all the offerings in the various flea markets around Brightwater Commons...
Some fridge magnets...

A sports goods shop...trying to do something different  in its window display...

There are many craft shops in our city that try and offer something unique to our visitors...

Back at home, UNIQUENESS is so aptly demonstrated by our very own

Comfortably settled on his personal throne, KING TOFFEE perceives his world in his own unique fashion. As far as he's concerned, the only function the human race has is to attend to his own personal needs - even if it is to sometimes satisfy his hunger to perceive the world upside down...

And then ...
...there are my own two beautiful Golden Retrievers...
their uniqueness is so well demonstrated in the manner in which they are managing Maxdog's illness. There are times when Tammy-girl is comforting and attentive and times when the call of the outside is just too much.

As for my darling Max...I know he simply wants to be given a chance to fight this illness. He (not me) takes each moment for what it offers and he still wags his tail to tell me that all is okay - that I must 'let him be'.

Yes, every creature on this planet is unique!
No creature nor any person should be judged by the standards of others but rather from the point of view of their own personal paradigms.

All should be granted this opportunity to simply...

With love


Heather and Kelly said...

Yes, we are all very very unique! No one is the same. And it's a beautiful thing that we all are different.
Ellie wants to say thank you for including a picture of a pigeon in your post--they are her favorite birds and she agrees that people never appreciate them for their uniqueness. That once they see and admire a pigeon they don't look at the other ones too.
She says people should be like her and look at every one they see and admire it..... :)

Have a wonderful day, thanks for the update on the Maxdog.

Heather and Ellie

houndstooth said...

It's very true, we are all unique! It's fun to find the special things that set us apart!

Ms. ~K said...

I once had a student named "Unique"...and she was, for sure! chuckle
I'm loving all the fall foliage photos.
The photo of Tammy and Max melted my heart!
Hugs to you all,

Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous Autumn photos; the view of the beautiful trees from your yard is lovely...King Toffee is too adorable and the picture of Max and Tammy's heads together is just precious and speaks to their love for one another...We should all embrace our uniqueness and march to our own beat=a simple idea, yet complex to some who only wish to conform...Blessings and love, my sweeet friends.

The Life of Riley said...

Thank you for your own unique way of looking at things - I always enjoy reading your posts. I loved the photo of Tammy and Max - plus the close up autumn colours.

KB said...

I love the theme of stopping to notice the uniqueness in each being.

I absolutely adore the KING's photo. But, even more, the Tammy and Maxdog photo. I'd hang that one on the wall!

Mrs. JP said...

Our Creator God mixes colors in the most beautiful way. Fall and spring especially show that trait off. The water lily picture is frame worthy or at least desktop!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Beautiful colors of fall that shows the uniqueness and beauty of your part of the world!! I love the shops and the "unique" treasures they no doubt hold!

Golden Samantha said...

The rhythms of nature - oh how beautifully you write and think. Fascinating to see pictures of things there for sale in stores, autumn foliage in South Africa and the dogs in their unique poses. Thank you for always sharing your life there so honestly - uniquely, your way - beautiful.
Cheers and Hugs,
Sammie's Mom

Angus said...

The two fly halves and the winger are here planning their trip to SA. If they have anything to do with it the country will have a wonderful party. We are discovering what days of grace mean - exhausting, ipsetting, emotional but priceless.

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Said so well. If all would be quiet and just look and listen...Yesterday is gone, we know not what the furture will bring(and we certainly cannot predict or change it) we only have right now. One of the things we could well learn from our dogs. Living in this moment.
Very good post
Jamie & thee Texas sundogs

Jake of Florida said...

One of the things we miss here in South Florida is the dramatic and boisterous changing of the leaves at autumn time. So we very much apprecated your photos showing the brilliance of your fall colors.

Our seasons do change -- but the visible signs are very subtle -- which means that, to discover their uniqueness, one has to be extra observant. Not a bad requirement for everything in life, right?

Gentle hugs to Maxdog. His days of grace are now forever intertwined with those of our pal Digby and his brave family. But again, each fightng in his own unique way.

xx Joan

Valerie Cummings said...

Oh! Its so true! We are all unique!!! And what I find facinating is your going into the gorgeous colors of autumn with the red hues on the trees and its the total opposite here! Birds singing,sun shining,new life abounds! Even on our front porch in a potted plant a bird has built her nest and we will be seeing new life soon!!!!
I hope to get some pictures!!!
Loving your blog!!! Hugs Valerie joey and Kealani

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Just as all these leaves
are unique
some fall
some twirl
some cling
some change colors
some have a display
while others drop silently
so are hearts
unique in their own way.
Some hearts are joyful
Some hearts are thoughtful
Some hearts are ment to be listened to.
Max's heart is one of those. Listen for what he has to say.
He has shown he is unique

Deborah said...

Hi again,
We had a company called Unique Services! We were a trucking company about 20 years ago! So yes, we are all "Unique" in our own ways!