Friday, January 3, 2014

#365 Project Grateful: Day 3: Sunrises and sunsets

(Above: Sunrise over Mpumalanga, South Africa

It's day 3 of my "365Grateful" project.  
I didn't realise that this project would pose such difficulty. It's not that I struggle to find something for which I am grateful, but rather that my mind is running riot with gratitude - for the smallest practical items in my life, to the deeper meaningful relationships which I enjoy. Spiritual blessings, educational history, political/humanitarian events, etc, etc. 
The difficulty of this project lies in what to select each day as a singular item to post on this blog.  I could spend hours listing the many things that evoke gratitude to me, but I am going to discipline myself to simply post up one a day.



*** I am grateful for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets which grace our amazing country.
 Above: early morning sunlight reflects off the large tree in the green-belt below our house.
 (Above: As the sun rises, the new day presents itself as a gift - a clean slate)
 (The beautiful colours of evening in Johannesburg at this time of the year)

Every day, I look to the skies and wonder, in awe, about the creative power of a God who paints His palette so exquisitely. Thank you Lord, for reminding me that each day is unique - something new for me to unwrap - and that each sunset signifies the time which You have allocated for us to rest.

Sending lotsaluv