Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#365Grateful : Day 7 : Twix

*** I am grateful for little Twix
 Every morning when we open the door to our kitchen, our little Guinea-pigs are there to greet us. They scamper up the ramp of their cage and hang out of their 'balcony'; almost falling out in their urgency to greet us (and receive their daily carrot).

TWIX, the little ginger one on the left, has a long history. She is approximately 18 months now - a beautiful, fat little Guinea pig who has provided immense inspiration to me at times. She has a special place in my heart, probably because I rescued her when she was less than a month old.  Also, because I subsequently had to pay a fortune for a caesarian section when we found out that she was pregnant.

 People laugh at me when they discover that the bill amounted to thousands of rand.
 "Just to save the life of a Guinea-pig?", they ask, in shock.  
At the time, it really was touch-and-go for little Twix and her ordeal resulted in the loss of her one and only pup - 'Stardust': 
 Above: Twix and her pup, Stardust (a few hours after her operation)

Below: Little Stardust who only survived 24 hours, but still lovingly remembered.
Thankfully Twix survived and recovered to full health.

Soon after losing Stardust, we got a companion for Twix -little "Bonny".  Over the months they have become happy cage companions. We'll often find them playing tug-of-war with a bean or exploring the perimeter of their crate together.
(Please note that I love BOTH these little guinea pigs to bits! Today's post, however, is all about little TWIX.)

Some time ago, I entered a short story competition. I thought I'd share my entry (again) on this blog today.  The parameters for the competition were: "EXACTLY 100 words!" 
As you see, Twix was my inspiration for this little story.



Frankly I’m shocked. The tiny Guinea pig stares back at me from a corner of the cold cage; one month old, severely malnourished, quivering uncontrollably.  Large, knowing eyes plead for protection. 

“Yes, I’ll take her.”

At home, “Twix” receives royal treatment; a spacious crate, regular cuddles, excellent food. Her transformation is staggering - a soft ball of exploratory energy, growing fatter and shinier each day.  I glow with accomplishment.

We watch TV together, loving fingers curled beneath her. Suddenly, I feel the unmistakeable ripple of life in her round belly.

“Twix! How can you possibly be pregnant?”  I exclaim, in delight.
(Above: Twix, just before her caesarian section)

*** I am grateful for little Twix - and that she survived her early ordeal and has turned into a happy piggy.

Sending lotsaluv

ps. For readers who may not be aware:
This year, I have decided to take up a very specific challenge
The project is called 365 GRATEFUL and involves finding something everyday for which I am grateful. Gratitude is something we often forget to express.  This year, I resolve to be more grateful and to express my gratitude more. I am going to try my best to put up at least one picture every day - no matter how simple - as an expression of my gratitude.
If you've missed out some of the previous #365Grateful blog posts, please read back on this blog. Maybe you'd like to consider joining me in this special 'gratitude challenge'?