Sunday, January 5, 2014

#365GRATEFUL: DAY 5: My church


I don't often post about the deeper aspects of my faith (perhaps regretfully) on a regular basis, but today being a Sunday, is an appropriate time to show my gratitude to this beautiful little church which has been my support for so many years.  It is the place that I go to worship on a Sunday and is the home of people I hold dear in my heart. 

I realise that many of the followers on this blog are not of the Christian faith and I have no intention of offending them, but I have to be honest - my faith is an essential part of my life.  I hope you will allow me this space to express my gratitude to fellow travellers.  In the light of my 2014 challenge: #365GRATEFUL, I simply have to share a little more about this special place in my life:


NHCF is located on a hilltop, in the suburb 'Harveston' (how ironic), in Johannesburg, South Africa. The church has been planted amidst a 'forest' of town-houses in the hope of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and 'reaping a new harvest'.  

One way or another, NHCF has been part of my life since the early 1990's. The inter-dependence of the people in the congregation foster an atmosphere of encouragement and intimacy. We are all 'sinners-in-christ' who have chosen to share our journey together and to spread the message.  NHCF is my spiritual home for which I am truly gratefu!.

 I have recently returned to this fellowship, after about 10 years of absence during the 'MAXDOG' era. It was during that time that my personal testimony took shape -


I am so grateful to live in a country where religious association is free so, like others, I am able to practice my faith amidst a group of people who share similar religious views. These are the people who provide sanctuary for me during my own walk in faith; where my own role - to encourage them too - finds its purpose.  How apt that one of the first banners in our church was this one:

Yes, I certainly have had trouble in my life and have relied heavily on this particular passage. This  banner (above) was one of the first erected in our church.  Besides this banner another 12 others grace the walls of the sanctuary.  They were created by the various fellowship groups when NHCF first became independent in October 2000.

I thought I'd post some pictures of the banners for you to see.  Feel free to look up the passages inscribed on them - perhaps they will open up new windows for you too. The messages on these banners  form the foundation of our belief.

The next banner holds special meaning for me personally.  It was the one that our own fellowship group designed and created at the time of the church's inception. The words have often kept me afloat during my many times of confusion:

"...Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls..." (JER 6;16 NIV)

Some of my sentimentality in this particular banner (above) rests in the fact that its picture was taken from one of my own childhood prayer books. 

The other beautiful banners:


The NHCF is aimed at being a family church.  I am also particularly grateful for the worship team which leads us each Sunday morning in reverent praise.  We are immensely blessed with some talented musicians and singers:

During 2013, our church's mission was:
My personal prayer has been that, in some way, this blog and the words in my posts have reflected this light during 2013. I am grateful for these passages which hold me together.

I am also grateful for the small little messages which are subtly displayed in our church.  For example, this beautiful little sculpture which graced the communion table this morning:

The congregation at NHCF are also blessed by the leadership and vision of its pastors. Thank you - Calven, Graham and Mervyn for your love, your commitment and your passion for our Lord. We love you immensely!

Should you want to read up more about NHCF, please
(or find us on Facebook)
...perhaps you'd like to join us one Sunday morning?
You would be most welcome!

***I am grateful for our church!

Sending lotsaluv to all my friends around the world. 
May God bless you - abundantly - in your Spiritual walk.