Thursday, January 2, 2014

365 Grateful: DAY 2: I am grateful for the incredible diversity of animals on this earth

Hello, dear friends and...

My prayer is that our Lord you will bless you all abundantly during this new brand new year: that He will fill you with faith, hope, love and immense peace; that you will be able to lovingly reach out anew to the people around you and to perhaps touch someone's life in a significant manner.

(Above:  The Meerkat mommy tending her babies...)


This year, I have decided to take up a very specific challenge and I am starting this project today. 
 Perhaps you'd like to join me? 
The project is called
It is a simple project and involves finding something everyday (and to perhaps photograph it) for which you are grateful. 
Gratitude is often something we forget to express.  This year, I resolve to be more grateful and to express my gratitude more. I am going to try my best to put up at least one picture every day - no matter how simple - and to share it with you.

(Please click on the above link and read up more about the project).

Since I missed putting up a blogpost yesterday, I am including yesterday's item here:

1 JANUARY 2014
***I am grateful for the incredible blessing of my family! 
Thank you - Les, Robyn and Jenny for all you mean to me.
I love you!


2 JANUARY 2014
***I am grateful for the incredible diversity of animals on this earth!

Today is my daughter's birthday. (Happy birthday, Miss R!!!)
By way of celebration, we decided to take a morning off and spend it at the Johannesburg Zoo. 
I am amazed at the diversity of creatures on this earth. It was with some sadness that I noticed numerous signs on various enclosures marked: 'ENDANGERED'.  This really brought home the importance of these creatures to our planet. I am so grateful that I share my planet with such an abundance of wild life. If only we can all play our part to preserve our wonderful heritage.

Here are a few pictures of our visit:

 Mokoko the Gorilla...
 A future vet student (?) sweet!

 Beautiful birds...

(Will my great-grandchildren be able to see these creatures during their lifetime?)

 Poor Polar bear - in the sweltering African heat...
Obviously there were so many more pictures, but I've just selected a few for today's challenge.

are you going to join me in this challenge?
Let's all share some gratitude.

Sending lots of love