Thursday, January 16, 2014

#365Grateful : Day 16 : Our swimming pool

***I am grateful for our swimming pool
Today, the temperatures are soaring towards 40 degrees C and I am grateful for having the opportunity to cool off in our swimming pool.

Okay, that's putting it mildly.
More correctly, I AM VERY GRATEFUL!!!
Phew, it's hot here today!

On occasions, I prefer to swim alone.  It calls on all of Toby and Lexi's resolve to obey my command to stay OUT of the pool while I am in it.
By way of compensation, I throw balls for them to retrieve and bring back to me.  They enjoy this game - diligently fetching the balls and returning to the water's edge.  Most often they just drop them in the pool near me for me to throw again. (Lol!)

But it's not only me who enjoys being IN the pool on these hot days.
Here is an old video of the dogs' enjoyment.
(with apologies to those who have already seen it)
BTW The hit rate on this video is over 78 000

***I am grateful for our swimming pool!

Sending lots of love
(...and keep cool!)


Unknown said...

As much as you love those pooches, I can’t imagine you would love to share swimming in the pool with them. Although, I can’t blame them for wanting to take a dip, what with that extremely hot weather you were experiencing. Anyone would want to take advantage of cooling themselves in the pool!

Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools

Alex said...

Our golden retriever enjoys going for a dip in our pool too. I usually don't mind the dog going for a swim even when we are in there because for the most part she minds her own business and just doggy swims by herself. Sometimes we throw a toy in the water and she will jump in to get it so that is pretty fun.

Alvin @ Selective Designs