Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#365Grateful : Day 15 : Doggie-duo

***I am grateful for my doggie-duo

So now we are down to only two dogs in the household: 
Lexi and Toby, my doggie-duo.

The recent passing of Aunt Tam' has rattled the canine hierarchy a bit. Perhaps I should call it 'dog-dazed'. They are somewhat confused by her absence and, as a result, have leached themselves to my ankles during the day. It's as if Toby has suddenly realised that it's time to man-up. He lets off a loud, authoritative and totally unnecessary bark at the oddest of times, rendering us rooted in fright. He'll have to learn that there is a time for such things - and it's NOT in the middle of the night when all is well!

  Lexi, on the other-hand, is lavishing in the glory of being elevated to the doggie-Matriarch status. She's lapping up the opportunity of extra cuddles and has claimed the swimming pool as her own.  At times, we find her "tracking" the pool-cleaner - leisurely swimming in it's path and retreating to the pool's step when she gets tired. She's a real 'Princess'.
 Above: Lexi alongside me - early morning.
Below: Lexi, the intrepid gardener has chewed up a flower pot.
 Below: In the morning, Toby and Lexi patiently wait for me to rise and shine.
My doggie-duo bring me immense joy and entertainment. 
It's somewhat bitter-sweet that their daily walk is also much more comfortable for me now:  
Two dogs, on lead, is certainly much, much easier than three!

***I am grateful for my doggie-duo

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