Monday, January 6, 2014

#365Grateful: Day 6: Wake-up committee

***I am grateful for my wake-up committee!

My early morning wake-up committee is ever faithful and I am so grateful for them!

My three dogs are usually the first at my bedside- their soft wining is the first sound in my day. Unfortunately, ageing Tammy prefers to sleep in her bed nowadays, but Toby and young Lexi never fail in their endeavours to rouse me. 

 Their soft noses nudge me into each new day and, as I open my eyes, their expression suggests that the dawn offers great excitement. There is much to discover in this brand new day.

 Lately, Lexi brings me her tennis-ball. I have no option but to smile, take it from her mouth and to throw it - against the corner wall - arcing the ball and prompting a fast sprint down the passage. She's not gone for long before the ball is once again dropped next to me, on my bed.
Toby takes full advantage of his status in the pecking order and demands cuddles.

 We can learn so much from dogs about how we embrace each new day.  I am grateful for their consistent tutoring.


Not long after the dogs have said their 'Hello's', my darling hubby places a delicious cup of hot tea on my bedside table.

This is a little task he's performed - religiously - for the past 31 years of our marriage and it has become a symbol of his love for me. It's a habit that could easily be taken for granted, but today I want to say;

"Les, I am grateful for you in my life; for your love and commitment...and for my regular, WONDERFUL cup of tea in the morning! I love you!"

There is so much to be grateful for. If you've missed out some on the past few days #365Grateful blog posts, please read back on the other five days before this one. My challenge, this year, is to put up one "Gratitude" blogpost each day. 

Sending lots of love