Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#365Grateful : Day 14 : The love of writing

*** I am grateful for my gift of a love of writing

As the sun rises this morning, I am aware of the empty space in our home; the absent indentation in the dogs' mattress in the corner of our bedroom and the missing gentle aura of the old lady. Even the boss overslept this morning. Tammy was a regular 5.30am canine alarm clock but we'll have to find a substitute. She is missed and my heart is sore.
Even Toby and Lexi are somewhat confused.  I am left with a duo of utterly devoted dogs, glued to my heels and waiting for my next move.

It's at times like this that I am so grateful for the gift God has given me - my love of writing.  I find solace in words and gain clarity of things when I write them down. The above poem was written at the time of Maxdog's passing.  I penned it in less than five minutes.  Today, 4 years later, its words speak deep into my heart as I imagine the Captain of the ship calling our dear Tammy ...

*** I am grateful for my gift of a love of writing

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