Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#365Grateful : Day 8 : Electricity

***I am grateful for Electricity

As a child, I grew up on a remote farm, without electricity.  The first time I ever experienced electricity was in 1970 - when I was 11 years old! It felt like heaven had arrived! At last, I could see at night. And the hours that were available to complete my homework had suddenly doubled. Gee, did we celebrate!

  Up until that stage, we used gas lamps and candle-light on the farm.  Our food was cooked on an old coal stove and we had to be frugal in our planning - because we didn't have fridges. It was wonderful to be able to sit outside in a moonlit night and enjoy the cool of the evening.  Fans were unheard of, so too were washing machines. (All our clothes were washed in an old, rusty bath, under the bamboo tree, using "sunlight" soap.)

 I remember, when I was even younger, how the distinct ghostly shadows pranced along the farmhouse wall as I walked along with my torch.  I remember how I'd retire with a torch under the bedcovers - reading my book - in a vain attempt to ward off the shadows and the tales in my imagination.

How times have changed! In the city, one hardly gives electricity a second thought.  The city's lights twinkle for miles - that is until Eskom (our electricity provider) decides its time to load-shed. It's then that the gas cookers, candles and torches are retrieved and letters of complaint circulate social media.  Twitter is abuzz with tweeters who are dissatisfied because they missed their latest soap-opera. 

The reality is (and it's almost unbelievable) that there are still 1.6 billion people (2013) around the world who still don't have access to electricity. The life-style of my childhood is echoed in these people who don't share our privileges., I acknowledge the usefulness of this commodity called ELECTRICITY. Without it, I can't operate my stove, my vacuum cleaner, hair-drier, television, pool-pump, lights, kettle, washing-machine, charging cell-phones, etc, etc. In fact, the whole house comes to a standstill. (Wow, it's sounds so trite!) 
...And the list goes on and on...and on...and on.  
This blogpost also, would not have been published without access to electricity, so I am thankful to be able to share this with you.

***Phew, I am grateful for Electricity!

Sending lots of love